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What Running Gear Should You Spend Your Money On?

When the coronavirus pandemic began, gyms and fitness studios closed. But people didn’t stop exercising; they just did it differently. Many of them laced up their shoes and went outside for a run, some for the first time (or the first time in a while, at least). The phenomenon was visible; paths and trails suddenly seemed crowded, even as we spent more time at home and less in public spaces. A running boom was occurring, proclaimed media outlets, local and national.

The stats back them up. The popular fitness tracking app Strava recently published a report based on data from its 73 million users that reveals nearly twice as many people logged outdoor runs in the spring of 2020 as in the same period in 2019. The app amassed more than two million new users per month throughout the year.

A separate study by RunRepeat surveying nearly 13,000 people found that it was moderate and average runners who increased their mileage the most. It makes sense. Running is the most approachable type of fitness activity, requiring nothing more than a pair of shoes, some clothing and a sidewalk/path/dirt road/street. If you can’t go to the gym, where else do you go?

New runners and recommitted runners will quickly find that this spartan image of running is surface-level only — the running gear rabbit hole is as deep as that of any other activity. Nike makes a $275 running shoe, for instance, but even singlets can go for three digits. Knowing what to buy, how much to spend, what to spend a little extra on and what to keep basic isn’t always clear. Here’s our best, expert-augmented advice for investing wisely.

Don’t Cheap Out on Shoes.

Perhaps it’s obvious, but the first thing you should spend money on is your shoes. “Your feet are the primary piece of equipment for runners, so it pays to outfit them with high-quality gear,” says Cory Smith, founder and head coach at Run Your Personal Best and running gear reviewer for Gear Patrol, Outside and Gear Institute, among others. “There’s a huge difference between an $80 and $140 pair of shoes. Often the cheaper running shoes use lower quality, less durable foam.”

But that doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive pair on the wall, either. Those $275 Nikes are the very same that Eliud Kipchoge wore to run the first sub-two-hour marathon in 2019; you don’t need them for laps around your neighborhood, and probably not your first go at a half marathon, either.

“It’s worth investing in a shoe that really makes your foot feel good,” advises Ashley Mateo, a running coach, marathoner, writer and gear tester.

Even Nike believes this, which is why it recently released the Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%, which has similar tech but is better suited to daily training (read our review of the shoe here). For $200, even this shoe is at the high end of performance that casual runners may not benefit from. Something like the $120 Air Zoom Pegasus 37, a best-seller for the company, may be more appropriate. (We’ve reviewed that one too.)

Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%, $200


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37, $120


Nike’s lineup is just one example; every running shoe brand offers models varying in fit and features to suit different running habits. “Go to a running store, get properly fitted/get your gait analyzed, and get a shoe that’s going to support your body in the most efficient, comfortable way,” says Mateo. Let fit and function guide your purchase, not price.

Socks Are an Affordable Upgrade.

Smith recommends pairing your shoes with high-quality socks. Running-specific socks offer targeted cushioning and compression, long-lasting durability, blister prevention and even odor control. A premium pair goes for around $15, so buying some is the most budget-friendly way to upgrade your running kit. Once you do, you’ll never go back to the basic cotton kind that comes in packs of six.

Try Balega’s Silver No Show socks ($15) for cushion and anti-stink tech, or Feetures’s Elite Ultra Light Quarter ($16) for compression in a lightweight package.

Balega Silver No Show, $15


Feetures Elite Ultra Light Quarter, $16


Premium Apparel Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

You can get through a run in a cotton t-shirt and whatever athletic shorts you have lying around. The regulars who log laps around your neighborhood don’t do it in stretchy, sweat-wicking t-shirts and lightweight, Lycra-enhanced shorts for style, though, and affordable options do exist.

For example, Gear Patrol highly recommends Lululemon’s Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve, which costs $78, but Patagonia’s Capilene Cool Lightweight Shirt is equally awesome (and still far superior to cotton) for $45.

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve, $78


Patagonia Capilene Cool Lightweight Shirt, $45


Shorts come in a similar price range. At the high end are examples like Tracksmith’s $68 Session Shorts, which are lightweight, stretchy, odor-resistant and include a pocket for your phone that’ll keep it from bouncing around. Those same features are available in The Graves PX Shorts by Path Projects for $47, thanks to the company’s cost-saving direct-to-consumer model.

Tracksmith Session Shorts, $68


Path Projects Graves PX Short, $47

Path Projects

Should You Buy a GPS Watch?

The first pricey accessory you might find yourself considering adding to your running kit is a GPS watch with a built-in heart rate monitor. Pros and amateurs use these to guide and track training progress, but, given that they can cost hundreds, does an everyday runner need one?

Smith says no, and Mateo agrees. “Yes, it’s super fun to track everything from your VO2 max to altitude adjustment to vertical oscillation, but certain watches can run up to $900,” she points out. “That’s insane. If you must track, all you really need to know is your pace, distance and total time.”

You can do that the old-fashioned way, with a watch, notebook and a little help from Google Maps. Alternatively, there are plenty of run-tracking apps available for free that have GPS tracking via your phone but won’t provide heart rate info. MapMyRun, Strava, Nike Run Club and Runkeeper are a few examples.

One Last Thing: Ignore the Hype.

Just because a particular shoe or brand is splattered all over Instagram and magazine pages doesn’t mean that buying it will lead to a better running experience for you. “Don’t buy anything just because someone else told you to buy it,” Mateo concludes. “Running is so specific to the individual; your anatomy and mechanics are in no way comparable to another runner, so buying something just because of the hype is a huge mistake people make.”

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How to Identify Original Omega Watches

Omega watches are world-renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. They’re also a huge status symbol for anyone wearing one.

Unlike other watch brands, Omega watches exude quiet confidence – a sense of self-awareness and stability. Because of this, con-artists around the globe are constantly trying to find ways to make copies to sell on the black market. Most copies are easy to spot due to how difficult it is to replicate the outstanding durability and craftsmanship of Omega watches.

The most copied model is the Omega Seamaster series, and, to the untrained eye, it might be difficult to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

However, if you know what to look out for, you’ll never be fooled again! So, here are the biggest giveaways of a fake Omega watch.


One of the biggest giveaways of a fake Omega is the dial. Believe it or not, some con-artists seem to forget how to spell Omega. So, make sure you can see O-M-E-G-A before handing over any money.

Omega Logo

On an original Omega, the logo will not be directly engraved onto the dial. Rather, it will be attached as a separate piece of metal. If you hold the watch under a strong light, you will be able to see if the logo has been engraved or not.


Pay close attention to the hands. Due to the master swiss craftsmanship of any Omega, the minute hand should move at a smooth, fluid pace. If the hand is stuttering along, you can be sure that the watch is a fake.


Every Omega comes with light-reflective lumes which allow you to tell the time in the dark. Some fakes still have lumes, but the quality will not be as good. If you’re unsure, hold your watch under a light for 15-20 minutes, and the lumes should still be glowing for at least half an hour afterwards.

Omega Serial Number

Every Omega ever made comes with a specific seven to eight-digit serial number unique to each watch. Check online to make sure that your serial number corresponds to your watch. Omega has also changed the engravement position in years gone by, so make sure your serial number is in the right place.

Unique Features

Lots of Omegas have special features that are unique to that model. Do some research on the watch you’re looking to buy to make sure all the features match up.

I hope this guide helps, and make sure you take the proper time when buying an Omega. These watches are lifetime accessories and they’re not often cheap, so make sure you aren’t being sold a fake.

Images courtesy of Omega SA

What Will Apple Announce at Its Next Event? Here’s What We Could See

Typically speaking, every March, Apple holds a big event where it announces new products — and we expect the March of 2021 to be no different. In 2019, we got Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and its first credit card, the Apple Card. In 2020, Apple introduced new versions of its MacBook Air and iPad Pro. What will this year’s spring event bring?

Well, we’re almost done with February, and while hard confirmation of a spring Apple event hasn’t cropped up yet, there’s good reason to suspect Apple’s got another spring event in the works. In the meantime, we’ve rounded up the latest rumors floating around the web. We almost certainly won’t see all of these at an upcoming event…but they’re all possibilities.

We might get a new iPad Pro and iPad mini

The most likely new hardware announcements will affect the iPad line, as Apple is expected to announced new iPad Pros and a new iPad mini. Don’t expect drastic redesigns, however.

The biggest change is expected to be to the two iPro Pro models. TechRadar is reporting that they’ll get a new-and-improved display with mini-LED technology, which should deliver OLED-esque levels of brightness and contrast, but without the potential issue of burn-in. The iPad mini could have smaller bezels and a slightly larger display.

Both the iPad Pro and iPad mini will likely get the M1 chip treatment, which should give them huge performance and efficiency boosts.

…or a more affordable external monitor

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on an external monitor that’s a more affordable alternative to its high-end Pro Display XDR. Apple currently doesn’t make a so-called “affordable” external monitor, but it has recommended LG’s UltraFine line of external monitors for years — this new monitor could replace those.

This rumor has only been furthered by the fact that, according to MacRumors, Apple has removed LG’s UltraFine 4K and 5K displays from its online store across Europe. This March event might be too soon for Apple to announce this new affordable monitor…but who knows?

AirPods 3 are probably in the works

It’s been widely reported that Apple is working on new-look AirPods with a more compact design (meaning shorter stem) and swappable silicone eartips like the current AirPods Pro — and 52audio has just leaked apparent photos of these so-called “AirPods 3” that seem confirm these rumors. The photos also show a charging case that looks like a more-compact version of the AirPods Pro’s existing case.

A (finally) redesigned iMac

The iMac has looked pretty much the same since 2012. Sure, Apple has upgraded the display and guts a few times, but the design has remained largely unchanged. (Even the more pro-grade iMac Pro that was announced in 2017 looks almost identical to iMac — it’s just in a darker “space gray” finish.)

But that’s expected to change in the near future. Apple could release a redesigned iMac with a larger and near-bezel-less display. Other features likely will include Apple’s M1 chipset and potential support for Face ID, though a recent Bloomberg report says that might be pushed back.

We’re still waiting on AirTags

It’s been rumored that Apple would be announcing its “AirTags” for almost two years now. These would essentially be Apple’s version of what Tile has been doing for years: tiny Bluetooth trackers that attach to your things — your wallet, backpack, keys or bike — and allow you to easily find them through the Find My app. (Of course, we thought Apple would have announced these AirTags by now.)

An updated Apple TV isn’t out of the question

Apple released the fourth-generation Apple TV (now called the Apple TV HD) in 2015 and the subsequent Apple TV 4K in 2017 — and the two models, which look basically identical, have been largely untouched since. It’s unlikely that Apple is going to give us a completely redesigned streaming box, but it could release a new-and-improved Apple TV that’s more powerful and comes with a Siri remote that’s compatible with your iPhone’s Find My app. (I’d love a more portable streaming box, but that might be asking too much.)

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LEGO is teasing Porsche fans with this 2-in-1 911 Turbo/Targa Creator set

Earlier this week, we shared a glimpse of Porsches new take on its EV platform – the Taycan. Not that there is anything wrong with the all-electric sports sedan, but we know you want options. Thus, the German carmaker is expanding the lineup with the Turbo S Cross Turismo. The sad truth is that not everybody can fit these rides into their budget. Thankfully, we can settle for a 911 Turbo/Targa set from LEGO.

While fans consider those under its Technic product line as the most detailed and sophisticated option for hobbyists, Items from their Creator catalog are equally as impressive. In fact, its most recent release was a 9,036-piece scale model of the Colosseum.

For the Porsche 911 Turbo/Targa, LEGO is also not taking any shortcuts. While it won’t match the Roman amphitheater’s scale and number of bricks, it makes up for it with mechanical touches. Out of the box, you have 1,458 pieces to work with, so handle with care.

Depending on the configuration of your choice, you can build it as a Porsche 911 Turbo or Targa. Unlike regular LEGO sets, there are minimal studs left visible upon completion. From what we could see, these are mostly on the bumpers of the vehicle. The rest of the body are smooth surfaces and curves.

Inside the cockpit, you can interact with the steering wheel, seats, gearshift, and emergency brakes. Lift the rear engine cover to view the naturally aspirated flat-six engine. For the convertible setup, you can remove the roof and store it under the front hood. Even the Porsche badging is presented accurately. LEGO never ceases to impress as the 911 Turbo/Targa Creator set shows.

Buy – $149.99

Images courtesy of LEGO

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A New Sock Highlights a Multi-Decade Effort to Bring Diversity to Skiing

Smartwool teamed up with the National Brotherhood of Skiers.


The 10 Best Yoga Mats for 2021

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, these superlative mats will support you through any practice.


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This Sale Is More Rare Than Steak Tartare

Looking for even more great savings? Head over to our Today’s Best Deals page to see all our top deals from today.

Winter is very slowly loosening its grip on the world and as it does so, we are looking forward to hoisting ourselves out of our couches and getting back outside. Since the pandemic is basically forcing outdoor hangs upon us, we are gearing up for all sorts of outdoor activities, in spite of the weather. One of the greatest things about the weather warming up is ripping the cover off the grill and firing it up. Just in time for this premature shoulder season, Porter Road is offering up 20 percent off a huge selection of its meats. They’ll even deliver it, keeping you out of the crowded grocery store.

The deal applies to anything from Porter Road’s huge Stock Up section, which has everything from pork chops to beef brisket to dry-aged hot dogs. All of Porter Road’s meat is pasture-raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free and is cut by hand at its Kentucky facility. Hurry though, as this sale only runs through February 28.


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Paul McCartney to Release 2-Volume Memoir The Lyrics

79 year old rock-n-roll icon Paul McCartney’s forthcoming 2 volume memoir The Lyrics combine the lyrics from 154 of his most famous songs with a treasure trove of material from McCartney’s personal archive, including song drafts, letters, and never-before-seen personal photographs. McCartney considers his songs the story of his life and art, and for him, they’re the true diary of his more than 60-year musical career. Available November.

Adidas Revives A Slim ’70s Runner, The Cadet

An iconic and beloved running shoe in its 1970s heyday, Adidas Originals has now re-issued the slim, all-leather Cadet. It features a suede toe bumper and low-profile natural rubber outsole. You may not want to run a marathon in this shoe but dudes definitely did. Available now.

The 2022 Defender V8 is the Most Powerful Land Rover Ever

With 518 horsepower under the hood, the forthcoming Land Rover Defender V8 will become the most powerful production Landie ever produced. Available in both the 90 & 110 models for 2022, the supercharged 5.1-liter V8 delivers heavy horsepower & 461 ft. lbs. of torque. 0-60 in 4.9 and a top speed of 149 MPH. Not bad for a boxy British 4X4. Several trim packages & unique exterior packs will be offered as well as hundreds of dedicated accessories.

The 10 Best Yoga Mats for 2021

This definitive guide provides information on the 10 best yoga mats available based on features like thickness, material, texture, grip, durability and price. In it, we offer suggestions on which yoga to buy for different practices based on our own testing as well as input from professional yoga instructors.

More Great Yoga Mats

    A mat is a mat, right? Not when it comes to yoga. In yoga, your mat is your private space. It’s where you come to find zen, strength, relief — whatever it is that drives your yoga practice. But it’s hard to get there when you have a mat that messes with your flow. Even the most blissed-out yogi is going to get pissed off if their hands start sliding or their wrists feel like they’re planted directly into a wood floor. “If you practice regularly, you must invest in your own mat,” asserts Kristin McGee, a Peloton yoga instructor.

    Most yoga mats look pretty similar, but there are subtle differences in thickness, material, texture and grip or stickiness that can affect how you move. That last attribute is one of the most essential elements for yogis: “A mat needs to have that good grip from the beginning,” says McGee. “If you find you’re sliding way too much, it’s not a good sign.” All that extra movement is going to distract you from being present and focusing on your flow — the whole point of yoga.

    A textured mat will typically provide more traction, but the material can affect the grip factor as well. “Most mats are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC),” says Kevin Schaefer, gearhead and yoga instructor at outdoor e-retailer Backcountry. PVC was the OG sticky mat. But now, there are more eco-friendly mats made from natural and recycled rubber or other natural materials that provide just as much grip. “Rubber is my go-to—it’s firm and great for balancing poses, but with some thickness, so it’s comfortable when you are embracing the floor and gravity.”

    Comfort is another major factor for yogis, and a mat’s thickness determines that. “Your travel mats can be as thin as 1mm to the mid­-plush thickness of 3mm,” explains Schaefer. “Your usual home mat is going to be around 3­ to 6mm in thickness. And if you want some extra comfort, you can go 7mm-plus.” Some people need more padding than others, so it’s crucial to figure out what feels good to you (and your joints).

    A good mat can be an investment, but it’s worth it. “If you take care of them, yoga mats can last for quite a long time — at least five years!” says McGee. That means wiping it down after you practice (every time would be great, but at least once a week) and giving it a deeper scrub and letting it hang dry once a month, she adds. McGee recommends the Jo-Sha Yoga Cleansing Wipes.

    But a yoga mat doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a variety of winners for all wallets, whether you’re looking for a budget intro option or one to take on the go.

    Decathlon Kimjaly 8mm


    Best All-Around Yoga Mat

    As with yoga, the features at play in yoga mats operate according to balance. A thicker mat provides comfort but typically sacrifices stability, for instance. We’ve found that Decathlon’s Kimjaly 8mm mat offers the best of all worlds, particularly for more casual yogis but certainly not excluding seasoned pros. Its thick, textured foam is comfortable and supportive, even during fast-paced flows, and grippy even when things get sweaty (we did notice some slipping with sweat, but it was rare). The mat also has a grooved line running down the middle, which is a nice visual aid for alignment, and it’s lightweight at just over four pounds — it even comes with a shoulder strap.

    One downside is that its material (PVC foam) isn’t eco-friendly, which is often a consideration for those who practice yoga. You can find eco-friendly options further in this guide and yoga mats for specific needs and practices, but for $35, it’s hard to find a yoga mat with as many features as this one.

    Price: $35


    Manduka Pro Yoga Mat


    Best Premium Yoga Mat

    At 6mm thick and slightly longer and wider than average, the best-selling Manduka Pro has a little bit of everything. The fabric-like finish is grippy, the closed-cell surface keeps moisture and sweat from seeping into the material, and the high-density cushioning keeps you comfortable and stable whether you’re practicing savasana on a hardwood floor or working tree pose on top of carpet. But the real selling point is the lifetime warranty; the brand will replace your mat if it shows any signs of manufacturer defects or irregular wear. It’s such a popular mat that the company also has a lighter 4.7mm option and a grippier version for hot yoga.

    Price: $120


    BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat


    Best Affordable Yoga Mat

    For beginners and casual yogis, it’s OK to opt for a budget mat — as long as it doesn’t sacrifice function for savings. BalanceFrom’s GoYoga mat has a lot in common with the Gaiam’s: it’s the same size, roughly a millimeter thicker, and it’s also made from lightweight, high-density foam with double-sided non-slip surfaces. It may not have the cache or durability (this type of foam tends to flake over time) of some of the pricier options, but you could replace it six times over and still ring up under the total cost of a name brand. That said, spending more on a mat that will last longer brings other benefits — including freedom from the guilt of throwing so much foam in the garbage.

    Price: $16+


    Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat


    Best for Hot Yoga

    There’s nothing less graceful than slipping and sliding around your mat, which is why excellent traction is especially crucial when you add high-sweat conditions to your practice. The Aurorae Synergy is layered with a non-slip, super absorbent microfiber towel to keep your hands and feet from losing their grip. And the more you sweat, the grippier the mat gets; in fact, the brand recommends spritzing it with water before class to max out the sticky benefits. Underneath, there’s a comfortable 5mm of mat made from Polymer Environmental Resin (PER), a biodegradable synthetic material. Plus, you can flip the mat over, for a more traditional surface, if you’re in a non-heated class.

    Price: $60+


    Lottus Life Natural Jute Fiber Yoga Mat


    Best Thick Yoga Mat

    If you’ve got knee, wrist or ankle issues, you might prefer a mat that puts a little more cushioning between you and whatever surface you practice on — especially if you’re on something like concrete, which has approximately zero give. This mat’s memory foam-like padding, made from environmentally friendly materials woven with natural jute fibers, comes in at 8mm thick, enough to supply a solid cushion but not so thick that you find yourself sinking right into it. Those jute fibers, which are antifungal and antimicrobial, provide some grip for your skin. They may feel scratchy at first, but they soften with use.

    Price: $65


    Lululemon Reversible Mat


    Best Thin Yoga Mat

    Lululemon’s skinny mat is just 3mm thick, an ideal option for yogis who really want to feel rooted in the ground. How you use it is a choose your own adventure: if you like traction via texture, practice on the spongy natural rubber side (it’s made with an antimicrobial additive to keep it from getting grunge-y); if you prefer a smoother non-slip surface, flip it to the side with a polyurethane top layer, which wicks and absorbs moisture. Or use both, depending on what type of class you take or how your body feels. Oh, and if you like to spread out during your flow, you’ll really appreciate the extra 3 inches of length and 2 inches of width offered by this mat.

    Price: $78


    JadeYoga Harmony Mat


    Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

    Jade Yoga’s best-selling mats are as ubiquitous in yoga classes as Lululemon shorts (in fact, you’ve probably rented one of these at a local studio). That’s because they’re known for their superior grip — the mat’s “open-cell” design means the porous material soaks up sweat and any other moisture as you flow. The brand is also known for their commitment to sustainability: the mats are made from natural rubber, a renewable resource; produced in the U.S., in compliance with all U.S. environmental, labor and consumer protection laws; and contain no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber. Plus, for every mat sold, Jade plants a tree through their partnership with Trees for the Future.

    Price: $70+


    Liforme Yoga Mat With Alignment Lines


    Best Yoga Mat With Alignment

    There’s no way to get all the body benefits of yoga if you’re not nailing the right form. Liforme’s yoga mat helps you stay centered — literally — with smart markings that point out where your hands, feet and center should be for proper positioning. (The marks are etched right into the surface of the mat, so they’ll be there as long as you are.) This mat is on the slimmer end of the spectrum at 4.2mm, but there’s an extra felt portion sandwiched between the natural rubber layers that provides additional support and stability. And at nearly 73 inches long, there’s plenty of room for you to deepen those lunges.

    Price: $150


    New Balance Cork Yoga Mat


    Best Cork Yoga Mat

    For all the rubber mats you’ve used or looked at, have you ever considered cork? The material serves just as much of a purpose in the studio as it does in a wine bottle (…even if that purpose is a little different). Cork is naturally antimicrobial, preventing bacteria, mold and mildew from growing on your yoga mat, and it even tends to repel dirt, hair and dust. It also gives great grip — the more moisture the natural surface absorbs, the stickier it gets. New Balance’s Cork Yoga Mat offers 5mm of eco-friendly natural cork and rubber to keep you stable and safe during everything from easy stretches to a more intense Bikram session.

    Price: $35


    Lululemon The Reversible (Un) Mat 1.5mm


    Best Yoga Mat for Travel

    One of the best parts of yoga is that you can practice anywhere — you just need a mat that can make the trek with you. That’s why Lululemon made a more-portable 1.5-millimeter thick version of its Reversible Mat. Like the thicker version (detailed above), each side of this mat is geared toward different practices. One side is absorbent polyurethane, which soaks up moisture so you can stay in position when a session gets sweaty. The other side is made of natural rubber for cushioning and grip during slower flows. Bear in mind that 1.5 millimeters is very thin, which is suitable for schlepping around, but you should opt for a thicker mat, like those above, if that’s not a concern (or if you plan to use it for home workouts in addition to yoga).

    Price: $68


A New Sock Highlights a Multi-Decade Effort to Bring Diversity to Skiing

Smartwool’s newest ski sock has a number knit into the bottom: 1973.

That’s the founding year of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, a group committed to the mission of increasing diversity within skiing and snowboarding and developing Black skiers and snowboarders for Olympic competition.

Nearly 50 years ago, the group held its first Black Summit at Aspen, a gathering of over 350 Black skiers from all over the country. The event was the idea of Ben Finley, the founder of a Los Angeles ski club called Four Seasons West, and Art Clay, the trip director of Chicago’s Sno-Gophers Ski Club. It was part conference and part necessity — racism still pervaded the small, rural communities around ski mountains, and gathering as a group was a matter of safety. (According to a documentary about the NBS produced by REI and embedded below, the Colorado National Guard was called to stand by ahead of the Aspen summit.)

This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

The celebration and fundraising event became an annual affair that now draws thousands and is supported by over 50 ski clubs from Detroit, Washington DC, Chicago, LA, New York and more (the 2021 Black Summit is virtual due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic). Smartwool hopes that the collaboration sock, which features portraits of Finley and Clay, the Afro-American flag and the NBS logo, can support the group’s mission. The company also donated $5,000 to NBS to commemorate the launch.

The sock itself is from Smartwool’s PhD collection and comes in an ultralight merino wool construction with varying knit zones for compression and breathability.

Price: $25


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Jeep Reveals the Grand Cherokee L’s Pricing. Should the Kia Telluride Be Worried?

Jeep is launching the all-new Grand Cherokee this year, starting with the three-row L version. It’s a big deal, in part because the all-new Grand Cherokee is one of three three-row family haulers Jeep will add to the lineup in 2021 — and given how important the Grand Cherokee is for Jeep’s sales (and how popular and profitable three-r0w SUVs are), one could argue this is Jeep’s most important car.

And it seems like it’ll be a solid deal, too. Stellantis just has announced the pricing for the Grand Cherokee L. There will be a lot of options — and, incredibly (or maybe not, for a quasi-Italian-owned automaker) three different types of leather seats.

The base Grand Cherokee L Laredo model will start at $36,995 or $38,995 for the four-wheel-drive version. Upgrading to the Limited 4×4 ($45,995) adds Capri leather seats, Jeep’s Selec-Terrain 4×4 system, a heated steering wheel and heated first and second-row seats. That could be a compelling competitor for a fully-loaded Kia Telluride.

The Overland 4×4 trim ($54,995) offers Nappa leather seats. And it’s where you can start leveling up the off-road capability. The trim offers the Quadra-Trac 4×4 system and the Quadra-lift air suspension. Adding the “Off-Road Group” gets you a skid plate and Jeep’s coveted Trail Rated badge.

the all new 2021 jeep® grand cherokee l summit reserve model’s spacious interior features standard 10 inch display screens, including a frameless digital gauge cluster and 101 inch uconnect 5 touchscreen radio, hand wrapped, quilted palermo leather and open pore waxed walnut wood accents, all new led lighting with ambient features, driver and front passenger seat massage and personalized climate zones


If they want to spend more, buyers can level up all the way to the Summit Reserve trim ($61,995), which offers the fancy McIntosh audio system standard, Palermo leather seats, Berber floor mats and, of course, five customizable profiles for the massaging seats. Summit Reserve will let buyers both get finer luxury than Mercedes or BMW would offer at that price yet feel unpretentious because they bought a Jeep instead of a Mercedes or BMW.

The two-row Grand Cherokee arrives later this year. A plug-in hybrid 4xe version and Hemi V8-powered SRT version should be coming soon, as well. Based on this, Jeep’s SUV looks set to continue what has been the key to its success: being everything from an affordably-priced family car to a legit luxury off-roader and everything in between.


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Kia and Apple May Still Build a Car, Report Claims — Or Something Else Entirely

holiday season begins across new york city area

John LamparskiGetty Images

Back in early February, reports were suggesting that Kia and Apple were close to finalizing a deal to produce the long-mooted Apple Car. Hyundai Motor Group quashed that speculation a few days later, informing investors they were not in negotiations with Apple about producing an autonomous vehicle. But according to a report from the Korean outlet Chosun Biz, an Apple Car built by Kia could still be in the works…or, the companies could be collaborating on something else entirely.

The new report says Apple and Kia signed a memorandum of understanding last year in order to cooperate in eight different areas. An autonomous vehicle may merely have been one of those areas. The EV negotiations, as per the report, are “experiencing difficulties” but “have not completely collapsed.”

According to the report, another potential cooperation area between Hyundai Motor Group and Apple could be “last-mile mobility.” Picture an electric scooter or some other form of vehicle you would take to home or work after leaving the train/subway/bus.

Hyundai, it should be noted, recently bought robotic dog-maker Boston Dynamics. Such technology would be more useful for things like food and package delivery than having a new version of “Smaht Pahk” where your Sonata clambers around like a dog.

Remember, Apple putting any vehicle on the road by 2024 would be incredibly ambitious. That’s especially true for an autonomous one, since the technology doesn’t exist yet. If Apple does reach self-driving first, putting it in a hyper-expensive niche Apple car would be one of the least profitable ways to apply it. An Apple EV built by Kia with new battery technology and advanced driving assistants that seamlessly integrates with your iPhone and other devices, however? That seems more reasonable.


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All the Coolest Home and Design Releases We Found in February 2021

As “Game of Thrones,” liked to remind us: “The night is dark and full of terrors.” This saying means so much more in the throes of winter when the days are short and the night is seemingly never-ending. With Gantri’s sexy lighting, Loftie’s thoughtful alarm clock and Brooklinen’s limited-edition sheets, the nighttime (and subsequent mornings) have been full of fewer terrors. And two whiskey and ice cream collaborations that launched coincidentally close together will help close out the shorter days with a sweet and boozy note. Check out all the home and design products we either found or were released last month here.


There’s a whole new industry of making “dumb” technology. Look at the Light Phone, for example, which only lets you make phone calls and send texts. Loftie is a new alarm clock that wants to keep your phone out of your sleep routine. Studies, like one from The BMJ, show that the use of electronics before bed can affect sleep quality. So Loftie retains your phone’s functions that help you sleep — alarms, white noise, meditation — and none of the stuff that can keep you awake — phone calls, texts, social media. A plethora of well-thought-out features — such as a two-phase alarm, nightlight and dimmable display — ensure that you can put your phone to bed so you can get yourself to bed.

Price: $165


Reform x Norm Architects

kitchen sink


Unless you’ve been shopping to completely redo your kitchen, you might not know about Reform. The brand specializes in creating beautifully designed kitchens at reasonable price points. It’s not Ikea cheap, but you get what you pay for. Reform just released a new kitchen design, Profile, with the Scandinavian design brand Norm Architects. Profile is as minimal as it is functional. It makes use of the ubiquitous integrated handle, which is why it looks like all the drawers and doors are incapable of being opened. The name “Profile” comes from the integrated handles extruded and rounded profile that simultaneously feels like it’s there and not there.


Article Eres Desk

windowshopping 2 5


You can tell a lot about a person by the desk they use. And if they don’t have one, you can tell they’re going to be paying for it in chiropractor charges in the future. The new Eres desk from Article has an industrial-style build with a walnut-finished table atop black iron legs. There are numerous cubby holes in the platform ledge so you can be as organized (or unorganized) as you want. Plus, because of the aforementioned platform, you don’t need to buy a monitor stand for those two-screen layouts.

Price: $499


Artifox Table

windowshopping 2 5


The Artifox Table is whatever you want it to be. Sure, it’s literally called “Table,” but it’s also a desk. The 70-inch by 36-inch table has enough to seat up to four people for a meal or a work session. The smartly designed Table has a hidden cable management system under the surface, and the cords are easily accessible from the middle of the table. The fact that the Table is easy to assemble and disassemble make this a piece of furniture you’re going to have for a very long time no matter how often you move.

Price: $2,300


Fruitsuper Plant Sticks

plant sticks in soil


Naturally plants don’t always grow the way you want. Droopy leaves, saggy buds and crooked stems are common symptoms of, well, nature. One way plant parents have remedied their not-so-perfect plants is by using plant sticks, often wooden and not so attractive. These plant sticks from Fruitsuper are made of solid brass and come in three shapes to give your plants a little nudge towards perfection.

Price: $40


Parachute x Crate & Barrel

sheets and bedding

Crate & Barrel

Those in the know are familiar with Parachute, a bedding brand that’s so much more than sheets and pillows. With an assortment of bathroom essentials and even dinnerware, Parachute is an all-around lifestyle brand. Its latest collection with Crate & Barrel helps get Parachute onto more people’s radar with a range of bedding and bath linens in neutral colors and in breezy fabrics.

Price: $9+


Western Desert Studio Ceramics

windowshopping 2 5


Making pottery is cool. Just look at Seth Rogen or Patrick Swayze in “Ghost.” Brian DeRan was a music manager before he started up his own ceramics line, Western Desert Studio. The art school graduate got into ceramics after moving to Joshua Tree, and his love of the land is present in his creations — they’re all made from materials mined in California. DeRan’s works include vases and plates, and because each piece is handmade, they’re one of one.

Price: $60+


WhistlePig x Ben & Jerry’s Whiskey Biz

ice cream and whiskey


Two Vermont legends, WhistlePig and Ben & Jerry’s, teamed up to make a whiskey ice cream, essentially putting two of our favorite guilty pleasures into one sinful pint. The ice cream, called Whiskey Biz, is made with a base of brown butter bourbon ice cream that’s filled with blonde brownie chunks, then topped with white chocolate ganache and white fudge chunks. The caramel that swirls around in the ice cream is made with WhistlePig’s six-year-old PiggyBack Rye. Whiskey Biz is one of the seven flavors coming from Ben & Jerry’s “Topped” series that the brand calls “an ice cream sundae in a pint.”


Truff Mayo

jar of mayo next to jar of spicy mayo surrounded by ingredients


Mayonnaise is one of those condiments that you either love or hate. I am in neither of those groups. I’ll never ask for mayo, but I’ll never be upset that it’s on something I’m eating. But with Truff’s newest releases, Truffle Mayonnaise and Spicy Truffle Mayonnaise, I may be asking for mayo more often. Truff started as a truffle-infused hot sauce brand, and its new mayonnaises follow the release of its pasta sauces. And like its predecessors, Truffle Mayonnaise and Spicy Truffle Mayonnaise are made with enough black winter truffles that won’t make you question whether or not any of that gourmet gold is actually in there.

Price: $25/two-pack


Gantri Ember Wall Light and Discus Table Light

wall light


Gantri’s Discus Table Light.


There’s “mood lighting,” and then there’s mood lighting. The latter of which is what Gantri — one of the coolest lighting brands right now — is aiming for with its latest releases. The Ember Wall Light and Discus Table Light are, as the brand notes, designed to “enhance your sense of intimacy and set the mood for deeper connection.” The dimmable lights, meant to mimic the glow of candles, are made with a new design studio called SPRK. Based in San Francisco, SPRK was founded Nate Sprecher, who identifies as a member of the Queer community. Sprecher’s goal is to create safe spaces with an eye toward sensual lighting. The two new lamps continue to grow on what Gantri started out to achieve: making sustainable lighting with a sense of purpose and to give up-and-coming designers (or even large design studios like Ammunition) an outlet to make something great.

Price: $175 each


Aurora Hops

Portland-based beverage brand Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages followed up its hemp-infused sparkling beverages with one that swaps out hemp for hops. Aurora Hops takes the hops you might know from your favorite IPA — Citra and Mosaic —and turns them into refreshing booze-free beverages. The new drink comes in two flavors: Pomelo Sage, which is citrusy and herbaceous, and Yuzu Orange Blossom, which is spicy, floral and earthy.

Price: $12/four-pack


New London Light

bottle of non alcoholic gin next to mixed beverage

Salcombe Distilling

If you extended Dry January into Dry February (and beyond), there’s a new non-alcoholic spirit you can add to your bar cart. The England-based Salcombe Distilling Co. just brought their New London Light stateside. The drink, inspired by the gin-making process, is distilled with juniper berries (duh), lemongrass, habanero capsicum and sage among other botanicals. Because of ginger and habanero capsicum, the New London Light has a warming effect, sort of like how a full-booze spirit would have.

Price: $35


Minor Figures Canned Coffees and Teas

canned coffee

Minor Figures

You may have seen Minor Figures’ oat milk before. The brand is known for drawing attention thanks to its quirky branding, and the oat milk itself has a dedicated fanbase, mostly comprising coffee lovers and baristas. It’s now making canned coffees and teas mixed with its infamous oat milk, and it’s like having a barista making café-quality beverages in your home. The lineup includes a latte, matcha latte, chai latte and mocha, all of which can be found in select indie coffee shops and Whole Foods (later in April in mid-Atlantic stores) across the US.

Price: $35/12-pack


Una Pizza Napoletana Merch

hoodie with branding

Una Pizza Napoletana

New York City has almost as many pizzerias as people (a huge exaggeration). So for Una Pizza Napoletana to have made the splash that it has must mean it’s good. The pizzeria, owned by chef Anthony Mangieri (who cameoed on the Showtime series “Billions”), dishes Neapolitan pies, notable for their thin base crust and fluffy rim, and food reviewers have been flocking to the joint’s two locations in the Lower East Side of Manhattan (closed temporarily) and New Jersey (open for takeout). If you can’t grab a pie, you can at least rep the brand with its recently launched merch. Designed by artists Lucas Beaufort and Max Mueller (who did the mermaid design pictured above), the collection includes tees, hoodies and a beanie. With restaurants struggling now more than ever, copping a restaurant’s branded tee might just ensure you can grab a bite to eat there once the pandemic’s over.

Price: $25+


Brooklinen Limited-Edition Sheets

brooklinen sheets


There was a time when bed sheets were just bed sheets. That time was before Brooklinen came out, and the brand has since turned bedding, bathroom knits and cozy apparel into it times for a generation of cool kids. Brooklinen is known for releasing limited-edition prints for its bedding, with a new collection out now that’s inspired by ’70s grooviness. The retro-inspired prints will make you feel obligated to change your sheets more often because having Brooklinen in your home is the new style flex.

Price: $109+


Vervet Canned Cocktails

canned cocktails


The advent of canned cocktails has made it easier to get bar-worthy cocktails at home without having to own a full-on bar. And with the latest brand of canned cocktails, Vervet, co-founder (and former bartender) Hope Ewing is bringing bartender-made cocktails into homes across America. Each cocktail in Vervet’s lineup — Angelicano, Pale Mary, Sundowner and Tiki Tea — is made entirely of Vervet-made products from the bitters and vermouth to the interesting stuff like oolong tea and tomato water. When coming up with the canned cocktails, Ewing based the recipes on a 10-ounce highball made of two ounces of 80-proof alcohol. She found the higher ABV helped to give the drinks more of a cook, and they just tasted better. Vervet ships nationwide to 41 states (sorry Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont), and they’ll be sure to kick the current winter blues aside.

Price: $22/four-pack


Reed Art Department x Parc Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Reed Art Department, a creative studio founded by streetwear legend Jeff Staple, partnered with Parc, a furniture company, to rework three Eames Lounge Chairs and Ottomans in a gradient colorway. The black-to-white gradient is meant to pay homage to New York City, from the asphalt to the way the the buildings and concrete play off each other on a foggy day. Can’t drop ten grand on a chair? There’s a tee to accompany the limited-edition chairs that might be more wallet friendly at $60. The longe-sleeve shirt makes reference to a 1953 short film produced by the Eamses for Georgia’s Department of Arts.

Price: $10,000


Garrison Bros Whiskey x McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams Pecan & Pralines

ice cream and whiskey

Erica Urech

We covered WhistlePig’s new ice cream made with Ben & Jerry’s, and now there’s another whiskey-based ice cream out. Garrison Bros lent its Texas Straight Bourbon to McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams for its new Pecan & Pralines flavor. The whiskey is mixed into the ice cream, which is topped with salt-roasted and caramel-coated pecans. You can order the pints online, but if you’re on the west coast, pints will be available for sale at McConnell’s scoop shops.

Price: $12


Brightland Rosette Olive Oil

olive oil


The olive oil inside a bottle of Brightland is just as good as its packaging, and people are catching on to high-end olive oil. Its newest offering is Rosette, which combines two things that always pair well together: garlic and olive oil. Brightland offers some food pairings that go well with Rosette, and it seems like it just goes with everything. The olives are picked from a family-owned farm in California, and the bottle was designed by Lilian Martinez, marking the first time the brand has worked with a woman of color artist.

Price: $40


The Alphabet of Art at Warby Parker

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Every direct-to-consumer brands seems to be the Warby Parker of their category. Well there’s only one actual Warby Parker, and it’s a Gear Patrol favorite for its affordable prescription eyewear available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Over its 11-year run, Warby Parker has collaborated with over 100 artists for graphics on its buildings and products, and to commemorate its 11th anniversary, the eyewear brand released “The Alphabet of Art at Warby Parker.” The book highlights all of the artists the brand has worked with, and it’s currently available in all locations across the US and Canada. Also, all proceeds from book purchases will go towards Warby Parker’s Pupils Project, which helps New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore schoolchildren take care of their vision.


Vivid Coffee Treatment Action Group Blend

vivid coffee treatment action group blend

Vivid Coffee

Vermont-based Vivid Coffee opened its first brick and mortar store in December, and our very own Vermonter Tanner Bowden can attest to the quality and taste of the coffee. While you’ll find standard blends and single origins, its Treatment Action Group blend might catch some eyes — what kind of blend name is that? Treatment Action Group, or TAG, is actually a think think that advocates for better treatment and prevention for HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C virus, as well as vaccines and cures. For every bag of TAG blend coffee sold, $5 will go towards TAG to support its initiative.

Price: $11


The Citizenry Cocoon Capsule Pillows


The Citizenry

When your boring old couch just isn’t earning you any interior design cred, the least you can do is add a few throw pillows. The Citizenry, a home goods store that sources its products from artisans around the world, recently started carrying Weavers Of San Pedro’s assortment of handmade pillows made in Peru. Each is blended of highland and alpaca wool, which give the pillows a texture that looks and feels great. The pillows feature muted colors in understated designs that can elevate even the most schlubby sofa, whether they’re on their own or mixed and matched with other designs.

Price: $165+


Kasama Rum



Rum is the brown spirit you didn’t know you needed more of in your life. Kasama is a new direct-to-consumer rum with a background story as interesting as what’s in the bottle. Alexandra Dorda, Kasama’s founder, is the daughter of Tad Dorda, who co-founded two leading vodka brands: Belvedere and Chopin. The daughter of a Filipino mother and a Polish father, Dorda pays homage to both parents. Kasama is distilled in the Philippines, aged for seven years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, then bottled at the family distillery in Poland. Kasama eschews the spiciness some may associate with rum. It tastes almost exactly like someone bottled the flavor of an upside-down pineapple cake with nary a tinge of alcohol burn — a slightly concerning fact since this stuff goes down way too easy.

Price: $30


Revival Doormats



The thing about doormats is that you only ever see them when you’re out the door or coming home. They wipe off that little bit of dirt on your shoes before you go inside, and if you’re lucky, you found one that makes you feel happy to be home. With Revival’s new doormats, you can also feel happy that they’re made of 100-percent coconut husks, a sustainable material that is strong and water resistant. The brand is also giving 10 percent of it sales to the non-profit organization Carbon 180, which aims reduce carbon’s impact on the planet.

Price: $49


The Macallan Anecdotes of Ages


Mary McCartney

You probably won’t get your hands on The Macllan’s latest release. Anecdotes of Ages, a 13-bottle collection of 54-year-old whiskies, is the third collaboration with renowned pop artist Sir Peter Blake. You might know Sir Blake for creating the album cover to The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Like the cover, each of the bottles features a unique collage designed by the artist, and purchases of the bottle include an accompanying book that contain all of the artworks, which evoke a different detail from The Macallan’s history. One of the bottles, dubbed “A New Era of Advertising,” will be auctioned off auctioned off by Sotheby’s on March 13, and it’s expected to bring in up to $750,000. Another bottle will be archived by The Macallan, and only 11 of the 13 bottles will be available for purchase. Like I said, you probably won’t get your hands on one of these.


Kin Euphorics



Staying sober can be fun, and with Kin Euphorics, sobriety can still get you buzzed but without the alcohol. Packed with feel-good ingredients, like adaptogens and nootropics, Kin’s beverages offer drinks that take the stigma out of staying sober. Currently its lineup includes two bottled spirits: High Rhode, a get-you-going shot that arguably works better than coffee, and Dream Light, a spiced ginger drink to help you sleep. The Kin Spritz, essentially a canned cocktail (still booze free), is an eight-ounce sparkling beverage that tastes floral, herbaceous and slightly spicy and helps me feel like I can get on my workday after noon.


Bloomscape Outdoor Plants

outdoor plants


Bloomscape is bringing its plant domination from inside to the outdoors. Its new Bloom Kits are designed to planted outside, helping anyone get a bountiful garden. The kits are sold as accent kits, or packs that include only one variety of plant, or combination kits, which include three varieties. Rather than buying outdoor plants for big box stores, try shopping from somewhere that specializes in selling plants.

Price: $40+


Simplehuman Compost Caddy

simplehuman compost caddy


A simple little product from Simplehuman might finally get more people to start composting. The Compost Caddy is a $50 add-on that attaches with a magnet to existing Simplehuman trash cans. Ingenious little details like a stay-open lid is convenient for tossing out scraps, and the lid has a soft seal, which lets food breathe without stinking up your place and it keeps pests at bay. Undock the caddy from your trashcan for countertop disposable, and the included 30-pack of compostable liners should last you a while.

Price: $50



wunder 4 pack beverage


Wunder, a brand of sparkling beverages spiked with low-dose THC, launched Wunder20, which features a higher dose of THC. With 20 milligrams of THC, Wunder20 offers a stronger feeling than the OG cans. If you’re an amateur cannabis consumer, tread lightly — you won’t fall flat on your face after drinking Wunder20, but you will feel something. Two types of THC, Delta-8 and Delta-9, are used in the drink to achieve what the brand calls a “calm, relaxing and elevated high.” While Delta-9 THC is the stuff that is usually associated with getting high on weed, Delta-8 THC has half its psychotropic potency, making for a more lucid type of chill. Wunder20 comes in Blood Orange Bitters and is 25 calories with four grams of sugar. Wunder and Wunder20 are only available in California.

Price: $24 for a four-pack


Dogfish Head Hazy-O!


Dogfish Head

Combining oats with beer isn’t new. In fact, many IPAs use oats to to give it their haziness and make it shelf stable. But Dogfish Head’s new Hazy-O! is taking the whole oats thing way out of the box. The IPA is brewed with four different types of oat, each bringing a something different to the table whether it’s its looks or flavor. Then there’s oat milk. Dogfish Head uses Elmhurst 1925’s Unsweetened Oat Milk, which gives Hazy-O! a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel and helps make the 7.1 percent ABV feel way less boozy.


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.

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We’re Hiring: Business Development Manager

About This Role:

Gear Patrol is seeking an ambitious and self-motivated Business Development Manager to join our expanding Sales Team.

As a member of the Sales Team, you will involve generating sales opportunities through proactive and strategic prospecting. This role will be responsible for qualifying & developing inbound and outbound leads, with a primary focus on our direct response business.

Serving as the first point of contact with prospective partners, the ideal candidate must be a great listener and an expert communicator. They are driven, critical thinkers, and they thrive in a fast-paced environment.

The candidate will report directly to the Director of Business Development while working closely with other team leaders across Sales, Revenue Operations, and Gear Patrol Studios.


  • Source new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound prospecting using account research, cold calls and emails.
  • Manage a prospecting account list; make prospecting part of the regular routine to ensure that new prospects/opportunities are being added to the pipeline on a consistent basis.
  • Work closely with the Director of Business Development to build and grow sales pipeline including initiating and scheduling meetings with qualified prospects.
  • Own and drive full cycle sales on a continual basis by bringing in new accounts and maintaining existing relationships to achieve and exceed quarterly revenue targets.
  • Work cross-functionally with the rest of the Sales and Operations teams as clients are advancing through the sales funnel.
  • Provide prompt phone/email follow up to all inbound inquiries and properly document and track activity.
  • Effectively organize, prioritize, and manage multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Effectively prepare for, conceptualize and deliver online, phone and in-person sales presentations.
    • Complete accurate tracking of communication with current and potential customers in CRM.
    • Work with sales and marketing teams to interpret and develop media plans based on campaign KPIs and sales strategy.
    • Provide excellent customer service and build strong account relationships.


      • 2-3 years of experience in digital media, agency or publishing environment (sales or account management is a plus).
      • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.
      • A keen ability to see opportunities, understand needs, create solutions, set proper expectations and close deals.
      • Must possess strong organizational and analytical skills with the ability to work across internal departments.
      • Strong experience working with Microsoft Office Suite and G-Suite products, and is experienced using research and marketing to craft and deliver unique proposals/presentations.
      • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment while managing multiple projects and tight deadlines.
      • Candidates for the position should understand advertising and marketing, including native and branded content solutions, along with a passion for print and digital media.

        Benefits & Perks

        • Competitive base salary
        • Career growth & earnings aligned with your performance and desire to achieve
        • Healthcare plans are fully paid for by Gear Patrol for the primary individual
        • Generous PTO package
        • Generous paid parental leave
        • Charitable gift matching

          To Apply

          Please send your resume, LinkedIn profile link, and cover letter to with the subject heading: “Business Development Manager”. In your email, please also include:

          1. A brief introduction of yourself and why you believe you’re a fit for our team.
          2. Links/examples of past work or example case studies of successes

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    These Are the Watches We’re Obsessing Over in February 2021

    As watch lovers, we spend our afternoons poring over watches both new and vintage. When a new timepiece comes across our radar, one that particularly resonates with our tastes, we can’t help but obsess over it. So, here’s a taste of that process — four timepieces that our watch-loving staff are obsessing over right at this very moment.

    Unimatic Modello Uno U1-NR Norwegian Rain

    unimatic modello uno u1 nr norwegian rain watch


    I mean let’s be honest, nine times out of ten the true inspiration for a L.E. watch comes from a marketing department trying to think up new reasons for people to buy the same old model. But this collaboration between Unimatic and Norwegian Rain actually seems to offer something. First off, it’s conceivably within my price range. Secondly, the dial is beautiful. The two layer oxide copper and galvanized brass is really very striking and adds a lot to the whole package. Lastly, another plus this watch has is that it is already sold out so I don’t have to even try and stop myself from buying it. It’s already too late. -J.D. DiGiovanni, Platforms Editor


    Rolex Datejust rev. 16220

    rolex datejust rev 16220 watch


    Normally I wouldn’t quite understand the appeal of a good Datejust without its iconic Jubilee bracelet, but in this case, the dial of this 16220 is just so nice (check out those lume plots and matching hands), and it’s a birth year watch…I think I’d just have to make an exception. The polished case also doesn’t bother me so much, though some folks would strongly disagree with me. -Oren Hartov, Associate Editor


    Yema x Worn & Wound Superman Maxi Dial Limited Edition Watch



    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a watch. Yema’s Superman watch, originally launched in 1963, gets a 2021 update thanks to a collaboration with watch publication Worn & Wound. The bolded markers account for the “maxi dial” name, which is a useful touch since even with glasses I can’t make out most details on my watches. At a modest size of 39mm, the Superman manages presence without swallowing my dainty wrist. Its locking bezel is useful for divers, and while I’m not diving any time soon, it’s a neat function to show to my watch-loving friends. -Tyler Chin, Associate Staff


    Piaget Altiplano

    piaget altiplano watch


    There’s something really special about an ultra-thin watch that seems to sit on the same plane as your skin. Piaget is known for making such watches, and this version of their Altiplano is only 6.36mm thick with an automatic movement inside. They have even (record-breakingly) thinner ones, with movements integrated into the case that are unencumbered by dials, but this particular model strikes me with its somehow gold-colored meteorite dial. I’ll never own a $30k-dress watch like this, but that doesn’t stop me from being fascinated. -Zen Love, Staff Writer


    Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 321

    omega speedmaster moonwatch 321


    If I was in the market for a watch, this is the wait list that you would find my name on. There is the romance of the single-watchmaker story among other history nuggets, but those might not come up in conversation. What will come up is that it’s by far the best looking modern Omega — period. -Tim Murray, Account Executive, Brand Partnerships


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    Two Iconic Brands Just Partnered on a Luxury Watch

    Talking Points:

    TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph

    Two iconic brands have collaborated to create the TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph Special Edition. The sporty design of the watch is full of references to two of the world’s most luxurious and dynamic brands. With an impressive 80-hour power reserve and an oscillating mass inspired by the famous Porsche steering wheel, the watch proudly represents the legacy of motor racing. The TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph features a 44mm case and is available on a steel bracelet or luxurious calf leather strap accented with innovative stitching that echoes the interiors of Porsche cars. It’s a watch that’s at home on the wrist of motoring enthusiasts and style mavens alike.

    tag heuer carrera porsche chronograph

    Tag Heuer

    carrera porsche

    Tag Heuer

    An Authentic Alliance

    Two icons of design, quality and innovation with common DNA in motorsports and racing teamed up to craft this TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph Special Edition. The result delivers on those traditions.

    Two Carreras

    The word Carrera has been associated with both TAG Heuer and Porsche for generations. It was a natural choice for the first product collaboration between them as it pays homage to both brands on and off the racetrack.

    Distinctive Tachymeter Scale

    A number of custom features inspired by Porsche’s design codes have been incorporated into the watch including a distinctive tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel.

    Price: $5,850+


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    This Goldwin Jacket Is a Serious Upgrade on a Menswear Staple

    A Mackintosh, or mac, raincoat has been a menswear staple since its invention in 1824. The traditional Mackintosh coat is made from rubberized or rubber laminated material, but these days, the best mac is made by Goldwin and features high-tech materials crafted to perform in just about all weather conditions. In this case, Goldwin’s Mac Coat is made from Gore-Tex Paclite – which is lightweight, waterproof, breathable, packable and doesn’t compromise on a soft handfeel. In typical Goldwin fashion, the Mac Coat brings more to the table than just performance. It’s exceedingly stylish, with a slightly relaxed cut that falls just above the knee. It also comes in two colors (black or tan), is easily packable and is finished with hook and loop adjustments as well as a variety of pockets. It’s a serious wardrobe upgrade, and right now you can snag one for 15 percent off by subscribing to Goldwin’s newsletter.

    Price: $710 $604


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    Today’s Best Deals: A Rare 20% off a GORUCK Bag, a Deal on Jabra Earbuds & More

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    The most rare or exceptional deals picked by Gear Patrol’s product experts.






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    Expand Your Vision with Veho’s Discovery USB Microscope

    The Veho Discovery DX-1 is a 2MP digital USB microscope designed for your scientific studies and observations at home, school, or doing field observations, including capturing data from biological specimens, electronic devices, and precious materials and stones. Its digital magnification ranges from a low of 10x to a high of 200x & the 2MP CMOS sensor produces still image JPEGs and AVI video at resolutions of up to 1920×1080.