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Seascape Lane House By Bates + Masi Architects

The Seascape Lane is nestled on an acre of land at the end of a private cul-de-sac in the village of Sagaponack, Hamptons. It features stylish architecture that provides a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, the Sagg Pond, and the Sagaponack farmland.

This house is a magnificent façade to behold with its glass walls and modern furnishings. Its aesthetic design, from award-winning Bates + Masi Architects, incorporates nature and timeless architecture. It uses Alaskan cedar for the fences so it can blend seamlessly with the ethereal beauty of the surrounding nature.

The Seascape Lane boasts 5,000-square foot of luxurious floor space. The property has five bedrooms, six full baths built with European white oak floors, and a chef kitchen. The main living space is on the second floor so you can take full advantage of the views of the coastal landscape.

Meanwhile, sliding glass doors provide partitions to the different areas of the house. They create a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor spaces and open to the expansive deck that features resort-like amenities. The deck has a spa, a swimming pool, an outdoor shower, and a pool house.

Moreover, this house has an elevator for easy access to the purposely-elevated main level where you can host parties and gatherings.  With all these luxurious amenities, it is no wonder the property fetches for a whopping $18,495,000.

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Conker Pod

In today’s world where housing and real estate only gets more expensive by the day, it becomes wishful thinking to have a home to call your own. The housing crisis only gets worse. This is why former Rolls-Royce engineer Jag Virdie created a housing solution called “Conker” living.

Virdie designed a spherical house called Conker Pod. This living accommodation measures nearly 13 feet in diameter and features amenities for simple living. It has a kitchenette, a living space with a built-in bed, and a lavatory.

Aside from its amenities, there is still a lot to like about the Conker Pod and these include its one-day installation and versatility. You can have your pod set up virtually anywhere– on your backyard, in the middle of the desert, and even in icy environments. It adapts to various terrains and holds firmly to the ground on four anchors.

Moreover, the panels are customizable according to personal preference, which makes each Conker Pod unique to its owner. It can be individually styled to suit the environment.  You can even go stylish and request for bright, bold printed panels.  Likewise, you have an option to connect several pods together to create space for a double bed, clothes storage, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower and toilet.

More importantly, the Conker Pod is eco-friendly. It uses durable aluminum and recycled plastic to create the panels. Its unique structure also allows rainwater to fall down the sphere, which you can filter and recycle. The pod also has a heat-recovery system that traps the warmth inside.  One pod costs about $27,000.

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The Curve Appeal Freeform 3D Printed House

The Curve Appeal is the world’s first freeform 3D printed house designed by WATG Chicago’s Urban Architecture Studio. This house redefines traditional architectural aesthetics and gives a glimpse at the buildings of the future.

Its concept takes into consideration several factors including construction, ergonomics, building systems, and house structure from the ground up. The design, which won first place in the Freeform Home Design Challenge commissioned by Tennessee’s Branch Technology, includes all aspects of a house: material applications, mechanical, electrical needs, plumbing, and lighting requirements. Its construction utilizes a mix of carbon fiber and ABS plastic to create a lightweight curve, while foam and concrete make the structure strong and insulating.

Meanwhile, twenty-eight 3D-printed panels formed into sections and joined together create the final shape of the home. This home includes a living room, kitchen, one bedroom, and a bath in a 600-800 square foot floor area.

The Curve Appeal has a unique structure that incorporates the elements of nature. The passive solar design of the interior results in an open and light-filled living space that not only protects the occupants, but it also connects them to their natural surroundings. The interior archways support the exterior skin and replace traditional walls and ceiling.

Meanwhile, the exterior mimics a natural rock formation with the use of smooth concrete to form archways. The overall result gives the house an organic feel that blends into the landscape.

The Curve Appeal

Photos Courtesy Of WATG

By The Way House By KWK Promes

Depending on the architects forte each one does their best work in an urban setting or somewhere closer to nature. The By The Way House designed by KWK Promes can be categorized within the latter. It sits in a scenic countryside spot that also features a nearby river. Lush greenery and trees dot the area and give off a serene vibe. In order to avoid damage to the landscape, the designers noticeably gave way to nature and built a stylish twisting pathway that melds flawlessly with the structure

An aerial view of the dwelling makes it seem that the road sprouted up to form the frame. It then tapers off into a smaller pathway, which eventually leads to the shoreline. Form another angle, we see that the footpath connects to the balcony seamlessly. Great care and effort were taken by the designer to preserve the environment as the path carefully weaves around the trees. Furthermore, to keep its form continuous, the side that connects to the highway creates an overhang that shelters the owner’s vehicle from the elements.

The ground level of the By The Way House is mostly comprised of tall glass sections that give an illusion that the house is afloat. You can make out that floor-to-ceiling panels are likewise abundant on the top floor. This maximizes natural lighting to enhance the interior colors of the residence. We love to see more design studios come up with ideas that take advantage of the existing atmosphere.

KWK Promes

Photos courtesy of KWK Promes

Gray Head House

The rustic beauty of the Rocky Mountains come alive in the picturesque Gray Head House. This luxurious property sits on a 35-acre estate just outside Telluride, Colorado.

It stands out against the backdrop of nature with its unique crescent shape design inspired by internationally renowned architectures Simon and Hugh Jacobsen. Its construction alone is nothing short of fancy: made from a combination of glass, limestone, steel, and native stone.

The Gray Head House is comprised of ten interlocking pavilions that offer breath-taking views of the surrounding 14,000-foot peaks. The fixtures in each accommodation exude sophistication. Glass walls allow natural light to penetrate through the expansive interior which results in a warm and inviting space. Likewise, each living space has vaulted ceilings that provide dramatic views of the encircling mountain peaks and meadows.

Meanwhile, high-tech solar and air temperature monitor system adjusts accordingly to environmental changes. The living space also has air-conditioned floors to assure each guest of a relaxing and cool stay.

The Grey Head House offers guests the freedom to relax about in any way they can. They can sit by the terrace or visit the on-site courtyard or barnyard. They can also opt to stay indoors and lounge by the fireplace.

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