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On’s Active Pant is Ready for Cooldowns, Rest Days (and Anything Else on the Agenda)

It’s hard not to love clothing that can fit more than one occasion, pulling double (or triple) duty as it transitions from home office, to gym to a meetup with friends. On’s Active Pant embodies this philosophy, designed to prioritize comfort while looking contemporary and — frankly — classically stylish. As expected from a label like On, these hit the marks when it comes to sport-centered details, including adjustable hemlines at the ankle, a drawstring waist (for easy on-and-off) and a techy Polyamide exterior that delivers light insulation, soft hand feel and a UV protective fabric that also dries quickly when wet. Even with all the details taken care of, On has emphasized that these pants are, first-and-foremost, centered on sheer comfort. With a modern, easy design, that’s obvious the moment you slip them on. Being able to rock a single pair of pants as you go through every part of your day — what’s cozier than that?

Price: $150


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‘Black Ivy’: A Clothing Revolution Retold by Style Expert Jason Jules

akharlem 62 001

Art Kane – Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style

Clothing can tell stories, bear hidden meanings and relay silent messages through tightly-packed crowds. It can also kickstart a revolution. Jason Jules’ new book, Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style, due out December 7th, 2021 via Reel Art Press, proves this.

The book details how Black individuals like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., James Baldwin, Miles Davis and John Coltrane reinterpreted traditionally prep designs like the Oxford button-down shirt, hand-stitched loafer, soft shoulder three-button jacket and repp tie for their own wear — and changed menswear forever by doing so.

Miles Davis stands still in the studio for a photo captured by Don Hunstein for Columbia Records.


man wearing sunglasses and eating popsicle, standing in front of telephone pole and houses, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, c 1960 photo by charles 'teenie' harriscarnegie museum of artgetty images
This photo of an unnamed subject by Pittsburgh photographer Charles “Teenie” Harris embodies Black Ivy. It’s presented courtesy of The Carnegie Art Museum and the Teenie Harris Archive.

Teenie Harris Archive/Carnegie Museum of Art

“Black Ivy style became a thing in and of itself, distinct from Ivy but always related to it,” Jules says. “Ironically, the characterization of Ivy league clothing as quintessentially cool is due in no small part to the enormous, but until now undocumented, influence Black Ivy style has had on mainstream culture —past and present. The old adage, it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it, is never truer than in the case of Black Ivy style, where the classic Ivy wardrobe was comprehensively raided and then remixed and re-envisioned, away from its elitist confines, away from its mass-market popularity, and into something heavily coded and intentionally revolutionary.”

There’s a thread that connects today’s prep resurgence and the sartorial efforts of these men in the ’50s and ’60s. Prep is cool once more because new designers and brands are removing it from its original context — aka the wretches of global elites (which are predominantly white) — in the same way King Jr., Baldwin and Davis did. But to understand today’s trends, you have to educate yourself on the cast that set the revolution in motion.

usa atlanta, georgia 1963 john lewis
The late John Lewis by Danny Lyon, courtesy of Magnum Photos.

Danny Lyon

reel art press magazine
The cover of May 1965’s issue of Ebony Magazine, courtesy of Reel Art Press.

Reel Art Press

Jules, a popular prep model, public relations expert, consultant for brands like Levi’s and Wrangler and seminal style blogger, noticed the new way of dressing early, when he was a child still.

“To me, the understanding of Black Ivy came about organically. As I got older, I began to draw connections between style and its contexts and began to understand how clothes could have meaning, how things can be adopted and redefined to serve a purpose or an agenda,” Jules told The New York Times.

Initially, he surveyed the style from afar. Over the years, as fashion became his primary focus, he returned to Black Ivy Style with renewed interest, as he realized it laid the foundation for how many men dress today.

“Coming from a Black, British working-class background, the Ivy Look couldn’t be further away from my everyday life experience growing up,” Jules explains. “But the more I understood it, the more I gravitated towards it. Black Ivy style is so important. It charts a unique moment in time when the language of Ivy style became an internal part of the Black American story — from the music, the visual arts, the education, the struggle and beyond.”

mandatory credit photo by apshutterstock 5971921arev channing phillips, the first african american ever to be nominated for president, is shown during the democratic national convention in chicago, he is a member of the district of columbia delegationdnc phillips 1968, chicago, usa
A photo of Channing E. Phillips, the first Black man to receive votes for President, courtesy of AP/Shutterstock.


mandatory credit photo by ed widdisapshutterstock 6620918asprinters tommie smith and john carlos, who were cut from the us olympic team in mexico city after a demonstration on the olympic victory stand, arrive in los angelesblack power salute 1968, los angeles, usa
Tommie Smith returns home after protesting at the 1968 Olympic Games, captured by Ed Widdis, courtesy of AP/Shutterstock.

Ed Widdis/AP/Shutterstock

Jules is sure to call out, though, that Black Ivy Style is not, nor was ever, rooted in the desire to be, or at least dress, white. In fact, its origins are quite the opposite. In the same ways Ivy Style intersected with the Civil Rights Movement, later prep renaissances (today’s included) reared their heads in times of turbulence. Dressing up, it seems, served as a way to endure instability and rebut injustice.

“Rather than a sign of conformity and compliance, Black Ivy was a kind of battledress, a symbolic armor worn in the nonviolent pursuit of fundamental change,” Jules writes.

Pre-Order Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style

Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style

Reel Art Press Amazon


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The Best L.L. Bean Cyber Week Deals

Looking for more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Bookmark our tag page, where we’ll be collecting the best savings, discounts and promotions throughout the week.

Find all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here.

Few people can say they aren’t familiar with L.L. Bean. The brand, founded by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912, has long been the go-to outdoors retailer. Made for Maine, L.L. Bean sells everything from gloves and beanies to the iconic Bean Boot and the trusty Boat and Tote.

And that’s far from it. It’s truly hard to describe how many different garments, goods and accessories the 100+-year-old label sells. Plus, fresh off a collab with Todd Snyder, its profile has probably never been higher. Find a handful of icons and newcomers alike, all on sale now until the holiday season ends.


L.L. Bean Cyber Week Deals

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The Best Everlane Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Looking for more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Bookmark our tag page, where we’ll be collecting the best savings, discounts and promotions throughout the week.

Find all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here.

Ever since 2010, Everlane’s been making mindful menswear at affordable prices. What does that mean? Well, the brand’s always been transparent about how it prices its items — how much it costs to make, where it was made and who made it, how much it costs to ship it and so on and so forth. As such, a lot of the erroneous add-ons to appease middlemen are missing. That makes the final product far more affordable.

During the year’s shopping season — that stretch spanning Black Friday and Cyber Monday — the brand slashes its prices even further, sending standout pieces free-falling toward 40-, 50- or even 60-percent off. Capitalize while you can (aka while everything’s still in stock).


Everlane’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Treat Someone You Love (or Yourself) With Clean Origin’s Suite of Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Clean Origin is founded on a promise to provide diamonds without compromise. This includes its specialized focus on exclusively lab-grown diamonds, which (on top of generally being 20 to 40 percent more affordable than the conventionally-mined alternative) are more ethical than traditional gemstones — all without sacrificing the brilliance or quality you’d expect from a top-tier diamond. This eye for quality is embodied by Clean Origin’s Diamond Stud Earrings, which range from 3/4 to 2 carats in myriad different styles — from a classic four-pronged round shape to pear or halo silhouettes — and utilize Clean Origin’s signature lab-grown diamonds. If you’re looking to make a statement with someone you love this upcoming holiday season, Clean Origin also has a selection of engagement rings that leverage the clarity and beauty of its lab-grown diamonds to create a piece that’s meant to make any moment truly memorable. Whether you’re shopping for something classic or something more contemporary, Clean Origin makes the case for adding lab-grown diamonds to your holiday gift shopping list.

Price: $435+


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You Can Actually Buy the Jacket Kayce Dutton Wears in ‘Yellowstone’

Paramount Networks’ hit show Yellowstone is back for its fourth season — surprises in tow. And we couldn’t help but think back to one of our favorite looks from seasons past. They’ve all been done by costume designer Ruth Carter, who worked on films such as Amistad, Dolemite Is My Name, and won an Oscar for her work on Black Panther. The modern western drama sees its characters decked out in vintage-inspired ranchwear with a modern twist, like the down-filled mackinaw zip-up jacket, highlighted with a bright orange yoke, worn by John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

While you could try and convince your tailor to recreate the custom clothes made specifically for Costner, Luke Grimes’ character, Kayce Dutton, also sports some enviable ready-to-wear duds throughout the show. The key piece he wears is the Riders Jacket comes from SoCal-based brand Freenote Cloth. It’s a beautiful hybrid between a vintage ranch jacket and trucker jacket and features a burly 10-ounce waxed canvas which, as you can tell from the show, ages really well. But it doesn’t just look good — it’s the real deal.

All of the metal hardware is custom-made in Kentucky, accompanied by a leather patch from Red Wing as well as a silky satin sleeve lining and Southwestern-inspired printed body liner, both made in Japan. It’s got plenty of room for personal effects, with dual chest and hand pockets as well as an interior pocket. And the clever gusseted shoulders allow for a greater range of motion to handle all that tough ranch work (or yard work).

Freenote Cloth Riders Jacket


Riders Jacket

Freenote Cloth Franklin and Poe



Riders Jacket

Freenote Cloth



Riders Jacket

Freenote Cloth


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25 Winter Style Essentials

fall and winter style essentials


Whenever cold weather arrives wardrobes contract. We transition from wearing things because we like how they look to wearing things because they’ll keep us warm — with the occasional sacrifice to emphasize the former. Largely, though, it’s an “I’ll wear whatever works” time of year. But that doesn’t mean you must always sacrifice style in order to survive sub-zero temperatures.

Our list of winter style essentials balances form and function, meaning the items here are as high-performing as they are nice to look at. That includes plush beanies that won’t pill, jackets with eco-friendly fill, boots that won’t falter in a foot of snow, gloves to keep your hands dry and fingers from cracking and plenty more.

Admittedly, finding these things can be hard. Perhaps the coat you really want looks amazing and all but wouldn’t keep you warm on a crisp fall morning, let alone nighttime in the dead of winter. It’s why we stick to what works, often longer than we should — or long after the look’s gone out of style. So, whether you’re bolstering your winter wardrobe or building it from scratch, these selections represent 25 different ways to upgrade — in colors correct for the season, too.

Winter Essentials for Men

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Watch Cap

Filson’s Wool Watch Cap will keep you warm — that I can guarantee.

Hudson Aran Jumper

Everyone needs a classic cable knit sweater. 

Eco Nordic PrimaLoft Field Parka

J.Crew’s Eco Nordic Field Parka comes with faux fur trim and an Econyl (aka regenerated nylon) body.

Textured Jogger Pants

Upgrade your sweatpants ahead of winter. These won’t let the cold winter wind whip through them.

Winter Pass Printed Fleece

Printed fleeces are typically too expensive to bother monitoring. I just know that they’ll never fall to a price I feel is affordable. But Columbia’s done it. The Winter Pass Printed Fleece isn’t $500 bucks. Not even $100 — just $95!

Pachena Bay Hiker

For tough (snowy, icy) terrain you need tough boots.

Brushed Wool Shirt-Jacket

Wallace & Barnes

The ideal middle layer, Wallace & Barnes’ Shirt Jacket makes a statement (and will keep you warm).

Crew Sweater

Kotn’s classic Crew Sweater is back by popular demand.

Dolphin Cord Overcoat

Our Legacy

Overcoats are cool. Corded overcoats, though? Even cooler.

Nordic Waterproof Hiker Boots

Embrace an era of outdoor gear bygone with J.Crew’s retro-tinged Hiker Boots.

Pavel Faux Shearling Jacket

A.P.C.’s Pavel Jacket is 100-percent vegan: The body is polyester while the collar is faux sheepskin. 

Original Lined Goatskin Gloves

Filson’s Goatskin gloves come in three colors, Black, Tan and Saddle. These are the tan option.

Vintage Thermal Surplus Tee

Buck Mason

Your wardrobe can’t be 99-percent outerwear with nothing to wear underneath it. Buck Mason’s Thermal Surplus Tee is the perfect starting point.

Cashmere Cuff Beanie

Get this steal of a soft Cashmere Cuff Beanie in three colors.

Whiting Shirt

Wax London

Don’t wait to buy one of Wax London’s heavy Whiting Shirts. They rarely last long.

Tasman Slipper

Some slippers are far too flimsy for actual wear — like to and from the mailbox or into the backyard to bring your dog back inside. UGG’s Tasman Slippers are not. They have a significant sole and a super simple look about them. 

Reversible Brushed Mohair Sock

At last, reversible socks. And by Japanese brand RoToTo nonetheless.

Bulky Watch Cap

Although the peak for fall foliage has passed, this Bulky Watch Cap embodies the season’s most impressive color. 

Shearling-Lined Bean Boot

Contrary to popular belief, the original Bean Boot could indeed get better. The shearling-lined version solves my number one complaint when wearing them: my feet won’t feel cold anymore!

Goose Down Alpine Puffer Jacket

The Arrivals

This jacket makes going outside in the frigid cold surprisingly palatable. 

Plaid Cashmere Scarf

Joshua Ellis

Scarfs are extra, yes, but don’t underestimate their ability to trap in heat.

Wool Camp Socks

Flint and Tinder

Flint and Tinder fuses the comfortability of a compression sock with the warmth of a wool sock. 

City Hiker

Not a big fan of boots? Corridor’s City Hiker can tackle similar terrain, but it wears like a sneaker. 

Tipped Lambswool Gloves

The Tipped Lambswool Gloves: simple, soft gloves you can stuff in your coat pocket. 

Flat Front Taper Corduroy Pants


There’s no material more classically fall and winter than corduroy.

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Body High: Weed Merch Is More Artful Than Ever

body high weed merch

Henry Phillips

A version of this story first appeared in Gear Patrol Magazine. Subscribe today.

Cannabis has been around since, some say, 2000 BCE. It’s documented in texts from Ancient China, Africa, and Eastern Europe, and a part of spiritual life in Jamaica and on the Indian subcontinent, where the plant’s indigenous to. Stateside, the number of citizens open about their cannabis consumption is increasing.

Only five states haven’t yet passed laws to legalize cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. The early adopters, Colorado and Washington, only did so in 2012. Relatively speaking, we’re still in the wee beginnings of what will be a $91.5 billion dollar industry by 2028, according to Grand View Research, Inc.

Brands that grow and pack, distribute, sell, advertise, deliver, educate about and advocate for criminal justice reform around cannabis are forging the legal landscape. But despite the rapid growth, these companies remain punk in spirit, creating merch for a new generation of stoners. Is it high fashion? Depends who you ask.

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Old Pal

Old Pal sells pre-ground “shareable” cannabis packaged with rolling papers and filters. The brand’s clothing, sold as Old Pal Provisions, peddles positivity and unity, and proceeds are regularly donated to organizations like Our Academy.

Pictured: Work Together Long Sleeve Shirt, $58


Pure Beauty

Top-shelf weed fashioned into slim, cigarette-like sticks, that’s Pure Beauty’s shtick. (Oh, and a 100mg cocktail.) But T-shirts, bucket hats, beach towels and art prints — many of which feature their little side-eye logo or artistic shots of weed — fill out the L.A. label’s online store.

Pictured: Pure Beauty DM S/S, $55


Sundae School

Pre-rolled joints in two sizes — Bullet (0.3g) and Party (1.0g) — make up Sundae School’s smokeables catalog. Filled with premium flower, they’re an obvious extension of Sundae School’s fashion-forward smokewear line of the same name.

Pictured: Doodle Collage Crewneck, $100


Doc’s Family Farms

Doc’s Family Farms is, as the name suggests, a 10-acre, family-owned cannabis farm in Northern California. With a model-turned-farmer at the helm, the family’s apparel line has seen similar success. It spans tie-dyed pants and bucket hats, straightforward logo tees and crewneck sweatshirts.

Pictured: Crew Pants, $160



BlackbirdGo serves as an intermediary between dispensaries and cannabis consumers. TLDR: they deliver you your weed. But they also make a clothing line called Be Good People. Which, as you might guess, advocates for the end of cannabis prohibition and donates proceeds to The Last Prisoner Project.

Pictured: Not One Person Tee, $30


How Mister Green Became the Coolest Head Shop in California

From investment-worthy home goods to the kind of clothing you’d find in a streetwear blog, not a middle schooler’s closet.


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Be Race or Trail Ready with This Lightweight Jacket from Fox Racing

The best outerwear is able to pack significant warmth without getting too bulky, making it the perfect piece to transition from fall to winter (and ultimately springtime) without skipping a beat. Fox Racing’s Ridgeway jacket ticks all the boxes, offering durability and weather-defying warmth, wrapped up in a… well, highly packable design. It begins with the Cordura fabric outer shell, which is designed to handle rugged conditions, rounded out by a Polartec lining for practical insulation without adding weight. With fleecy side panels, the overall design was developed to be as versatile as possible — without feeling weighed down. We can definitely see this piece as a smart investment; the way the Ridgeway jacket is designed, we imagine you’ll be reaching for it no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Price: $145


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AETHER’s Rex Jacket Sweats the Details

      The humble insulated puffy jacket has been a staple in outdoor clothing since it was first invented in the 1940s. Today, it has come a long way from its much more utilitarian beginnings. It can be seen gracing the runways at fashion weeks across the globe, on album covers and of course, on the backs of adventurers summiting the world’s tallest peaks.

      To stand out from a crowd of jackets that have become ubiquitous not just in the outdoors, but in pop culture as well, takes a lot. Such is the goal of the AETHER Rex insulated jacket. To find out if it achieves that goal, we put it through its paces in the unpredictable late fall weather of northern Vermont.

      From the Brand

      “The Rex Jacket is a piece you won’t find anywhere else. Made from a water- and wind-resistant nylon, it features custom bonded baffling, giving it a truly unique aesthetic. The Rex is both comfortable to wear and built for winter’s coldest days. And because small details matter to us, there is Trapunto stitching detail at the center-front zipper wind guard, as well as pocket bags lined with a super soft brushed tricot that you’ll notice the moment you put your hands in the pockets.”


      Gear Patrol Studios


      Gear Patrol Studios

      What We Like

      AETHER is known for taking great care in the details of its garments and the Rex is no exception. In fact, the first detail our tester noticed in the jacket is a rather unique cover pocket for the washing instructions and materials specifications attached to the lining of the jacket. The pocket is the same color as the rest of the lining, which allows it to blend in nicely. Some would argue that it’s an insignificant blip on what the jacket is actually about. But our tester would argue that it’s the perfect flourish to highlight, and one that exemplifies what AETHER is all about as a brand.

      The details continued to unfurl when our tester took the jacket on its maiden voyage for a coffee run and walk along the just-above-freezing shores of Lake Champlain. This, of course, required a tug on the AETHER-logo Natulon® zipper to snug up the collar lined with premium Italian brushed cotton. In practice, these details instantly wrap you in their warmth and comfort, and buck the trend of a simple nylon lining on most other insulated jackets.

      man wearing aether jacket sitting on bench

      Gear Patrol Studios

      Speaking of insulation, our tester found the Rex to be no slouch in that department either — both in terms of syle and performance. The 800-fill-power goose down is plenty warm, and looks unlike anything else thanks to its custom bonded baffle layout. Even with frigid winds whipping through the valleys of the Green Mountains, no chill was felt. Need we say more?

      Maybe not — maybe that’s enough to convince you right there. But that, is only part of the Rex’s story. How does it stand up to inclement weather? The kind that makes you want to curl up indoors with a good book and a stiff pour of Scotch? For our tester and for most other dog owners, there are times where avoiding the weather outside simply isn’t possible. Nature calls, even when an impending hail, rain and snowstorm is on the horizon.

      This is, perhaps, where the Rex shines best. Our tester threw on the jacket with haste before heading out the door to walk the dog — not bothering to put on some sort of shell that promises full waterproofing capabilities. What followed was categorically northern Vermont fall — a mix of every winter weather precipitation known to man. As the cavalcade came down, it was no match for the Rex’s water- and wind-resistant nylon shell. Water in all its forms beaded up and rolled right off its sleeves and shoulders, much to the enjoyment of our tester.

      man walking holding coffee cup wearing aether jacket

      Gear Patrol Studios

      man wearing aether jacket

      Gear Patrol Studios

      Who It’s For

      Simply put, the Rex is for style-conscious users who refuse to compromise. We wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more considered and thoughtful details baked into this jacket than our tester was able to catch. That’s AETHER’s M.O.

      It’s also for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. The unique baffle structure immediately sets it apart from its competition. One glance at the jacket conveys that it’s not like the others.


      While the Rex Jacket is expensive, what you get for your hard-earned coin is an exclusive jacket packed with tech; that sweats the details; that you won’t see each of your friends wearing. But more than that, you get a jacket that you can grab as you head out the door and not think twice about it — you get convenience. It’s stylish enough to top your slacks on the way to a business meeting, casual enough for meeting up with friends at a brewery and performance-oriented enough that it will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather holds — just as it did for our tester.


      Gear Patrol Studios

      Price: $650

      SHOP NOW

      Dolomite Boot


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The Coolest Man in Fragrance Turns to Clothing, Chairs and Gear

No one expected Ben Gorham to bottle magic when he launched the fragrance brand Byredo 15 years ago. The pro-basketball-play-er-turned-art-school-student had no experience in an industry dominated by luxury conglomerates with centuries of history, so he enlisted respected perfumer Jérôme Epinette to craft his vision.

A version of this story first appeared in Gear Patrol Magazine. Subscribe today.

For Gorham, Byredo’s fragrances are deeply personal and nostalgic: His first scent conjured memories of his absent father with notes of sage, jasmine, violet and musk, and his second, a blend of temple incense, amber, ginger and bergamot, was inspired by the Mumbai suburb where his mother was born. Through the veil of memory, Gorham created something immediately relevant and unlike anything put out by legacy fashion houses.

Gorham transformed his memories, interests and opinions into successful fragrances, footwear and even surfing gear.


Not surprisingly, Byredo grew from a cult brand to an industry darling, even collaborating on scents with the likes of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack in recent years. As his brand has gained respect in the fashion world, Gorham has ventured out into other categories: first, leather goods and purses, then jewelry, makeup and grooming products.

In 2019, Gorham launched a new line, ByProduct, to house his non-olfactory creations. The line has produced suits, sneakers, eyewear, wallets, jeans and home goods, among other things. Additionally, Gorham has recently collaborated with a wide range of brands on non-Byredo products, including a line of affordable candles with Ikea, adventure gear with Peak Performance, a table with La Manufacture and a collection of surf-inspired clothing with Stockholm (Surfboard) Club.

While fragrance is still the core of Byredo’s business, Gorham’s unique perspective is making waves in an array of other seemingly untouchable categories. Reflecting on a decade and a half of helming Byredo, Gorham shares how he approaches these new products and the lessons learned along the way.

You started Byredo with little experience in the fragrance world and created a range of unique scents — how has your relationship to creating new fragrances changed with 15 years of experience?

It’s funny when I think about it as my approach hasn’t dramatically changed. What has changed is what I know about the fabrication of a fragrance, the technical details. Not knowing what to begin with was an asset, one of the many joys of being an outsider. I had no framework, which also meant I had no constraints. I wanted to create moments in time linked to memory or emotion, which may not have been possible if I had years of experience in an industry that often starts from a marketing approach to developing new products.

Did your experience in art school inform your approach to fragrance?

Art school was kind of a time of rebirth in my life. I knew I wasn’t conventionally academic from my schoolboy days, and my basketball journey had abruptly ended because of bureaucracy. Everything I thought I would do with my life drastically changed when I was in my twenties. Going to art school allowed me to recalibrate that experience, and what came out of it was a chance encounter with a perfumer [Epinette] I still work with to this day — and the opportunity to express myself in a way that would have never occurred to me if it wasn’t for that part of my journey.

Mumbai Noise is the city’s scent bottled, and imbued with Gorham’s own childhood nostalgia.

Ashish Shah

Smoky, rich, warm, sweet and, as the name implies, a tad loud, the essence transports the wearer to another world.

Ashish Shah

How does fragrance allow you to express memories and emotions better than other products?

Smell is obviously not the only sense that will somewhat unwittingly bring a memory or emotion into someone’s consciousness, but it is un- deniably potent. For the most part, people can’t remember where they put their keys or parked their car, yet a whiff of jasmine or coffee or rose will transport them immediately to a moment filed deep in their subconscious. The fact that scent is intangible and subjective is so attractive to me. I am creating fragrances from my own memories that will ultimately reveal memories in the minds of others, which is where I find the most joy in Byredo.

Gorham and Virgil Abloh at the presentation of Byredo and Off-White’s collaboration

Pierre SuuGetty Images

As the brand has grown, have the inspirations for fragrances changed from personal memories to a wider vision, or is it still a singular perspective?

Byredo has allowed me to visit so many countries and collaborate with some of the world’s most creative people. It’s definitely diversified my approach to fragrance and enriched the experiences that I can draw from. So has the times we are living through, the good and the bad. Mixed Emotions was inspired by the idea that it’s okay to not be okay. Open Sky was born from a longing to experience that trepidation and excitement between departure and destination, when I took the longest break from travel that I have had in years. The perspective is ever-evolving but never lacking inspiration.

In 2019, Gorham launched a new line, ByProduct, to house his non-olfactory creations. The line has produced suits, sneakers, eyewear, wallets, jeans and home goods, among other things.

Virgile Guinard/Byredo

When did you have the impulse to expand into other product categories — was it a challenge to apply the same perspective to cosmetics or grooming products?

From the beginning, my approach to the fragrance game was different to anything else on the market. Byredo began as a journey around scent, but memories and emotions are really the heart of the brand. And inevitably that often led me to want to create products that weren’t fragrances or candles or body care, which is how our leather goods and footwear and collaborations with Off-White and Craig McDean came about.

Cosmetics was something more deliberate. I had always felt that there could be a visual manifestation of Byredo and that it should be disruptive. And looking at the industry as an outsider, it was ripe for disruption. Beauty is ultimately subjective, yet the makeup industry is built around dictating what is beautiful and what you should look like. Byredo makeup had to totally reject that notion, which is why we created a tool box of colors and textures for people to express themselves.

How do you decide which products to approach in the ByProduct line?

Without sounding too esoteric, the products come to me quite organically. Our creative ambition is really to connect with people — and I have never wanted to limit what those could be. ByProduct is a physical exploration of this belief, from eyewear to beach towels to vases to picnic baskets. It’s about constantly discovering what Byredo can be.

How does your design approach change when collaborating with outdoors brands like Peak Performance or Stockholm (Surfboard) Club?

I am working with very different teams on these projects, and there are very different roles for the products we create. What is always the same is that I love to be surrounded by people who know more than me about the topic — I learn the rules from them so I can break them a bit.

What inspires you?

We will launch 12 ByProducts in total this year, which inspires me greatly. To have the freedom to constantly apply my creativity to new mediums is extremely satisfying. And to see makeup being launched across the globe in such a radical way and being embraced so thoroughly, it’s the best possible fuel to keep creating.


Mumbai Noise

Byredo Mr Porter


The Best Deodorants for Men



There’s no nice way to say it: humans are sweaty creatures. And while you’re mostly dealing with water here, some parts of your body (like, say, your armpits) also secrete proteins and fatty acids. These things are harmless but annoying; when they react to bacteria on the body, you get a little thing called trans-3-Methyl-2-hexenoic acid — a.k.a. body odor.

You already know what to do, of course. But before you reach for the same old stick you’ve been using since the first day of middle school, you might want to consider your other options. There are lots of ingredients and methods of application to consider. When it comes to something as essential as deodorant, it’s worth sweating the small stuff.

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Best natural deodorant

Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

Ursa Major

Made entirely from naturally derived ingredients, such as hops, aloe vera and eucalyptus, this stick from Vermont’s Ursa Major fights odor and wetness without unwanted chemicals or irritants. For an even gentler option, check out the brand’s fragrance-free Base Layer Deodorant. Both options are available in 1.65- and 2.6-ounce canisters.

Best Smelling Deodorant


Baxter of California

Baxter of California’s deodorant is effective at beating body odor but don’t fool yourself. You’re paying a premium, not for the scent it takes away, but for what it offers: an addicting combination of citrus and musk. It’s crisp, fresh and smells good enough to convince you to skip the cologne.

Best Antiperspirant Deodorant

Body Fuel Antiperspirant

From one of the most respected names in skincare comes this unscented antiperspirant designed for one thing and one thing only: to keep your pits dry. Good thing it works.

Best Travel Deodorant


There are three things you need to know about Aesop’s ultra-premium deodorant spray: it’s expensive, it has alcohol and it’s heavily fragranced, with a bevy of essential oils that give it a woody, almost spicy aroma. If all that tracks for you, it’s a unique option with a ton of character. Plus, it’s packed in a 1.7 oz bottle and proves powerful enough to sub in for fragrance. 

Best Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant Roll-On

Certain Dri

Need something with a little more oomph? This is the most powerful over-the-counter antiperspirant you’ll find at the drugstore, delivering up to 72 hours of protection thanks to the same active ingredient in the prescription stuff: aluminum chloride.

Best Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Dry Touch Deodorant

Though more popular in Europe, the French drugstore brand Vichy deserves a shout here. Its roll-on, alcohol-free Dry Touch Deodorant goes on easy and features the brand’s signature mineralized water, sourced from France’s Auvergne region, to help protect your skin against aggressors.

Best Drugstore Deodorant

High Endurance Original Scent Deodorant

It works. It’s cheap. It smells like dads (in a sort of endearing way). It’s not the best option on this list, but if you’re on a budget and favor function over flair, it’s tough to beat Old Spice’s High Endurance line.

Best Affordable Antiperspirant

Power Unscented Antiperspirant Deodorant

Speed Stick

Same deal as Old Spice — cheap, available — only without the dad smell. This one is a pure utility player. And every grooming routine could use a few more of those.

Reusable Deodorant

Performance Body Spray

OffCourt’s aerosol deodorant addresses stench-causing bacterias by encouraging the growth of good ones. Yes, this option is prebiotic, but it doesn’t just mask your musk. It smells fresh and complex despite coming from a can.

Best Sustainable Deodorant

Refillable Deodorant

Refillable deodorants have emerged in recent years to combat single-use plastic and take the effort out of buying — most brands follow the same subscription models made famous by Dollar Shave Club. Sound like something you might want to try? Check out Myro, which is cheaper than competitors like Helmm and By Humankind while offering more scents and case color options.

Best ‘Give Back’ Deodorant


Bravo Sierra

Free of aluminum, baking soda and parabens, Bravo Sierra’s woodsy-smelling deodorant uses cassava plant extract to battle nasty perspiration. And while the product is notable in its own right, the company actively supports US service members and their families by donating five percent of all sales to Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

Best mineral deodorant

Natural Mineral Deodorant

Lumin addresses deadly B.O. with a natural mineral blend, meaning this stick neutralizes and detoxifies the area without aluminum or alcohol. 

best affordable deodorant

Odor and Sweat Control Antiperspirant

For just five bucks, Harry’s offers an odor and sweat controlling antiperspirant that’s free from aluminum, scented with a musk they’ve named “Stone” and easily available at most big box stores — like Target, for example. 

Best deodorant for dense (armpit) hair

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Bevel’s line of body and grooming goods cater specifically to Black men, covering shaving creams for ingrowns and aluminum-free deodorants that penetrate coarse or curly armpit hair.

Best Deodorant Bundle

Natural Deodorant

Hawthorne’s site offers a quiz for interested users. In it you’re asked to describe your skin, hair, grooming habits and go-to hobbies. From your answers, Hawthorne compiles a complete grooming routine: a custom fragrance, a few targeted formulas and, of course, deodorant. You can order the deodorant on its own, but it compliments the complete kit quite well. 

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Gateway Jewelry: 18 Bracelets for Men

mens bracelets


Are you just now getting into jewelry? I understand. Big clunky necklaces or bracelets can be a bit cumbersome, especially if you’re active or work with your hands. Rings can be annoying, and they’re risky — meaning if they’re not sized specifically for you they could totally slip off. Earrings are another conversation entirely. Tabooed by champions of extreme masculinity, they’ve been removed from most men’s rotation for years now (save for a select few pop stars, rock-and-rollers and aging actors).

You shouldn’t be afraid to try any of options these, though. Like I said before, it’s best to invest in a bracelet you can wear all of the time — with casual looks and formal attire just the same. You’ll feel less insecure about your accessories this way. The more a part of your style your bracelet becomes, the less likely you are to be shaken by someone double-taking at your dangly accessory.

Here are 18 bracelets you can easily incorporate into your outfits — from natural woven ones to the sparkly silver things.

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Square Box Chain Bracelet

Mejuri started making men’s jewelry just a few years ago. They’ve been a go-to for women since 2013.

Gold Rope Bracelet

Hatton Labs

Start simple, but don’t skimp. Hatton Labs’ $140 dollar Gold Rope Bracelet is the perfect balance.

Caravan 14-Karat Gold Multi-Stone Bracelet

Peyote Bird

Make a statement! Put on Peyote Bird’s Multi-Stone Bracelet, which looks homemade but boasts craftsman-level quality construction.

Darwin Silver-Tone ID Bracelet

You know the look. The bulky ID bracelet’s been around forever, but APC refined it.

Gold Price Tag Bracelet

In Gold We Trust

That tag too big? In Gold We Trust goes smaller across the board, shrinking the tag and the chain itself.

Pearl Bracelet

Hatton Labs

Pearls are super in. From celebs and singers to athletes and models, they’ve graced the necks of a ton of stylish people over the past year. A pearl bracelet is more subtle but still polished.

Single Trice Bracelet

This Miansai bracelet only has two parts, the stacked leather band and the silver hook closure.

Radial Cuff

Radial Cuff

Craighill’s entry-level Radial Cuff is made from precision-machined brass for a clean, kind of perfect look.

Hook Wrap Bracelet

Shaun Leane

Shaun Leane’s spin on the hook wrap bracelet mixes thin strips of leather and an oversized fish hook-looking system.

Plait Cuff

Studebaker Metals

Forged in the US from sterling silver, small metal smithing shop Studebaker Metals’ Plait Cuff fits like a standard bracelet but has added interest from the braided twist.

Double Beaded Bracelet

Mikia’s beaded bracelet is playful yet super sophisticated, courtesy of the fine hardware and the luxe colors.

Beaded Bracelet


Big on beads? CompletedWorks’ version grows from pea-sized to marble-sized over the length of the bracelet, creating a kind of optical illusion once on.

Silver Chain Bracelet

LHN Jewelry

Another simple option, LHN’s collab with Knickerbocker resulted in a silver chain bracelet with another classic hook closure clasp. 

Fresia Floral Pearl Bracelet

Perhaps best saved for summer, or maybe as a jolt of sunshine in the winter months, Eliou’s Floral Pearl Bracelet alternates tiny flowers and freshwater pearls for a fun, lighthearted look.

Braided Horsehair Bracelet

Made with braided horsehair, Chamula’s neutral bracelet pairs well with everything. And it’ll age nicely with wear for as long as it lasts (which, of course, isn’t as long as metal).

X Nude Bracelet

Made from sterling silver with gold-plating, Elhanati’s X Nude Bracelet is simple, hence the name. But its closure, an oversized baton with an asymmetrical circle loop, adds uniqueness. 

Shirin Bracelet

Son of a Sailor

Comprising beads strung onto a leather cord, the Shirin Bracelet pays homage to Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi.

Tosco Rope Bracelet

Nick Fouquet

Hat maker Nick Fouquet approached jewelry through his unique lens, resulting in a bracelet twisted together from two types of rope, hammered charms and gold-plated accents. 

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This Small German Brand Makes the Best Beanies



Famous for its engineering, Germany exports excellent automobiles and industrial equipment. But what about beanies? Bet you didn’t know some of the best are made there, too. Say hello to Heimat, a brand founded in 2016 by ex-Ralph Lauren (specifically RRL) Merchandising Director, Christian Hofmann. His label boasts a suite of Naval-inspired headwear and knits, and a tagline that reinforces the country’s reputation for fine manufacturing: “Qualitätsprodukte,” which translates plainly to “quality products.”

“Our clothes are universal but we are proud of the German heritage and craftmanship. Germany is known for high-level engineering and great quality all over the world and that’s what Heimat products are about,” Hofmann told Les Indispensables in 2020. “I love things that are simple and made for a purpose and are stripped of any unnecessary design features. Hence why a lot of inspirations come from traditional workwear or military garments.”

Honestly, it’s where a lot of menswear items derive from: T-shirts, field jackets and bomber jackets to name a few. But Heimat proves even beanies can be attributed to the armed forces. With the Mechanics Bobble, Heimat tells the story of the famous fluff. The bobble first helped soldiers identify their units and then protected deck hand’s heads from low, load-bearing beams.

As you can tell, the Deck Hat is the same… minus the bobble. Both are cut from virgin wool, because Hofmann says the material “pays back in the quality of our products. You can wear our sweaters or hats for years and the wool will not pill or rip, which is an advantage against other traditionally used materials.” The beanies are also super stylish by today’s standards, with their fisherman-like size (meaning they sit folded, above the ears). Despite the memes designed to mock those that wear tiny beanies, this is a certainly an instance of fashion coming full circle.

Shop Heimat’s Deck and Bobble Beanies

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Battleship Grey

Deck Hat


Deck Hat

Military Green

Deck Hat

Safety Red

Deck Hat

Ink/safety red

Mechanics Bobble

Schwars/Rescue Orange

Mechanics Bobble

Safety Red/Ink

Mechanics Bobble

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These Brands Are Changing the Way We Treat (and Talk About) Acne

beauty products treating acne

Gear Patrol

Contrary to popular belief, acne isn’t your skin’s death sentence. Everyone’s faced a hard-to-hide pimple or set of stubborn blackheads before. But few brands act like it. They make acne seem like the end of the world — a condition that kills your confidence, keeps you from seeing friends or dates and damages your skin forever. Traditional brands use messaging that implies your breakout should be a breaking point, where you should panic and your skin should purge. But I’m here to clear the air: Nuclear acne treatments that sear the skin’s surface into submission are no longer the sole way forward.

There’s a new cohort of companies changing not only the way you treat acne, but the way you talk about it, too. Soft Services, Starface, Peace Out, Bevel and SolaWave obviously see acne as a problem but not one you should stress out about — that’ll only exacerbate the issue. This new class of acne treatment brands makes manageable overnight patches that are as playful as they are potent; gentle pore-clearing sheets; high-tech red and blue light wands; creams that cover up while they clear; and serums that repair skin damaged by pimples prior.

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Soft Services

Founded in 2019 by beauty experts Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou, Soft Services is a “targeted” body care company designed to treat a suite of common skin issues: dry skin, keratosis pilaris, irritation, ingrown hairs, discoloration, body acne and beyond. The combination of potent ingredients and custom formulas form create a strong collection of effective products perfect for tough and sensitive skin alike.

Clearing Clay

Soft Services

Soft Services’ Clearing Clay is potent but safe for everyday use — or as a spot treatment or a mask. Simply put, it’s versatile. Using sulfur as its main active ingredient (10-percent of it), the clay comes with antifungal, antibacterial and skin-softening capabilities, which means it works for oil absorption and exfoliation. 

Clearing Mist

Soft Services

Three ingredients — salicylic acid, zinc PCA and niacinamide — join forces to tackle acne, discoloration and irritation caused by sweat or tight clothing. (Typically, the two come in tandem.) Simply spray it on the impacted area and let it dry. Do not rub it in.

Buffing Bar

Soft Services

If you’ve noticed that some areas on your body are rougher than others, because of in-grown hairs, dry skin or acne, use Soft Services’ Buffing Bar, a micro-exfoliant packaged like a bar soap.


Starface shot onto the scene with its star-shaped, acne-treating stickers. Wearers could slap one on when a pimple appears, sleep with it on and remove it the next morning. Many started wearing them out, too, with an air unashamed confidence. It kickstarted a kind of acne nonchalance that’s carried into brands established after them.


Starface’s Hydro-Star stickers come in a little yellow case reminiscent of the ones Apple puts its AirPods in — except there’s a mirror in there and 32 of the tiny stars. Each one is a condensed hydrocolloid spot treatment designed to absorb and shrink pimples overnight. They also seal the area from other bacterias, accelerating the healing process.

Hydro-Star + Salicylic Acid

These are the same as the aforementioned Hydro-Stars except for added Salicylic Acid, a beta hydroxy acid capable of clearing bigger and bolder pimples.  

Lift Off Pore Strips

You’ve probably seen a Bioré strip before — the ones you see on pimple TikToks (or YouTube videos). They’re sticky on one side and soft on the other and you apply them to a place with plenty of clogged pores — usually your nose. Starface’s are the same except they’re much gentler. 


SolaWave and its flagship product, the SolaWave Wand, strive to treat a multitude of skin issues (including acne) with red light, blue light, facial massages, microcurrents and heat. It might sound like heresay, but there’s real science behind it all. With a sleek, modern design and even more modern functionalities, the wand can drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pimples, dark spots and dull spots alike.

SolaWave Red Light Wand

Like lightsabers in Star Wars, there are red and blue ones. (Sorry, no green or purple here.) The Red Light Wand — with warmth, microcurrents and facial massaging — works to undo skin damage that comes with age (or negligence): wrinkles, dryness, fine lines or dullness. To use it you move it around like you’re shaving, with the head in the “I” or “T” position. (See: “I” here and “T” below.) Just make sure your face is clean and dry before using. 

SolaWave Blue Light Wand

Although we usually consider blue light to be harmful, The Blue Light Wand is actually quite good for your skin. There are no microcurrents with this model, but its light — this time blue — kills one of the bacterias that causes breakouts, drastically reducing the likelihood you’ll have them while helping with several other issues.


FRONTMAN wants you to put your best face forward — even when you have acne. Their sole product offering thus far, the FRONTMAN Fade, is a two-in-one formula that diminishes the appearance of acne while covering it in a skin-colored cream. The Fade is available in four shades and should only be worn during the day — and you can; It’s completely invisible, even if you’re not great at applying makeup.


Peace Out

As the name implies, Peace Out is a skincare brand dedicated to eradicating the skin of its most common ailments: acne, dark spots, inflammation, wrinkles and the ilk. In fact, you shop the brand’s offering that way, by picking your issue and finding products that strive to solve it. Under acne the brand boasts a bunch of solutions: stickers for overnight use, creams for clearing breakouts and balms for reducing the visibility of stubborn blemishes.

Acne Dots – 6 Dots

This Hydrocolloid polymer technology with active Salicylic Acid acts an overnight treatment. Apply it tightly, sleep with it on and see your pimple reduce in size and redness, while healing deep down beyond where you can see. There are only six in this set — perfect for someone wanting to test-run something like this (or someone who rarely suffers from acne).

Peace Out Acne Dots Jumbo

The Jumbo Acne Dots prove big enough to cover a patch of pimples. Have a few blackheads where your mask rubbed? Apply one. A few whiteheads where your glasses sit? Stick one on. The same instructions apply here, by the way: stick it on a clean face, sleep with it and remove the next morning.

Acne Treatment Serum

Sick and tired of all these stickers? Here, try a traditional treatment serum from Peace Out. You can use this formula daily without fear of damaging your skin, because it’s made from 2-percent Salicylic Acid and a combination of key ingredients like zinc, vitamin C, triluronic acid and centella asiatica extract.


Bevel makes products specifically for Black skin, which they’ve proved is both sensitive and in need of specialized products. Big beauty brands don’t take minority users into account when formulating new products, meaning many could damage skin or could simply not work. Bevel’s been mindful of them from the start, formulating a collection of hair, skin, body and shave products that are as sensitive as they are potent — and particularly for Black people.

2-in-1 Spot Fader

The Spot Fader works on ingrown hairs, razor bumps and dark spots from acne. Its formulated, with its signature combination of Vitamin C and 9-percent Lactic Acid, to combat issues unique to Black skin. Testers told the brand they felt smoother within a week of using it for the first time.

Exfoliating Toner

This is another two-in-one concept from the company. Each wipe exfoliates while it tones, clearing pores and dead skin while it smooths and rejuvenates the new skin. Plus, the mix of lavender and green tea will leave you feeling refreshed.

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The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sneaker Deals

Looking for more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Bookmark this page, where we’ll be collecting the best savings, discounts and promotions.

Cool sneakers are rarely cheap. Look no further than Nike’s own store, or one of the sexy sneaker boutiques down the street. The sneakers there are expensive —like $200 or $300 dollars per pair. Were you unaware? Sorry to burst your bubble. Whatever you do, don’t go looking at resale sites then. The sneakers that make it there are big ticket items: They sell for anywhere between $200 and $20,000 dollars.

But not these. These are super nice sneakers available for a fraction of their original price — but only until Black Friday and Cyber Monday end. So, stay tuned. We’ll be updating this post from now through the holidays.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sneaker Deals

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12 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men In Style

Editors Rating

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ThreadLab is an on-demand service for men that’s right up your alley if you love Zappos, L.L. Bean, or LootCrate. It’s also the best match for the environment-conscious as it offers sustainable clothing items each month.

Aside from that, the company builds awareness around eco-friendly clothing. In filling up your profile, you will choose causes to support. After which, the brand will match products with your values.

In addition, it adopts a marketplace model where products are shipped directly from warehouses of its eco-friendly partners to reduce carbon emissions.

ThreadLab offers basic, casual, and contemporary clothing. After choosing your box type, pick up to 5 items you need, from athletic socks, boxer briefs, casual shirts, chinos, polo/golf shirts, jeans, sweaters, and more.

Shipping + Return: Threadlab offers 365 days to return. Free two-way shipping and free exchanges. Before delivery, you can preview and edit your order.

Pricing: starts at $99 per month for the Starter Kit. Essentials Kit costs $149 while the Full Kit is pegged at $499.


  • checkA flexible return policy.
  • checkEach box contains a return shipping label.
  • checkIt’s not a subscription service so no pressure to subscribe.


  • cross-altNo stylist is directly involved. A customer has to request it specifically.

This Chore Coat Could Be Your Ideal Layer

The humble chore coat is about as versatile as a layer comes. You can dress it up or down, and, given it’s of high quality and neutral colorway, you can pair it with just about anything in your wardrobe. If you’re in need of a jacket to get you through the transitional weather from fall to winter, look no further than the Organic Comfort Stretch Chore Jacket from Quince. Made with super-soft organic stretch twill in a standard fit, it’s perfect for layering over your favorite hoodie or on its own over a classic tee. The hidden side-entry pockets make it easy to store your valuables while out running errands. With free shipping, free 365 day returns and a price that you can’t beat, you simply cannot go wrong with this jacket. It’s available in two stunning colorways, both of which are available by shopping at Quince’s site below.

Price: $40


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Buck Mason’s Donegal Collection Will Have You Unleashing Your Inner Hemingway

buck mason winter clothing

Buck Mason

Buck Mason first got the world’s attention with a damn-near-perfect tee in 2013. Since then, the California-based brand has expanded its repertoire — while still keeping a hold of the secret sauce, namely making American staples that are built to last and are in style forever. That’s why its Donegal Collection of sweaters, cardigans, scarfs and beanies will always have a place in our closet. Until fall, that is, when we take them out to wear them just about every single day.

Below is a selection of notable pieces from the Donegal Collection, which features a mid-weight merino wool blend with polyester and alpaca for unmatched shape retention and memory without compromising on softness, loft or warmth.

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Donegal Cable Crew

Remember that sweater your grandad wore all the time? Yeah, that one — the classic crew neck knitted one. This is just like that one. And because it’s fully fashioned (its panels are linked by hand, rather than sewn together), it’ll last as long as your grandpop’s did.

Price: $195


Donegal Cardigan

The Cardigan is one of the great versatile menswear staples in the shoulder seasons. This one in Pine (a color but also a feeling) can be worn dozens of different ways, and will always keep its shape thanks to a merino, alpaca and nylon blend.

Price: $250


Donegal Scarf

The neck is not meant to go undefended in winter. This scarf is notable not just for its protection — its tight stitching and textured wool blend will take care of that — but also for its perfect size and excellent coloring in both Pine and Charcoal grey.

Price: $145


Donegal Beanie

Remember that before they were worn by hipsters in coffee shops worldwide, the beanie kept all kinds of hard-working, earnest men warm, from farmers to mechanics to… well, hipsters in coffee shops. This one will set you apart from the rest and we think it retains that old-school appeal, with a quality that’ll last.

Price: $75


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The 16 Best Sweatshirts for Men

The best sweatshirts are both comfortable and durable. It’s a balance not every brand gets right. Thankfully, there are plenty that do make a good sweatshirt — enough to make a list out of it, anyway. We’re focusing our attention on our favorite crewneck sweatshirts, ones we’ve been living in. Options you can wear with every outfit, whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or atop suit trousers in your home office. (Kudos to you for kind of dressing up.)

Your favorite sweatshirt doesn’t have to be expensive, but it also don’t have to be cheap. Simply good, and sometimes even that can be a tall order. Trust this list, though. We’ve vetted every option for you. Here are our picks for the best crew neck sweatshirts on the market.

our pick

Sur Sweatshirt


Outerknown’s Sur Sweatshirt sticks out for good reason. The hemp and organic blend terry fabric make it a hefty-yet-soft option, not to mention one of the most eco-friendly on the market. 

an upgrade

Interloop Crew Sweatshirt

Buck Mason

Buck Mason’s dense, midweight fleece sweatshirt eschews modern flair in favor of a more timeless look. It’s tailored, the right tone and the cotton was cut on the cross grain to prevent shrinkage. (Plus, it looks pretty damn good with the sleeves rolled up.)

an affordable alternative

Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt

You can’t go wrong with Gildan. The basics brand makes sweatshirts in several different weights — this one is dubbed the Heavy Blend — and 26 different colors.

Recycled Fleece Sweatshirt

Richer Poorer

This eco-conscious sweatshirt comes way of California clothing company Richer Poorer. Constructed from a near even mix of cotton and recycled polyester, this option prevents roughly 40 water bottles from reaching landfills. Righteousness aside, it’s a solid sweatshirt with an added incentive.

Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt

Better basics at a solid price Uniqlo’s thing. So it’s no surprise that its Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt made it to our list. It’s inspired by vintage designs and features a sturdy but soft all-cotton fabric.

The French Terry Crew

Everlane’s crewneck sweatshirt is unsurprisingly part of its Uniform collection, a range of garments requisite for your daily ‘fits. It’s made from 100-percent cotton French terry fabric and is as comfy as it is affordable. 

Midweight Terry Sweatshirt

Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ’s Midweight Terry Sweatshirt is what the company was built upon. It’s made in Canada — where some of the best sweats are made — and designed with quality details like inset-raglan sleeves and flatlock stitching for seams that are flush against the skin. 

Crewneck Sweatshirt

Garment dyeing gives Alex Mill’s crewneck sweatshirt a worn-in look, which makes it the perfect pair for washed jeans or faded chinos. It’s still sturdy though, considering it’s cut from 100-percent cotton.

Supima Crew Sweatshirt – Putty

Made from American-grown supima cotton, some of the softest you’ll find, Save Khaki’s putty-colored sweatshirt was garment-dyed and pre-shrunk, plus, it’s fully reversible.

French Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt

J.Crew’s super popular sweatshirt is a cut above other big brands. The cotton French tery fabric has a beautiful heathered appearance and is satisfyingly soft to the touch. The bound ribbed collar and v-insert give it that timeless vintage appeal.

Universal Works Mr. K Crew SweatSand Marl

Sweatshirts don’t have to be painfully simple. You can make them interesting with contrasting cuffs and collars, as is the case with Universal Works’ made-in-Portugal Mr. K Crew. 

Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt

Todd Snyder x Champion

This one is a modern-day classic. Todd Snyder’s Pocket Sweatshirt is one of the best designs to come out of his ongoing partnership with Champion. It’s substantial, it’s super cozy and it can hold your wallet. 

MWL Crewneck Sweatshirt

Madewell’s sunburnt, sort of autumnal orange sweatshirt is made from Betterterry, the brand’s proprietary cotton-poly blend. It’s soft and won’t shrink (or fade) in the wash.

The Standard Crew


These take after vintage sweatshirts of the midcentury, featuring a year-round fleece, a classic V insert and a mounted collar. They come in a handful of colors as well as with graphics. 

Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt

L.L. Bean doesn’t just make Boat and Totes. But you knew that. (Right?) The brand’s classic crewneck sweatshirt isn’t anything to scoff at. It’s comfortable, 91-percent cotton, 9-percent polyester option that clocks in under $50. 

Classic Fleece Crew

Australian surf lifestyle brand Rhythm makes their classic fleece crew in several colors, including what you see here (Baked Clay). Garment dyed and enzyme washed, it’s got a vintage look and worn-in feel, meaning it’ll be an instant favorite. 

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