The weather is getting a bit chilly these days, which makes it perfect for other types of outdoor fun. Most of us here still love to bust out the grill and pop open a couple of cold ones every now and then. If you’re looking for ideas, why not watch movies outside. All you need is the Extra Large Inflatable Screen from Kodak.

We almost forgot that you also need a projector for this to work. Anyway, if you don’t, check out our guide to find which works best for the setup. Unless there is a huge flat surface to shine the image on, the Kodak Extra Large Inflatable Screen is a must-have. It stands 10.3′ x 14.7′ x 5.3′ with a screen 14.5′ diagonal in size.

Just imagine, kids enjoying movie night, while the adults are likewise having a good time. This is also great for that romantic flick you plan to watch for date night. Better yet, you can finally hook up your gaming PC or console to the projector and enjoy the most immersive visuals.

Plus, since we’re technically playing outside, some vitamin D from good ol’ sunshine will do us good. The Kodak Extra Large Inflatable Screen has everything you need to get started in the box. The bundle includes the air pump to inflate it in minutes.

The feet are weighted so it doesn’t move around in a breeze. However, if it’s a bit windy, Kodak includes a few stakes and some rope to tie it down securely. In case there’s a leak, several repair patches should get you back in action. Finally, the Extra Large Inflatable Screen comes with a storage bag for easy transport.

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Images courtesy of Kodak