Contemporary designs and architecture are capturing the entrepreneur in all of us as our landscapes are filling up with even more quirky and exceptional builds. One of these pieces of architectural brilliance is the Bailer Hill House designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects.

This property is situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It entails some well-thought-out timber spaces positioned over a hillside. Specifically, sitting on the rocks of an island just off the Washington coast, going by the name of San Juan.

The building itself is made up of a collection of various box-type constructions offering glorious views from the rocks. This also means that the rooms’ roofs are exposed and made into decorative grassy terraces.

Despite the agglomeration of rooms sprayed over the side of the hillside, the combined square feet of Baker Hill House is rather spacious, totaling in at 3,228 square feet, or for our mainland European dudes, 300 square meters. The interior of the home is also something to behold and rather unorthodox. The master suite sits on the lowest part of the build and a guest suite and a creative studio take up the top 2 floors. In between is the first floor with a dining area, a living space, an office, a kitchen, and a picturesque reading nook.

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