Moving into a new home with a family or solo is often a stressful experience. You already have enough on your plate with inspections, repainting, and deciding on flooring. Even if you’re thinking of redecorating either because it’s time to replace a few broken pieces or you feel like changing the room’s mood, looking for new furniture can be nerve-racking.

Expenses are usually a major concern when it comes to purchasing furniture. It’s something you may put off for a while attempting due to budget constraints. After all, browsing through what major retailers have can surprise consumers with the staggering prices of living room sets. Usually, payments for utilities, employee salaries, rent, advertisements, and more affect the price. As such, all of the overhead costs pass on to you, the customer. 

At 1Stop Bedrooms, you don’t have to pay high prices for great quality living room sets. You’ll find a wide selection of sets on sale with discounts of up to 75% online. How can they offer such low prices? It’s because they deal directly with the manufacturers to get the furniture to their customers. 

They pass the savings on when they receive a discount and stand behind their prices with a low-cost guarantee. Not only are the low prices assured, but if you find the identical set for less, they will match that price. With up to thirty-six months in financing available for your order, you have more flexibility.

Free yourself from the stress of worrying about pricing when shopping with 1Stop. So now that you’ve let go of that anxiety, you can focus on the fun part — designing. You may want to survey the room first and measure the space. Then, ask yourself how you want the room to look and function.

If you’re going to entertain friends in a conventional space, you may want to use the filter on the site to search for traditional sets. For a more easygoing theme for game night or just hanging out to watch movies, you may want a more casual or modern style.

The colors used in the room will round out the mood, so pick shades that correctly reflect what you want to convey. Warmer tones give off a welcoming vibe, while cooler ones promote feelings of calm. 

Different materials can add depth and personality to the room, especially when accented by patterns and prints. Use a mood board to experiment with mixing faux leather with fabric or wicker with linen. The possibilities are endless, and there are expert designers on staff ready to answer your questions and guide you toward pieces that match your tastes. 

These experts don’t earn a commission, so their suggestions are only motivated by a desire to ensure your satisfaction with the purchase. To browse the living room sets on sale go URL to find the perfect set for you.