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Treat Yourself To A Spa On Lake Geneva At The Löyly Floating Sauna

You don’t have to work up a sweat just to enjoy a few minutes inside a sauna room. Why not swim your way towards it. That’s the concept behind the Löyly floating sauna from Lausanne University of Art and Design graduate Trolle Rudebeck Haar. This prefabricated floating structure was Harr’s Diploma Project at Lausanne University of Art and Design (ÉCAL) in Switzerland.

It sits floating on the Lake of Geneva, constructed on top of a floating pontoon deck fitted with hollow barrels for buoyancy. The buoyancy lets the structure float on other bodies of water with low wave motion such as pools, ports, lagoons, and ponds. The Löyly floating sauna used prefabricated elements so it can be easily taken apart and re-assembled. It used Swiss Douglass fir treated with teak oil for outdoor durability. The structure is accessible via a perched ladder on the side. Then a traditional Japanese sliding door called shōji opens to a 2.2-square-meter space. It is lightweight, easily slides aside, and can block wind and steam from living the area.

Meanwhile, ribbed translucent glass comprises the tallest walls for natural light to penetrate inside while providing privacy. It also has a sloped roof made with corrugated polycarbonate and inside is a wooden bench that can host up to three people. A wooden stove sits on the far side where it holds the hot rocks or charcoal. For those who just want to bask in the beauty of the surrounding scenery, a deck is placed around the exterior of the Löyly floating sauna where they can sit and relax.

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Images courtesy of ÉCAL

Retreat To The Beach At The 5 Burnetts Cove Road House

Designed by renowned architect Fred Stelle, the 5 Burnetts Cove Road House boasts both a stunning modern exterior and interior. It sits on .40 acres on Mexoc Bay at the tip of Flying Point Road at the Hamptons. 

It features a waterfront 16×32 foot heated Gunite pool and dock, an outdoor shower, and a cabana-covered outdoor seating and dining area on the pool level.  It has well-articulated landscaping both on the front and back. Right off the garage on the ground floor is a gym, storage, and a half bath. 

The entrance of the 5 Burnetts Cove Road House opens to a staircase that leads to the main floor. It houses the powder room, laundry room, and utility closet. It also has the kitchen, dining, and living area that features a glass wall and sun deck overlooking the Bay. Then adjacent to the great room is a media room with a screened porch that gives great views of the pool, the Mexoc Bay, and the dock. 

Meanwhile, the top floor houses private sections of bedrooms. On the right are two guest bedrooms that share one bath. To the left is an en suite guest room overlooking the gardens below. The main bedroom, on the other hand, has a built-in office and provides amazing views of the water. 

The 5 Burnetts Cove Road House is majestic to look at even from the outside with its expansive paneled glass windows and elegant structure. Best of all, the house is a walking distance of the beach. It is just 20 seconds away from the sand and sea

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Images courtesy of Compass

Live Life Incognito At The Federal House By Edition Office

There is something menacing about the Federal House by Edition Office. It stands like a dark foreboding in the middle of a vast grassy field with its black-pigmented concrete and black timber exterior. The feeling flows into dark hallways. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover as the inside offers more brightness. 

The structure is a stark reminder of the houses where cinematic villains are often featured hiding or staying. It has a dark aura to it upon first glance and as you walk through the long hallways. But a great part of the house opens to natural sunlight in the mornings thanks to floor-to-ceiling louvre windows. 

This impressive house sits in the Byron Bay hinterland of Australia, overlooking acres of green treetops and grasslands. One might say it is secluded from civilization, with its black exterior standing out against its organic topography. The Federal House tries to bring the allure of nature in through a central fern garden that is reminiscent of Spanish heritage houses with their indoor gardens. 

In terms of living spaces, it has a bedroom that expands into a covered outdoor living area. It even has a subterranean pool that opens the views to the flowing treetops. Meanwhile, an open floor plan seamlessly blends living and dining area with beautiful views of the natural topography. 

Moreover, the Federal House uses wood and concrete furnishings for its interior walls and flooring. Likewise for pieces of furniture and the decorations. There is a notable choice of industrial color choices for the chairs, carpets, ceiling fan, and more. 

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Images courtesy of Edition Office

The Denizen Archetype Smartpod Gives A Whole New Meaning To Remote Work

The Denizen Archetype Smartpod gives a new meaning to remote work. This prefab shelter lets you take your work practically anywhere you want where you can work in peace and quiet. 

This is the ideal remote office as every detail has been considered to help you work productively no matter your topography. As its name suggests, it is connected so you can keep up to date with those office emails or social media events. It even gives you more than a wiggle room for when you need to stretch those tight muscles after a long day of sitting.

3D printed from the ground up, the Denizen Archetype Smartpod boasts  10-foot-ceilings. It has wide immersive glass windows to connect you to your outdoor surroundings. Picture working in the woods, by the lake, or near the beach. Moreover, it has professional lighting, controllable privacy glass on every window, and perfectly framed camera views at the desk and whiteboard. 

Best of all, it keeps you comfortable day and night with a built-in cooling and heating system. It also has air filtration and a mini-fridge to store food and other refreshments. When you need to take a nap or fully stretch out, then you can do so on the rear lounge. It has a couple of head cushions and overhead lighting where you can lay back to read or just sleep. The Denizen Archetype Smartpod even managed to fit a 27-inch 4K display and a 4K webcam for video meetings. 

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Images courtesy of Denizen

Book A Stay At Gawthorne’s Hut And Enjoy A Rustic Yet Luxurious Off-Grid Experience

As the global vaccination numbers grow, most countries have eased travel restrictions. As the summer days are drawing to a close, people are eagerly planning their trips. Despite the COVID-19 situation in some parts of Australia, the Land Down Under remains a popular destination for tourists. So, if you’re heading there, Gawthorne’s Hut is offering a high-class off-grid experience for two.

Located in Buckaroo, New South Wales, the cabin is situated in a sprawling landscape with magnificent views. It’s an ideal place to stay when guests are after a more rustic atmosphere. Since most of the popular resorts are likely already swarming with guests, Gawthorne’s Hut is promoting privacy in an intimate setting.

You and a loved one can enjoy sustainable yet luxe accommodations. This type of setup is perfect for folks who want to feel what it’s like to live in an eco-friendly residence. It may look like a larger than usual shed that stands in the middle of nowhere, but the amenities tell a different story.

The triangular structure of the Gawthorne’s Hut has large glass windows and doors to maximize natural light. Meanwhile, the electronics draw power from an array of solar panels on the roof. Then there’s a rainwater collection system and storage tank.

The exterior features sheets of galvanized steel which hides a cozy interior. Gawthorne’s Hut goes with a wood and concrete interior, which looks classy. There’s a king-size bed, a freestanding tub in the bathroom, a kitchenette, and more.

Step out at night and bask under a blanket of stars as you sit beside the fire. Wake up, grab a cup of coffee, step out, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy, repeat. Gawthorne’s Hut might be the inspiration you need to consider a modest off-grid home in the future.

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Images courtesy of Airbnb

Off Grid Cabin: Anderson Architecture keeps it simple, stylish, and sustainable

Eco-friendly initiatives are getting more exciting over the years. With the automotive industry already confirming plans for full electrification down the line, it’s time others also step up. Some folks are taking matters into their own hands by designing their homes for sustainability. Anderson Architecture shares details about Off Grid Cabin and how they turned it into a green residence.

The structure stands on 8 acres of land of the Blue Mountains in Australia. Being this far from utility services, it’s impressive how the right team and modern technology can build something that manages to keep some creature comforts intact.

This remote retreat is perfect for people who want to take a break from city life. Exposure to traffic, noise, pollution, and not to mention the pandemic daily can be draining. So, kick back, relax, and let the soothing sounds of nature take over your senses when you’re at the Off Grid Cabin.

Anderson Architecture takes into consideration the hazards in the area. Bushfires and termite infestations are threats here which is why concrete becomes the go-to option. They’re also using low-carbon fiber cement board cladding and decking minimizing.

The Off Grid Cabin also features two interconnected sections facing opposite directions. A rain collection system fills a 30,000-liter rainwater storage. Then there’s the 6.8 kW solar PV system connected to a 27.6 kWh battery unit. Moreover, all sewage heads down to an organic worm farm septic system.

It’s simple, sustainable, and boasts a net-zero construction. With plenty of sunlight in the morning no need to turn on the lights until evening. Wake up to a panoramic view and breath all the fresh air. Working from home would be amazing in the Off Grid Cabin. Too bad we need to head out for groceries.

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Images courtesy of Anderson Architecture

The Monastero Arx Vivendi Is A Timeless Inner Sanctum For The Body and Soul

Sometimes we need to slow down and breathe, take a moment to commune with ourselves in the quietest place possible. Especially when it comes to relieving ourselves of stress, a nice respite away from the city helps. The Monastero Arx Vivendi in Italy provides just that, a place to soothe our body and soul. 

Italian studio Network of Architecture (NOA) turned this 17th-century monastery into a place of refuge and comfort, for guests looking for some downtime. Situated on the northern tip of Lake Garda, it is now a 40-bedroom hotel with a series of glazed spa rooms and gardens.

But most of the historical interiors of the Monastero Arx Vivendi remain intact. This includes the seven-meter-high wall that surrounds the entire complex. It also retained the long corridors and the vaulted ceilings that provide the place its majestic draw. The modern additions, on the other hand, include a wellness area that incorporates 500 square meters of relaxation and treatments rooms, saunas, and steam baths. There is also a swimming pool and lush gardens.

Divided into three levels, the ground floor comprises the bar and kitchen, the breakfast room, the reception, and the common areas. Meanwhile, on the first floor are the bedrooms and bathrooms. Lastly, on the second floor is a large loft area and some of the other guestrooms. Architect Francesco Padovan says the Monastero Arx Vivendi is a “refuge that takes you back in time.” It is “closely centered around the history and the particular features” of the monastery. It is a timeless inner sanctum where guests can find blissful refuge. 

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Images courtesy of Monastero Arx Vivendo

Moliving introduces a modular cabin system for land owners and hoteliers

Have you ever traveled to places with picturesque views, wonderful people, and delicious cuisine, but do not have hotels or inns available? Most likely, these are in remote areas and on private land. Moliving probably feels the same way which is why it presents a clever solution. By prefabricating the structures, they can deliver these units anywhere.

Depending on the existing infrastructure, Moliving can configure these modular hotels for off-grid use. An array of solar panels and holding tanks will provide each unit with all the necessary comforts. Meanwhile, the company says it will build these with sustainability, durability, modularity and luxury in mind.”

Each cabin offers approximately 400 square feet of indoor space with furnishings according to the owners’ specifications. As you can see, the manufacturer promotes these units as adaptable to the locale. This is a great approach to ensure that these do not stick out oddly from whatever the backdrop is.

Renders from Moliving gives us a glimpse of what the modular hotel would look like from the outside as well as within. The moment they enter, guests are greeted by a living area with the toilet and bath directly beside the portal. A bed sits on an elevated section of the room with the foot facing the windows.

Step out onto the deck, take a seat, and just take in the sights around you. Moliving notes that its modular hotels will use eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, they are actively looking for landowners to partner with and generate more jobs. Hoteliers may want to check this out.

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Images courtesy of Moliving

The Cat Hill House Offers An Immersive Living Experience With Its Forest Topography

Fancy the outdoors and do not mind living high above the ground in the woods? Then you may want to get an invite to the Cat Hill House. Its unique architecture defies gravity while the lavish interior setting lets you live in luxury.

From the brilliant minds of Studio MM Architect, this residential property sits elevated at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York’s Hudson Valley. It boasts floor-to-ceiling glass walls for an immersive feel of the dense wood. The client, a marathon runner, musician, traveler, businesswoman, and art collector, requested a thoughtfully designed home that caters to the inspiration.  

Thus, the Cat Hill House was born. At the heart of the design is a glass-enclosed fitness studio that extends over the ridge. It appears to float above the ground amid its steep topography. The studio is accessible via a long, enclosed gallery that follows the ridgeline. It has a treadmill and indoor cycling bike. 

Elsewhere in the home, large glass expansions in the open living room and patio open the eyes to the surrounding wooded landscape. The gently sloping topography outside the main living space gives the feeling of being one with the forest instead of being above them. The windows also provide amazing views of the creek below.

Meanwhile, thoughtfully curated interior designs complement the topography. There are original artworks and custom-built pieces fabricated by local furniture maker Braxton Alexander. The main suite of the Cat Hill House also boasts a spacious freestanding bathtub set next to a corner window at the southern part of the house. 

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Images courtesy of Studio MM Architect

Futuro House: Marston Park offers a surreal and fun stay inside a UFO-inspired cabin

All of us have probably heard stories about UFOs, aliens, and even abductions for years now. With the United States government now declassifying several reports of what they’re now calling Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), interests surrounding the subject are surging once more. For those who crave something related to the latter, book a stay at the Futuro House.

Although the name suggests that the cabin would most likely feature cutting-edge technology, it’s something else entirely. You see, from the exterior, it is designed to look like your textbook flying saucer. Plus, standing right in the middle of a verdant backdrop of trees, it looks surreal even in daylight.

This eccentric yet fun structure came from the mind of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. They say that only less than 100 are in existence after their construction in the late 1960s up until the 1970s. If you’re ever in Somerset, United Kingdom, the Futuro House might be an interesting experience to stay in one.

The Futuro Houses that stands in Marston Park is apparently one of 68 that are still in good condition. This unit, in particular, is a restoration by artist Craig Barnes and hails from South Africa. It looks exactly the way it should from the outside, while the interior now sports a more modern appeal.

Accommodations include a double bed and an additional sleeping area enough to sleep up to four guests. The door opens to reveal stairs just like those on eyewitness accounts of UFOs. Sadly, no tractor beam action for your luggage here. Be sure to take photos at night when the lights inside turn it into a scene straight from a sci-fi movie. The Futuro House is probably the closest one can get to an actual sighting.

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Images courtesy of Marston Park

Sleep Under the Stars Inside the Solar-Powered Nomad’s Pad

There’s nothing like sleeping under a starry sky and waking up to the bright morning sunshine. But urban pollution is always a hindrance unless you sleep on a  camping mattress on the roof. Thankfully, there are places that offer respite from the hassle and bustle of city life and provide a safe haven under the stars just like the Nomad’s Pad in the Grand Canyon.

Constructed on a 20-acre lot, this glass pyramid lets you immerse in the beauty of nature during the day and night. It lets you
“become part of the Wild West” where you hear birds chirping in the morning and the coyotes howling at night. Then there’s the whistle of the wind blowing, the aroma of the Pinyon Trees and Juniper Berries, and all that nature has to offer.

Nomad’s Pad is in the concept stage but future guests can choose from one of the ten pyramids planned for the site. Each abode will provide guests unobstructed 360-degree views of their surroundings inside a massive 400-square foot interior. Best of all, each pyramid packs the comfort of home and the convenience of modern technology.

Solar-powered and temperature-controlled glass makes up the pyramid. The clear glass turns opaque at a touch of a button to provide guests privacy. Inside will have air conditioning, luxury linens, a queen-sized bed, and a detached private bathroom and shower. Likewise, guests will have access to complimentary tea and coffee and eco-friendly toiletries.

Meanwhile, outdoor amenities with the Nomad’s Pad include a propane fire pit, a private hot tub, a private patio decked out with lounge furniture, and a hammock. The concept is estimated for an October 2021 opening and guests can reach the site 25 minutes away from the Grand Canyon National Park.

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Images courtesy of Nomad’s Pad

You need to know where to look to spot The Invisible House

Normally, when people build their houses, they want it to draw attention. Especially those who live in huge mansions or designer homes. The goal is to get people to notice and admire their architecture and more. If you are Tomas Osink, then it’s the complete opposite. Aptly named The Invisible House, this residence does a great job of staying inconspicuous through clever means.

First of all, what contributes to its fascinating claim is the location. Sitting in a remote private 90-acre property a few minutes away from Joshua Tree’s downtown area, nobody knows it’s there unless they’re told beforehand. Next, is how The Invisible House is designed.

What allows the structure to blend with its surroundings are the tempered glass walls. The exterior surfaces sport a mirror finish, which creates the illusions that there is nothing there. Observers would really need to know what to look for so they can make out the home’s silhouette against a rocky backdrop.

Up close, it somewhat looks like a skyscraper that sits horizontally. Meanwhile, the uneven terrain reveals that The Invisible House sits on robust concrete pillars. This somehow makes it seem that it also floats above the ground. Inside, the high ceiling coupled with the large glass panels delivers a panoramic view of the landscape.

If you’re up for a dip, you have access to a large indoor swimming pool. There are four bedrooms and bathrooms accessible via sliding partitions. With Barely any walls dividing the various spaces within, those staying at The Invisible House are in for a surreal experience.

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Images courtesy of Tomas Osinski

Look carefully or you’ll miss the Xerolithi House hidden along the Greek countryside

We’ve noticed a trend wherein the concept homes we have been featuring in the past few weeks have a common theme. The design groups behind these projects have been proposing isolated locations surrounded by nature. Instead of blending cohesively with the environment, the structures are sticking out, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sinas Architects takes a different route as it presents the Xerolithi House.

This residence is in an area that affords provides people who live there and guests with panoramic views of the sea and mountains. You can find the Xerolithi House on the Greek island of Serifos, but it will difficult to spot immediately against the brown rocky landscape. Unlike other designers who want their buildings to stand out, Sinas Architects prefers inconspicuous.

Although the home is remarkably modern in construction, the exterior is a different story. The studio maintains the motif of what visitors can normally see when they tour the island. The Xerolithi House shows a canvas of dry stone walls – locally called xerolithies — to give it a natural aesthetic. It occupies a total floor space of 2,637 square feet.

There are two major sections with access to the wide-open terrace. The bigger one is where you’ll find the main bedroom and a living area. Two guest rooms are available within the smaller block which also houses a basement.

Some sections of the large terrace are covered which is great for entertaining guest over dinner al fresco style. The Xerolithi House looks like our idea of enjoying a leisurely life in the countryside. Sunrise and sunset would look magnificent with the Mediterranean vibe.

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Images courtesy of Sinas Architects

This A-Frame Cabin Concept Literally Hangs Off a Cliff

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Pin-Up Houses DIY Gaia Container House

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The Cabins on The Mountain concept by Veliz Arquitecto is the off-grid spot we want

It’s clear that living in close proximity with other people spaces with barely any fresh air circulation is not good. Perhaps this is also why we are seeing an upsurge of folks heading outdoors and staying away from urban locations. Architectural designer Veliz Arquitecto envisions the concept of Cabins on The Mountain which would be ideal for our current predicament.

This is even more apparent now that we have this devastating health crisis on our hands. With health experts encouraging social distancing all over again, the Cabins on The Mountain might be a wonderful idea. These form a striking visage with their cocoon-like silhouettes

Veliz Arquitecto did not provide any specifics on the location. Still, it notes the structures should ideally be somewhere along the mountain ranges of Cuba. Given its natural surroundings, the designers are primarily using wood and concrete for its construction.

Those with fear of high places should be mindful not to look down as the Cabins on The Mountain live up to the name. Meanwhile, people who love breathtaking views will love the backdrops of verdant trees and boulders.

The concept suggests it will be a temporary residence for adventurous souls who might want to enjoy some creature comforts along the way. Although sleeping under the stars or in a tent or camper has its perks, nothing beats being inside a cabin after a long day of trekking or hiking.

Despite the off-grid situation, the Cabins on The Mountain could rely on clean sources of power. In some of the images, we could see wooden turbines. Taking advantage of the wind that flows through the area, we can only speculate that it is enough to power lights or electric motors to pump water for plumbing.

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Images courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

HAADS presents the Eco-Floating Hotel which rotates to generate its own power

For some of the most awe-inspiring man-made structures out there, the Middle East is where you can find them. The region is home to many of the world’s architectural wonders thanks to the almost-bottomless coffers of its affluent residents. Another marvelous hotel might soon rise – or float in this case – courtesy of Hayri Atak Architecture Design Studio (HAADS) aptly named the Eco-Floating Hotel.

With the help of advanced engineering and technology, the Eco-Floating Hotel would live up to its name. You see, its structure is unique in the way that it can physically move to another location.

HAADS also noted that it will generate its own electricity, which means it does not rely on the grid for power. However, it will need to resupply its consumable resources every now and then with guests and staff on board.

Technically, this suggests that the Eco-Floating Hotel does not have a permanent address so to speak. Instead, clients who are checking in might be arriving by chopper or by many forms of watercraft. According to HAADS, the high-tech inn will be primarily accessible in Qatar.

The ultimate goal of this cutting-edge construction is zero waste alongside outstanding energy conservation. By positioning itself in waters with dynamic currents, it can keep rotating and producing electricity.

Although the building itself will be moving, people spending their time there will not be ending up with motion sickness. One full rotation takes 24 hours, so the motion of the Eco-Floating Hotel has minimal impact on anything or anyone aboard.

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Images courtesy of HAADS

Why Using a Shed Kit is More Efficient Than Building a DIY Shed from Scratch

If you’ve got a back or side yard, then it’s good to get a shed that fits the area. A shed offers a great extra storage space that is particularly useful for items that don’t need to be indoors.

A shed can be used for the following purposes:

  • Storage for bikes and garden toys
  • Tool and mower storage
  • Indoor greenhouse
  • Office space
  • Home gym
  • Recreation space (playroom / man cave)

Maybe you have the space for a small locker to store firewood and gardening tools in? Or perhaps you have a huge yard so you can make an extra room out of it? Either way, you’ll appreciate a shed in the long term. They protect against weather and theft, so you have a safe outhouse for your belongings.

Build or Buy Your New Shed?

Once you’ve decided to add a shed to your garden, then you decide whether to build or buy it. Realistically, unless you’ve built many things before, buying a shed kit is the easiest option.

Many people who set out to build their own shed run into a variety of problems. There’s so much choice in terms of material, and the tools required can be expensive.

It’s difficult to do by yourself, so you usually end up needing help. Then if you don’t build it properly, you may find it’s vulnerable to the elements.

There are also local regulations to consider. Overall, there’s much more to think about than simply putting up some panels in your backyard.

The following reasons are why buying a shed kit is the better option:

  • Saves time

A shed project can take months, and most people don’t realise this when they start out. A shed kit can be ordered, delivered and assembled in less time than you’ve even bought your materials for a completely DIY project.

  • Saves money

When you factor in buying the correct materials and your time, a shed kit is a financial winner. Not all shed kits are equal, but there are plenty of affordable options on the market.

  • More durable

Shed kits are built with robust materials that have been tested for strength in different weather conditions. Buying a shed kit means you have a permanent structure that will last.

  • All materials included

You don’t have to make a list or go around trying to find everything required. You also don’t have to invest in expensive tools.

  • Easy assembly

Shed kits are a dream to assemble. No difficult instructions, or hard-to-follow plans. You get step-by-step instructions and don’t need any extra help.

  • Customisable

You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors, so that no two are the same.

  • Versatility

There are plenty of options available with modern shed kits. You can add extra panels and increase the size if you find you need a bigger structure later.

When buying a shed kit from a reputable manufacturer, you can guarantee that it has been tested for strong winds. Unfortunately, with a self-built one, you only find out if it can weather a storm when one happens. It hurts to see $$$ down the drain if the roof is blown off!

Tailor Your Shed to Your Style

When ordering your shed kit, there are options available. You can choose from different materials:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Metal

In many ways, metal is the best choice for a shed. It is easier to insulate, which will protect any tools or furniture you keep inside. Metal is also more durable, and many people are surprised by how good modern shed kits look.

You also have the choice of decorative elements with certain shed kits. These really help express your style. Decorative elements include:

  • Windows
  • Shutters
  • Porch
  • Single or double doors

All the prefabricated options are easily constructed, even if you have no building experience.

Then you can paint it in a shade of your choice. Some like to choose a color to blend in with their home, others go for a bolder statement.

Some tried-and-tested colors are:

  • Sage green
  • Black and white
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Navy blue

Of course, you can paint it bright green if that’s your desire!

Make Your Life Easy with a Shed Kit

With the pace of life and the eventual cost, it makes sense to choose a shed kit for your backyard. You have more choice than you realise, and the quick assembly will make the job easy. What’s more, it will stand the test of time, making you glad you made that choice for years to come.