Depending on the architects forte each one does their best work in an urban setting or somewhere closer to nature. The By The Way House designed by KWK Promes can be categorized within the latter. It sits in a scenic countryside spot that also features a nearby river. Lush greenery and trees dot the area and give off a serene vibe. In order to avoid damage to the landscape, the designers noticeably gave way to nature and built a stylish twisting pathway that melds flawlessly with the structure

An aerial view of the dwelling makes it seem that the road sprouted up to form the frame. It then tapers off into a smaller pathway, which eventually leads to the shoreline. Form another angle, we see that the footpath connects to the balcony seamlessly. Great care and effort were taken by the designer to preserve the environment as the path carefully weaves around the trees. Furthermore, to keep its form continuous, the side that connects to the highway creates an overhang that shelters the owner’s vehicle from the elements.

The ground level of the By The Way House is mostly comprised of tall glass sections that give an illusion that the house is afloat. You can make out that floor-to-ceiling panels are likewise abundant on the top floor. This maximizes natural lighting to enhance the interior colors of the residence. We love to see more design studios come up with ideas that take advantage of the existing atmosphere.

KWK Promes

Photos courtesy of KWK Promes