Who doesn’t love a pair of Vans? The Vans team have been digging through their inventory and reintroduced their vintage models that propelled Vans’ brand to what we know it today – experts at making casual and skateboarding sneakers.

When some brands bring their older gear out of retirement they can sometimes be a letdown. Sometimes they are so bad we even wonder if we would have worn them back then. With Vans, that thought never crosses our mind. Their vintage sneakers really are an ollie above the rest of the market.

The newest find in the back of their closet is the beautiful Epoch Sport – an original 90s kid. The pair will be available in a LX or LX Pro version and in many colors. If you were on the ramps 25 years ago, you probably remember or even had a pair. Although the newer release will be a bit more developed with a suede upper for a better fit and a Quasi logo manufactured from quality leather.

Just remember, getting your favorite sneakers from the past doesn’t mean you can still do all the tricks. Now you might have kids and a dodgy hip.

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