The rustic beauty of the Rocky Mountains come alive in the picturesque Gray Head House. This luxurious property sits on a 35-acre estate just outside Telluride, Colorado.

It stands out against the backdrop of nature with its unique crescent shape design inspired by internationally renowned architectures Simon and Hugh Jacobsen. Its construction alone is nothing short of fancy: made from a combination of glass, limestone, steel, and native stone.

The Gray Head House is comprised of ten interlocking pavilions that offer breath-taking views of the surrounding 14,000-foot peaks. The fixtures in each accommodation exude sophistication. Glass walls allow natural light to penetrate through the expansive interior which results in a warm and inviting space. Likewise, each living space has vaulted ceilings that provide dramatic views of the encircling mountain peaks and meadows.

Meanwhile, high-tech solar and air temperature monitor system adjusts accordingly to environmental changes. The living space also has air-conditioned floors to assure each guest of a relaxing and cool stay.

The Grey Head House offers guests the freedom to relax about in any way they can. They can sit by the terrace or visit the on-site courtyard or barnyard. They can also opt to stay indoors and lounge by the fireplace.

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Photos Courtesy Of Sotheby’s