Trakkadu’s latest, and perhaps fastest, campervan was built upon a converted Volkswagen T6, and it redefines what a campervan should be with its 150kW, 450Nm bi-turbo diesel engine and 4Motion all-wheel drive driveline. Add adaptive cruise control, LED headlights, privacy and heat insulated windows, and rear step protection into the mix and you’ve got yourself the Trakkadu 450 S, which pretty much blows other campers out of the water.

Trakka says the Trakkadu 450 S van offers excellent traction on dirt roads and steep, slippery surfaces like ice. Why stop there, though? Trakka also put in 17-inch alloy wheels, a slimline solar panel on the roof, and a heavy duty protection plate to keep the bumper scratch-free.

Inside, you get a hot water system, a diesel stove, a water tank, and a fridge. Those are just about everything you’ll ever need for the perfect camping trip. you can fold the seats and table inside as well. This gives ample space for a double bed, and you can also have some extra vertical room by raising the anthracite roof. This allows you to stand up while inside.

Of note is the impressive mission control inside the cabin, which gives you a lot of information at a glance. You have access to things like battery and water tank levels, internal and external temperatures, and so on. Not only that, but it also lets you have full control of the van’s systems, and you can turn them on or off with just a single press.

The Trakkadu 450 S offers more amenities than your standard city apartment, so it’s $135,000 price comes as no surprise.

Trakkadu 450 S

Photos courtesy of Trakka