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A Magnificent Mammal Becomes Hu Yong’s Muse For The Whale Trailer Cabin Concept

Would you agree that some of the most striking designs are often inspired by nature? Architects, engineers, and artists often turn to the natural beauty we see around us to draw ideas for their works. Occasionally, even animals become the muse, which is what the Whale Trailer Cabin channels here. If you’re overlanding anytime soon, keep a close watch on this one.

Aside from cycling, the ongoing pandemic is seeing a surge of people heading outdoors. Perhaps it’s to distance themselves from high-risk areas like the city. Others, meanwhile, are just eager to hit the road for an adventure. RVs are the ideal platform when you crave the creature comforts of home but on wheels.

Another would be camper trailers which is what this is. Credit for this crazy concept goes to Hu Yong, for an outline that resembles the majestic marine mammal of its namesake. The Whale Trailer Cabin sports a stylish gradient blue coat which gradually transitions into white at the bottom.

It may not look exactly like the animal during transport but wait till everything is deployed. When you are ready to hunker down, sections of the camper trailer open and extend to reveal even more. There are talks of its modular characteristic, yet the images show us the default trim.

The specifics are difficult to pin down for now given it’s still in the concept stages. However, we do know that it will be enough for a family. Cozy interiors, a slide-out kitchen, pop-top roofs, huge windows, and more make any location seem like home. The Whale Trailer Cabin should provide an experience that makes you want to stay a nomad longer.

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Images courtesy of Hu Yong

10 Coolest and Futuristic Cities in the World

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is also one of the coolest and futuristic cities with its advanced AI financial technology. It is the center of the financial sector of Canada and the second-largest in North America.

Its multicultural environment is its strength that fosters a spirit of innovation. In a 2017 survey, 54 percent of applicants hired in AI companies are international applicants who mostly came from India, China, and Brazil.

Also, it facilitates business start-ups to grow and thrive. The city is home to the highest number of AI start-ups and still growing, with an 88 percent increase this year.

Furthermore, banks in Canada have a long history of commitment to technological innovation. These institutions are taking advantage of the enormous opportunities of AI technologies to improve their financial system.

Toronto’s skyline, meanwhile, represents the city of the future. It tells stories of different historical periods, from its skyscrapers built in the 19th century to the baffling post-modern design of the Gehry Project. The 20th-century CN Tower Edge Walk is a bucket-list item for many travelers.

Toronto has an extremely vibrant nightlife, too. Because of its cultural diversity, it offers a vast choice of delicacies from all over the world.

The city has ultimately become one of the most dynamic places to live, where more than 50 percent of its residents were born outside Canada. They mostly came from India, China, Philippines, Pakistan, UK, Italy, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Iran, Portugal, Guyana, USA, Poland, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Indeed, the city stays true to its official motto, “Diversity Our Strength,” by having more than 250 ethnicities and 170 represented languages in Toronto Region.

The Spectacular Desert Rock Hotel By Oppenheim Architecture And TRSDC To Open In 2023

People may hold different views when it comes to countries in the Middle East. It’s a shame how certain variables paint the region negatively. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of untapped potential overshadowed by the wrong publicity. Oppenheim Architecture is currently working on the Desert Rock hotel as part of The Red Sea Project.

This remarkable project is just one of the many already underway. It aims to encourage local and international travelers to visit Saudi Arabia. This joint venture between the Miami-based design group and The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) hopes to highlight the natural beauty of the country.

Furthermore, the team is approaching this ambitious endeavor with sustainability in mind. According to the fundamentals of engineering, the foundation is a crucial element of every structure. For the Desert Rock hotel, even the most advanced construction methods will find it hard to rival what a mountain provides.

We’re not talking about clever gimmick here as they’re actually building the establishment on a granite mountainside. Of course, they also must consider the infrastructure to help guests reach the site quickly and safely. The Desert Rock hotel will offer accommodations spread across 48 villas and 12 rooms.

Meanwhile, some of the amenities include a spa, gym facilities, dining areas with magnificent views, and a world-class service to make every stay memorable. As you can already tell, a night or two here likely won’t come cheap.

It will be a massive undertaking to develop a modern hotel that has minimal impact on nature. However, it’s also exciting to see how they overcome these challenges imposed by the area. Finally, Desert Rock is slated to open its doors to the public in 2023 with exclusive early access before the end of 2022.

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Images courtesy of The Red Sea Development Company

Bask In the Beauty of Fari Islands At The Patina Maldives Hotel

The newly-opened Patina Maldives Hotel located within the Fari Islands should be on the bucket list of any thalassophileNot only does it look breathtaking from the outside, but it is even more luxurious on the inside. 

You don’t have to go to the extreme when on a quest for both elegance and functionality. This summer escapade destination boasts both contemporary and modern design with its use of natural tones, both in the pieces of furniture and in the furnishings. There is a sense of cohesion, of being one with the topography. This is in keeping with the hotel’s goal to use only sustainably sourced or eco-friendly materials.  As such, the hotel uses locally sourced, biodegradable, and reusable materials for its frame and interior design. 

Speaking of topography, a vast of greenery from lush trees surround the Patina Maldives Hotel on the ground. Meanwhile, beautiful sparkling blue-green waters encompass one side, overlooking and connecting the terrace for great views of the sea.  The hotel is comprised of 90 villas designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan characterized by their surroundings.

There are land villas and over-water villas. The accommodations range from one to three bedrooms but both have outdoor showers and interiors that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. Then there are also outdoor bathtubs, private gardens, big private pools, floor-to-ceiling windows, and butler service so you can simply relax and unwind.

To keep you connected, the Patina Maldives Hotel also offers WiFi. Likewise, entertainment is provided via a smart TV and gaming consoles including the Xbox and Nintendo.  

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Images courtesy of Patina Hotels

Retreat To The Beach At The 5 Burnetts Cove Road House

Designed by renowned architect Fred Stelle, the 5 Burnetts Cove Road House boasts both a stunning modern exterior and interior. It sits on .40 acres on Mexoc Bay at the tip of Flying Point Road at the Hamptons. 

It features a waterfront 16×32 foot heated Gunite pool and dock, an outdoor shower, and a cabana-covered outdoor seating and dining area on the pool level.  It has well-articulated landscaping both on the front and back. Right off the garage on the ground floor is a gym, storage, and a half bath. 

The entrance of the 5 Burnetts Cove Road House opens to a staircase that leads to the main floor. It houses the powder room, laundry room, and utility closet. It also has the kitchen, dining, and living area that features a glass wall and sun deck overlooking the Bay. Then adjacent to the great room is a media room with a screened porch that gives great views of the pool, the Mexoc Bay, and the dock. 

Meanwhile, the top floor houses private sections of bedrooms. On the right are two guest bedrooms that share one bath. To the left is an en suite guest room overlooking the gardens below. The main bedroom, on the other hand, has a built-in office and provides amazing views of the water. 

The 5 Burnetts Cove Road House is majestic to look at even from the outside with its expansive paneled glass windows and elegant structure. Best of all, the house is a walking distance of the beach. It is just 20 seconds away from the sand and sea

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Images courtesy of Compass

Piasecki Says Its Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered PA-890 Will Take To The Skies in 2024

It wasn’t long ago when we were talking about some of the factors holding back the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells. Although many of us think that battery-electric systems are more sustainable, the recharging process might not be entirely green as we think. Piasecki makes its stand with the former to power its PA-890 rotorcraft.

You might be wondering why this chopper sports wings on the fuselage. The manufacturer is going for a compound configuration. These rotate vertically up to 90 degrees to improve efficiency when hovering. During regular flights, they are positioned horizontally to minimize drag.

The powerful main rotor features four blades with torque counteracted by the swiveling tail rotor. This also provides thrust during forward flight. According to Piasecki, this dynamic rotor system of the PA-890 dramatically improves efficiency and range.

Moreover, the electric motors generate lesser noise in contrast to contemporary helicopters. This eVTOL will be capable of passenger transport as well as logistics. The manufacturer also envisions its use for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) applications.

The PA-890 should appeal to the commercial travel sector with its projected 50% reduction in operating costs. Piasecki is supposedly sourcing the fuel cells from Hypoint. The technology from the provider apparently promises four times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries.

Piasecki says its hydrogen fuel cell eVTOL is still in the early development phase. It will take some time to squeeze out the best performance and mileage given the limitations brought about by current systems. Nonetheless, a working prototype should take its maiden flight sometime in 2024. After certification, deliveries of the PA-890 should start in 2025.

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Images courtesy of Piasecki

Enjoy A Tropical Getaway at the Villa Islander near Grace Bay

The Caribbean is known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious resort destinations. The Villa Islander is no exception. It offers the ultimate relaxing tropical getaway just a few steps away from Grace Bay beach.

This four-bedroom villa boasts an open floor plan divided by sliding glass doors for a seamless living space. It is a mix of a contemporary and boutique resort, but with the comforts of a casual beach getaway. It offers a Zen atmosphere where you can definitely zone out and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and tropical surroundings. 

The Villa Islander spans over 6,000 sq feet of living space. It has a main building with two bedrooms, dining, a kitchen with 14″ high ceilings facing the pool on one side, and an al fresco dining on the other. Likewise, there is a separate garden wing that accommodates two more bedrooms. All bedrooms have king-sized beds, blackout curtains, mood lighting, and can accommodate up to ten guests.

Meanwhile, the en-suite bathrooms have free-standing bathtubs, rain shower cabins, large wardrobes, and personal safes. Moreover, the villa has a roof deck that overlooks the pristine water of Grace Bay. Guests can avail themselves of the umbrellas and beach lounges placed along the waters or set up their beach blankets along the shore.

But for an experience with marine life, they can pack up their underwater gear and go snorkeling at the popular protected “Coral Garden.” Best of all, the Villa Islander is just five minutes by car to the nearest restaurants, supermarket in Grace Bay, and boutiques. A stay includes housekeeping, pre-stocking service, WiFi, and housekeeping. A chef is even available on request. 

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Images courtesy of Villa Islander

Book A Stay At Gawthorne’s Hut And Enjoy A Rustic Yet Luxurious Off-Grid Experience

As the global vaccination numbers grow, most countries have eased travel restrictions. As the summer days are drawing to a close, people are eagerly planning their trips. Despite the COVID-19 situation in some parts of Australia, the Land Down Under remains a popular destination for tourists. So, if you’re heading there, Gawthorne’s Hut is offering a high-class off-grid experience for two.

Located in Buckaroo, New South Wales, the cabin is situated in a sprawling landscape with magnificent views. It’s an ideal place to stay when guests are after a more rustic atmosphere. Since most of the popular resorts are likely already swarming with guests, Gawthorne’s Hut is promoting privacy in an intimate setting.

You and a loved one can enjoy sustainable yet luxe accommodations. This type of setup is perfect for folks who want to feel what it’s like to live in an eco-friendly residence. It may look like a larger than usual shed that stands in the middle of nowhere, but the amenities tell a different story.

The triangular structure of the Gawthorne’s Hut has large glass windows and doors to maximize natural light. Meanwhile, the electronics draw power from an array of solar panels on the roof. Then there’s a rainwater collection system and storage tank.

The exterior features sheets of galvanized steel which hides a cozy interior. Gawthorne’s Hut goes with a wood and concrete interior, which looks classy. There’s a king-size bed, a freestanding tub in the bathroom, a kitchenette, and more.

Step out at night and bask under a blanket of stars as you sit beside the fire. Wake up, grab a cup of coffee, step out, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy, repeat. Gawthorne’s Hut might be the inspiration you need to consider a modest off-grid home in the future.

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Walt Disney World Epcot Let’s You Dine In Outer Space When Their Space 220 Restaurant Opens

As humans have mapped out almost every section of the globe, it’s time for us to explore places beyond our planet. Experts agree that what the future holds for us is interstellar travel. As it stands right now, that may be a long way off. Nevertheless, Disney plans to give us a preview with its Space 220 Restaurant.

The House of Mouse might not have the technology to actually do that, but what it promises is an experience somewhat close to it. if you prefer to actually get your feet off the ground, then a trip to the Voyager Station is what you want to consider.

For now, we’ll take what Walt Disney World Epcot has to offer. Set for a mid-September launch, the Space 220 Restaurant is part of the theme park’s Mission: Space expansion. Although the dining attraction is not exactly floating in outer space, Disney is doing a wonderful job pulling off the effect.

Patrons will head on over to the Space 220 Departure lounge wherein they enter a space elevator, which takes them up to the establishment. We’re guessing this system is using hydraulics, mood lighting, and high-resolution displays simulating the gut-wrenching travel.

Guest finally arrive at the Centaur Space Station which is supposedly 220 miles above terra firma. To keep it immersive, large windows provide a panoramic view of the Earth, the International Space Station (ISS), and astronauts floating about.

The theme continues with the menu and cocktails while you pretend to marvel at how far technology has evolved. The Space 220 Restaurant is the closest one can get to space travel before it becomes commercial. Disney really knows how to turn imagination into reality.

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Images courtesy of Disney

The Monastero Arx Vivendi Is A Timeless Inner Sanctum For The Body and Soul

Sometimes we need to slow down and breathe, take a moment to commune with ourselves in the quietest place possible. Especially when it comes to relieving ourselves of stress, a nice respite away from the city helps. The Monastero Arx Vivendi in Italy provides just that, a place to soothe our body and soul. 

Italian studio Network of Architecture (NOA) turned this 17th-century monastery into a place of refuge and comfort, for guests looking for some downtime. Situated on the northern tip of Lake Garda, it is now a 40-bedroom hotel with a series of glazed spa rooms and gardens.

But most of the historical interiors of the Monastero Arx Vivendi remain intact. This includes the seven-meter-high wall that surrounds the entire complex. It also retained the long corridors and the vaulted ceilings that provide the place its majestic draw. The modern additions, on the other hand, include a wellness area that incorporates 500 square meters of relaxation and treatments rooms, saunas, and steam baths. There is also a swimming pool and lush gardens.

Divided into three levels, the ground floor comprises the bar and kitchen, the breakfast room, the reception, and the common areas. Meanwhile, on the first floor are the bedrooms and bathrooms. Lastly, on the second floor is a large loft area and some of the other guestrooms. Architect Francesco Padovan says the Monastero Arx Vivendi is a “refuge that takes you back in time.” It is “closely centered around the history and the particular features” of the monastery. It is a timeless inner sanctum where guests can find blissful refuge. 

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Images courtesy of Monastero Arx Vivendo

Moliving introduces a modular cabin system for land owners and hoteliers

Have you ever traveled to places with picturesque views, wonderful people, and delicious cuisine, but do not have hotels or inns available? Most likely, these are in remote areas and on private land. Moliving probably feels the same way which is why it presents a clever solution. By prefabricating the structures, they can deliver these units anywhere.

Depending on the existing infrastructure, Moliving can configure these modular hotels for off-grid use. An array of solar panels and holding tanks will provide each unit with all the necessary comforts. Meanwhile, the company says it will build these with sustainability, durability, modularity and luxury in mind.”

Each cabin offers approximately 400 square feet of indoor space with furnishings according to the owners’ specifications. As you can see, the manufacturer promotes these units as adaptable to the locale. This is a great approach to ensure that these do not stick out oddly from whatever the backdrop is.

Renders from Moliving gives us a glimpse of what the modular hotel would look like from the outside as well as within. The moment they enter, guests are greeted by a living area with the toilet and bath directly beside the portal. A bed sits on an elevated section of the room with the foot facing the windows.

Step out onto the deck, take a seat, and just take in the sights around you. Moliving notes that its modular hotels will use eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, they are actively looking for landowners to partner with and generate more jobs. Hoteliers may want to check this out.

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Ultimate exclusivity with Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge Escapism Luggage Collection

In 2019, McLaren owners were treated to a number of high-class bags to match their snazzy new rides. When you have the capacity to splurge on supercars of this caliber, it’s easy to brush off the cost for additional gear. Rolls-Royce takes it even further with the Black Badge Escapism Luggage Collection.

Perhaps the best way to describe these items is to call them the range-topping editions. Although Rolls-Royce allows its clients to personalize their purchases, the Black Badge versions use an exclusive color palette. The roster includes the Holdall, Organizer Pouch, Tote Bag, 24hr Weekender, and 48hr Weekender.

You can purchase each item individually, but Rolls-Royce also offers the Black Badge Escapism Luggage Collection as a set. Unlike the regular edition, clients can order these in Bold or Understated trims. The former features a two-tone design, while the latter goes for a stealthier blackout theme.

Rolls-Royce is crafting these out of luxe premium leather, soft canvas, and using a technical weave fabric. The new material it introduces is from the Cullinan Black Badge which adds new refined texture to the Black Badge Escapism Luggage Collection.

Chief Executive Officer for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Torsten Muller-Otvos describes it as “edgier personas” of existing products. He also says that “these exquisite new pieces represent the very best in Rolls-Royce design, materials, and craftsmanship.”

As global and local trips begin to pick up this summer, the Black Badge Escapism Luggage Collection might just be what you need to travel in style and luxury. As long as you don’t mind spending upwards up of $40,000 for the complete lineup.

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Enjoy Ocean Views at the Luxury Villa Morabeza Costa Rica

With travel restrictions starting to ease in some countries, it’s time to de-stress with an overseas trip. But if you’re still feeling cautious amid the pandemic, then a holiday at the Villa Morabeza Costa Rica should ease your mind. 

This five-star luxury villa is in a private community away from urban traffic and elevated above the beach. It is just a five-minute drive to town. It is near to its beach environment.  Guests have “hidden” pathway access to both Tamarindo and Langosta beach. There you can set up your beach blankets and soak up the sun in private.

Despite its secluded backdrop, the Villa Morabeza Costa Rica offers a luxurious living experience. If you’re booking with family or friends then this can accommodate large groups. It has eight bedrooms and 8 1/2 bathrooms. It has four master bedrooms with breathtaking ocean views.

Likewise, one guest bedroom also has an ocean and an internal patio view. Two kids’ bedrooms don’t have ocean views but have double-deck beds. Guests can also enjoy the natural scenery from the outdoor showers. Meanwhile, a spacious living area can be opened toward the ocean. The villa also boasts an open-living design to allow natural light and air in. 

As for its modern offerings, there is a fully-equipped kitchen and prep kitchen. The Villa Morabeza Costa Rica also has a bar seating at the island and sitting at an integrated table. Then there’s the 18-foot long table that can seat 20 people.

Best of all, it offers al fresco dining. There is a dining area with a pool in front of the beach. The villa also has a separate studio with a kitchenette and a full bathroom for guests who want their privacy. And given its tropical setting, the location comes equipped with a MistAway system to protect guests from insect bites. A water system also offers complimentary clean and sparkling tap water. 

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Images courtesy of Villa Morabeza 

Futuro House: Marston Park offers a surreal and fun stay inside a UFO-inspired cabin

All of us have probably heard stories about UFOs, aliens, and even abductions for years now. With the United States government now declassifying several reports of what they’re now calling Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), interests surrounding the subject are surging once more. For those who crave something related to the latter, book a stay at the Futuro House.

Although the name suggests that the cabin would most likely feature cutting-edge technology, it’s something else entirely. You see, from the exterior, it is designed to look like your textbook flying saucer. Plus, standing right in the middle of a verdant backdrop of trees, it looks surreal even in daylight.

This eccentric yet fun structure came from the mind of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. They say that only less than 100 are in existence after their construction in the late 1960s up until the 1970s. If you’re ever in Somerset, United Kingdom, the Futuro House might be an interesting experience to stay in one.

The Futuro Houses that stands in Marston Park is apparently one of 68 that are still in good condition. This unit, in particular, is a restoration by artist Craig Barnes and hails from South Africa. It looks exactly the way it should from the outside, while the interior now sports a more modern appeal.

Accommodations include a double bed and an additional sleeping area enough to sleep up to four guests. The door opens to reveal stairs just like those on eyewitness accounts of UFOs. Sadly, no tractor beam action for your luggage here. Be sure to take photos at night when the lights inside turn it into a scene straight from a sci-fi movie. The Futuro House is probably the closest one can get to an actual sighting.

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Images courtesy of Marston Park

Create your own signature bourbon with master blenders at Breckenridge Distillery

When you find it difficult to find the right blend that pleases your unique tastes in whiskey, it might seem like the journey ends there. There are those that have sampled even the most luxurious ones out there, but still long for something unattainable by regular means. If so, book a trip to Breckenridge Distillery and check out their attraction.

It’s no secret that tours like these always involve booze in one way or the other. So, you might as well get hammered and have fun while you’re at it right? As long you can hold your alcohol won’t become a problem during the tour. Anyway, Breckenridge Distillery will assign an expert to be your guide.

First up is the After Hours Tour. This is perfect for folks who want insight into bourbon and its rich history. As it says, this awesome learning experience begins when Breckenridge Distillery closes for the day. The cool part about it is the tasting of their products that are still in the aging process.

The establishment can only accommodate up to 10 people so try to reserve a slot early. The first two servings are complimentary and all that follows would cost you a buck each. Not bad. For something even more comprehensive, check out their Whiskey Blending Lab.

Breckenridge Distillery gives you a chance to work with their master blenders to create your own signature blend. This includes a 15-minute orientation about the process and an hour of sampling their various blends. Whatever you end up with goes into a 750 ml bottle with a customized label as a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

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Images courtesy of Breckenridge Distillery

Sleep Under the Stars Inside the Solar-Powered Nomad’s Pad

There’s nothing like sleeping under a starry sky and waking up to the bright morning sunshine. But urban pollution is always a hindrance unless you sleep on a  camping mattress on the roof. Thankfully, there are places that offer respite from the hassle and bustle of city life and provide a safe haven under the stars just like the Nomad’s Pad in the Grand Canyon.

Constructed on a 20-acre lot, this glass pyramid lets you immerse in the beauty of nature during the day and night. It lets you
“become part of the Wild West” where you hear birds chirping in the morning and the coyotes howling at night. Then there’s the whistle of the wind blowing, the aroma of the Pinyon Trees and Juniper Berries, and all that nature has to offer.

Nomad’s Pad is in the concept stage but future guests can choose from one of the ten pyramids planned for the site. Each abode will provide guests unobstructed 360-degree views of their surroundings inside a massive 400-square foot interior. Best of all, each pyramid packs the comfort of home and the convenience of modern technology.

Solar-powered and temperature-controlled glass makes up the pyramid. The clear glass turns opaque at a touch of a button to provide guests privacy. Inside will have air conditioning, luxury linens, a queen-sized bed, and a detached private bathroom and shower. Likewise, guests will have access to complimentary tea and coffee and eco-friendly toiletries.

Meanwhile, outdoor amenities with the Nomad’s Pad include a propane fire pit, a private hot tub, a private patio decked out with lounge furniture, and a hammock. The concept is estimated for an October 2021 opening and guests can reach the site 25 minutes away from the Grand Canyon National Park.

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Travel In Comfort With The Herschel Highland Carry-On

It’s time to fulfill that long-overdue trip now that travel restrictions are slowly easing in some countries amid this pandemic. When it comes to packing necessities, you don’t want to settle for a mediocre bag. The Herschel Highland Carry-On is not your typical travel gear as it is not only extremely lightweight but packs features found in travel luggage.

If you’re planning on a short trip overseas or a weekend getaway, then this works wonders. On the outside, it doesn’t look much with its front and top zippered pocket where you can stash in your passport, visa, or other quick-access items. There is also a small slot on one side to store smaller items.

Meanwhile, carrying handles appear on the top and on one side of the bag. The exterior has a minimalist appearance but the inside is where you get most of the bag’s features. The Herschel Highland Carry-On opens clamshell-style for easy packing and unpacking. Inside you have more than enough space to store your travel essentials using meshed zippered pockets. There are also garment straps to secure items in place.

This carry-on luggage gives you an amazing 35 liters of storage space at a lightweight design of just 2.81 kilograms. Its size is also convenient since you don’t have to put it in cargo and fits the overhead bin at 21.5″(H) x 13″(W) x 8.25″(D). Best of all, it offers comfort during transport.

You can either settle for the carrying handles or use the retractable three-stage locking trolley handle for convenience. The Herschel Highland Carry-On also comes with four multi-directional muted polyurethane wheels for easy maneuvering and comes with five color options to suit personal taste.

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Best 11 Inflatable SUPS



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First up we’ve got the Expedition stand up paddle board from Isle Surf & SUP which has been designed with longer trips in mind. They’ve incorporated their spectacular own Fusion Lite build to provide you with an awesome board you’re able to carry wherever and whenever you want. It doesn’t matter where you’re intending on taking your trip, it’s been constructed to cope with it all.

So, whether you want to head to the ocean, lake, river or just that little stream, it will handle obstacles that come its way or that are thrown in its watery pathway with the same durability. You’ll find a diamond traction pad fitted to the deck that stops you from slipping while also keep your feet comfortable.

Another nice touch is the fact this inflatable stand up paddle board is 100% pet friendly. Perfect for when you want to take your pooch out to catch some waves. Storage-wise, this also provides in the form of two bungee systems, one at the tail and one at the nose. If you’re looking for variety, it’s limited with this, but it does come in two nice and watery colors, known as moss and aqua.

Our favorite thing about this product is the money-saving package you get. There’s just about everything you could want or need and some things you probably never knew you needed. A coil leash, center fin that’s detachable, high pressure pump, paddle, backpack and even a waterproof phone case are all included for the retailing price.


  • Board Dimensions 10.6/11 x 32 x 6-feet
  • Weight Limit 240-300lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, paddle, center fin, leash, pump, backpack and waterproof phone case

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Given the name the Adventurer, the next inflatable SUP board comes from Tower. In response to the many worries and concerns about where the compromises lie when you invest in these inflatable alternatives, this 6-inch thick board can hold medium to large sized riders easily. Its stability is never compromised, and if you stay within the 400-pound guideline, there’s no chance of it bending.

The thickness is important, particularly if you’re new to stand up paddle boarding or are hitting onto the current craze of Yoga boarding. IT’s also ideal if you’re looking to draft in your little ones to nurture a passion in them for this exhilarating pastime.

From a maintenance point of view, if you’re not looking to fuss around too much before and after you’re on the water, this is a must have. You’ll find across brands and models, there’s one feature of paddle boards of the inflatable variety that’s the same – their all made using drop-stitching and from a military-grade PVC. This is no different and is robust to deal with anything.

So, if you are new to this sporting activity, it’s forgiving enough to cope with the serious number of dents, dinks and dings you might put it through. Similarly, to board above, this comes in an economically-sound package that provides you with a fiberglass paddle in three parts for easier storage, a fin and reasonable quality pump. Everything you need to have a blast on the water!


  • Board Dimensions 10.4 x 32 x 0.6-inches
  • Weight Limit 400lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, three-part fiberglass paddle, pump and fin

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Not to be confused with the, in many people’s eyes, vastly superior paddle boards from iRocker, this next one from Roc is hardly an unknown quantity. It’s one of the most popular and best-selling, not just inflatable but SUPs in general of all time. We especially love the coating this features that provides protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun that can normally damage PVC.

You’ll never have any issues with this board and overheating, that’s for sure. To be honest, when you consider the excellent and safe amount of grip it gives you with the exceptional flotation balance it provides, you’d be hard pushed to find fault with it.

One issue we noticed though, and this is a small one, the D-rings you get to use as an anchorage for your leash, are a bit small and can be fragile. It’s also difficult to pump up. However, once you find the sweet spot, it won’t take nearly as long each subsequent time you use the board. We’ve featured it for a reason, though, so let’s not harp on about the minor issues.

Let’s instead discuss the great package you get with this board. As well as the board, in all its glory, you get a rather nifty and sturdy allow paddle, a separate key bag, so you know where they are when you get out of the water, waterproof holder for your pride and joy (phone), pump, leash and probably one of the best ever backpacks. Seriously, there’s so much love for that backpack online.

As well as being generous in size, it’s also comfortable when worn on your back and completely waterproof. Nothing you put in there, when it’s sealed properly and in fine working condition, will get damaged by water. Did we also mention that the Roc paddle board is backed by the company’s 1-year warranty? Now you can see, despite the flaws, why it’s here!


  • Board Dimensions 10.5 x 32 x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 275lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, high-quality alloy paddle, leash, key bag, premium quality waterproof backpack, leash and pump

Editors Rating

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  • star

You’d think, give it’s made by a bunch of SUP enthusiasts who know the aquatic pastime inside and out, that whenever Atoll released a SUP, it was a big deal. When it comes to this 11-foot inflatable wonder of a stand-up board, it is! There’s so much to love and admire about this board. You’d almost think we’re lying and it’s a traditional hard-body model instead.

However, inflatable it is, so like most it’s extremely lightweight. Does that come at a price? Is it weaker? No, because although they’ve used machine lamination to work on a dual layer of PVC. Is that some fancy-smancy sales talk? Not at all, dual layer inflatable SUPs fare better against the usual wear and tear than even hardboards and less expensive inflatable types.

The stability is another thing to behold and celebrate, as because of its dimensions, it’s got a stability that will suit both beginners and those expert veterans too. It really needs stability too, when you consider how much the manufacturer reckons this can handle and handle it can. We’re talking a massive 350-pounds, making it an inflatable SUP with one of the largest capacities around.

In terms of how well it performs, you get a huge amount of speed and stability. Due to the three-fin design of the board and its precise and refined shape, it tracks, that is maintains course, superbly. Whereas it’s probably one of the largest capacity boards, it’s also one of the lightest in terms of its own weight. With the D-rings on its tail and bungee at the nose, you’ve got lots of storage space.

The package, as you’d expect from a manufacturer like Atoll is also sublime in what it includes. There’s that astonishingly light weight adjustable paddle, removable fins that can be attached and removed without the use of any tools, the backpack, leash, repair kit, bungee tie downs for the nose and tail and the Bravo dual-action hand pump.

You’d need that pump if you tried to rattle that list off too quickly out loud!


  • Board Dimensions 11 x 32 x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 350lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, coil paddle leash, three-part floating nylon paddle, waterproof phone case, pump and travel backpack.

Editors Rating

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Okay, so it may not have the most subtle of color schemes, compared to the other cool paddle boards we’ve featured. However, just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a paddle board by its color. Color does not denote quality, after all. Just as a barista having bright blue hair doesn’t make her better or worse at her job than the cute brunette with pigtails.

In fact, it’s often the opposite, if you’ve been to a trendy coffee house recently! Anyway, we digress. The thing that’s most striking about this Pathfinder inflatable stand-up paddle board, is the price tag. It’s one of the least expensive on the market and one of the cheapest in our guide. So, if you’re not sure you want to invest the 100’s of $ required for most start-up kits, this might be for you!

Despite its price, though, like we said about its looks, it’s still a great allrounder when it comes to performance. Although it’s not made from military-grade PVC like most, it still includes the almost standard these days, drop stitching which helps to reinforce the seams and make a paddle board bulletproof.

Well, it’s not actually bulletproofed. Like, if you find yourself under attack by a hail of enemy bullets, and you’re balding and either a tall muscular dude from Hayward down in Cali or a shorter muscular bald guy from Shirebrook in Derbyshire, we’re not going to suggest you use this to dodge those bullets. But, for dinks, dings, rocks and other stuff – sure, it’ll mostly cope with them fine.

Now we know it’ll have not escaped you eagle-eyed readers that this is slightly thinner than the rest of the gang here. Although that does put it at a distinct advantage in the long run and means you suffer in the stability department, remember it’s around half the price of most of the big guns. Again, while we’re not suggesting a seasoned pro or avid Super would want this, it’s great for beginners.


  • Board Dimensions 9.9 x 30 x 5-inches
  • Weight Limit 240lbs
  • Material Commercial quality PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, aluminum adjustable paddle, valve wrench, carry bag and shoulder straps, center fin (detachable) and pump.

Editors Rating

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As you’ve undoubtedly seen, there are a lot of things we need to discuss when looking at each of these individual inflatable SUPs. A lot of the issues you find with inflatable paddle boards, SereneLife in their wisdom have tackled. Most crucially, they’ve went to a lot of effort to deal with the problem of sun exposure and its effect on the PVC rubber used in.

With this board, the UV-resistant coating provides it with additional durability as well as reducing the damage the sun can have on it. The grit you get with this paddle board is why we’d recommend it for beginners. However, we’d not really recommend the riding style for beginners whatsoever. 

You’d have a hard time trying to get balanced because the abilities of the board is very much dependent on PSI. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, because it doesn’t make the board less functional or anything, but it just means boarders with more experience will have a better and more successful time, rather than beginners using it as their first model.

With the design of the board, SereneLife have ensured the board is extremely light in all important ways while keeping a reasonable size. Even the oar has been created with a different tact than other models – to contend with and fight against the water currents rather than bending to them. This means, unlike with some inflatable SUPs, you’ve got an oar that you can use to row.


  • Board Dimensions 10 x 30 x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 275lbs
  • Material Commercial quality PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, manual air pump, patch repair accessory kit, oar pedal, ankle-cuff coil safety leash and handy storage bag

Editors Rating

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iRocker, for the people already in the know, is a name that needs no real introduction. With their All-Around SUP board, they’ve created something that’s appealing for all riders. That’s regardless of skill level and where they intend to use it. It can cope with just about any water environment. Right off the bat, it’s best to point out this board is recommended for bigger riders.

Either that or if you’re intending on taking more than one person out at the same time. One of the things you’ll notice straight away with this board compared to others on the market, is the fact that it doesn’t have one layer or even just two layers of PVCV rubber. Nope, iRocker have went full hog and made it with four different layers of rubber.

What does this mean for the board, though? It means, according to the company, it will always pass the test no matter how rough the waters are. So, that’s one thing it has in favor of it. Another thing that sets it apart is its high maximum capacity limit of 435-pounds and the fact it is much wider than a lot of the other ones, measuring at 32-inches. This increases the stability of the board.

In terms of its performance, it appears to provide a very joyful and exhilarating experience. Although it’s wider than another great iRocker product, the Sport, it doesn’t lose anything in terms of fast movement over and through the surface of the water. A key component to this board, as with most, is the backpack, which can fit everything that comes with this SUP and more still.


  • Board Dimensions 11 x 32, x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 435lbs
  • Material Quad-layer PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, 2 removable side fins and 1 removable center fin, 3-part fiberglass paddle, dual-chamber triple-action hand pump, ankle leash and backpack

Editors Rating

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Although you’ve possibly never heard the brand name before, it’s a solely hand-made product that has multiple levels of stitching to give it a stable and weight-saving structure. What’s more, the company has been making inflatable paddle boards for stand-up paddle boarding for years, since 2005. This inflatable SUP is another that’s been firmly been designed with touring riders in mind. D-rings are featured on the board, making it possible to attach a comfortable seat, as well as other items.

Items you’d need on longer journeys. So, if you want to go on a nice trek through forests, woodlands and along various bodies of water, this might be a great option for you. It remains suitably stiff even at lower air pressures and will stand the test of time and various tricky situations when you’re having to contend with choppier and exciting waters.

Like the others in our guide, this pack comes with everything you need. It differs mostly in terms of price tag. So, if you’re looking to give paddle boarding a go for the first time, this would be a better investment than those more expensive models.


  • Board Dimensions 10 x 32 x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 280lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, Bravo hand pump, waterproof phone case, eye-glass rope, center fin, high quality backpack and 3-part paddle.

Editors Rating

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From another brand you may not be exactly familiar with, Aqua Plus, comes the next great paddle board in our guide. This is an awesome, all-inclusive style package that features just about everything except for the kitchen sink. Unless there’s some code you can give at the checkout when you buy it, we don’t think it features a kitchen sink.

What you do get for your investment in Aqua Plus’s entry to the inflatable SUP field is an incredibly portable and lightweight board that’s capable of handling a rather respectable load capacity of 330-pounds. It’s been made with both ends of the spectrum when it comes to experience and skill in mind. Both beginners and experts will find joy with this SUP.

It’s curiously very rigid design almost makes it feel like a hardbody board, rather than one filled with pressurized air. As ever, military-grade PVC is featured extensively, as is the reliably robust and durable drop stitching to hold it all together by strengthening the seams. Another standard feature is the diamond groove traction pad for comfortable, safe and confident ride.

There are also several D-rings and a bungee cord setup for storing things on your paddleboard securely. With a jam-packed special deal, we’re not sure we can really say much against this supper cool inflatable SUP. If you’re looking to save a little but want to spend enough on a decent paddle board, this would be an awesome choice to settle on.


  • Board Dimensions 10.6 x 33 x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 330lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, double-action pump, removable fin, TPU waterproof pack, coiled ankle leash, shoulder strap, Navigator iSUP travel backpack and adjustable paddle made from aluminum.

Editors Rating

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The penultimate in our guide is another smaller brand, but based on the features of this SUP, it deserves some recognition. Following in so many footsteps that came before it, this standup paddle board benefits from a highly robust construction consisting of dual-layer of plastic and the drop-stitch that helps to reinforce everything together and keep the seams tight and well finished.

This inflatable paddle board has been designed with users of all skills in mind and has a reasonable weight capacity of 240-punds. One of the things we really like about this model though, is the fast inflation you gain the benefit of, with it taking just 12 minutes to pump up fully, even by hand. This means there’s less time between arriving at the water and getting on it.

It’s been made to be kid friendly with a safety rope that enables you to take your little one out with you for their first experience of stand-up paddle boarding. Everything, as is standard these days, fits conveniently into the included backpack.

All in all, although this may not be from one of the more prestigious brands, it’s still a great beginner board for those of you who’ve yet to experience the simple, though tricky, joy of paddle boarding.


  • Board Dimensions 11 x 30 x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 240lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package SUP board, adjustable paddle, repair kit and pump, one removable fin, hand pump featuring PSI gauge, backpack and frontal bungee for storage options

Editors Rating

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The final SUP in our guide is one you’ve probably seen advertised and mentioned everywhere, because these beauties seem to get…well…everywhere. The Gili inflatable paddleboard gets everywhere for a reason, though. It’s a nice medium-priced board. In terms of its package, you get everything you really need and want.

However, whereas some packages, admittedly are just cobbled together seemingly as an afterthought to sell the board, the Gili one has branded items that have clearly been chosen because they do their specific job well. One thing we’d say though, is that while it’s a good all-rounder and suitable for rides of extended periods of time, keep in mind it’s got no UV-protection.

Given that it weighs just under 20-pounds, you know you’ll not have too much travelling with this in tow. There’s a lot to love with this board…and a few…forgivable errors. When you consider the nuts and bolts of it, though, you start to see why many people highly regard and recommend Gili. A worthy rival to iRocker and Atoll.


  • Board Dimensions 10.6 x 31 x 6-inches
  • Weight Limit 275lbs
  • Material Military-grade PVC
  • What is included in the package Board, repair kit, snap-on center fin, coiled leash, 2-stage hand pump, inflatable backpack, travel paddle

Time to Paddle!

There you have its guys, our guide to the best 11 inflatable stand up paddle boards right now. Was there any surprises or names you didn’t expect to see? If you already had one or two options in mind, did this guide change your initial decisions much? Did you find yourself attracted to one of the models by one of the lesser known manufacturers? Whether we confirmed things you already suspected or gave you a fresh set of eyes on a board you’d always ignored in the past, we’re just glad to have been part of the decision process. IT’s why we’re here. To help our readers and visitors by guiding them towards the best (whatever floats you on the surface of the water.

Rather than focusing on the most expensive SUPs on the market, we’ve tried to provide you with a more versatile range of paddle boards. We’ve not tried to make a list of products we know for sure that everyone will like, because that’d be impossible anyway. Instead, we just picked out our favorite models at various price ranges and tried to show there’s good value to be found in the lower end of the market as much as there is at the higher end of the market. We’re happy and been successful if we manage to find that one paddle board that makes you say ‘yes that’s the one for me’ or if we’ve given you lots of food for thought.

We can’t tell you which to buy in as direct terms, but we know which we’d invest in, as outlined by our top picks. If you’re still struggling to pick out one, check out our buying guide for additional help.


To further help you make your decision about which inflatable stand up paddle board is best for you, we’ve put together a buying guide and FAQs tackling the most pertinent questions people have. You’ll find out which features are most important and the specification you should be paying most attention to when choosing a board as well as the different types of paddle boards there are out there.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Paddle Board?

When it comes to choosing the best, and that is the best for you, inflatable paddle board, there are several factors to consider. These factors will help you to more quickly identify the paddle board for you from the thousands out there and even from the 11 models we’ve selected in our guide above. The factors that should be of most concern to you are:

  • SUP Length
  • SUP Volume
  • Material the SUP is Made From
  • Weather Conditions Where You will Be Using the SUP
  • Paddle Selection
  • Leash and Tie Down Components and Attachments
  • Carry Handles
  • Deck Pad

We’ll take each of these individually and discuss them in detail.

SUP Length

The length of an inflatable stand up paddle board is obviously very important. Obviously, as you’ll see in a short amount of time, the SUP length is factored into the volume, but it’s also important to consider it based on your height. This is like when you choose a surfboard, just in a smaller fashion. Basically, it’s important that your height is around 45 to 55% the overall length of the paddle board. For instance, in paddle boards with a length of 10-foot 4-inches, if you were 6-foot 2-inches, that’s around half of the height of the board.

This means, in theory and depending on your skill and ability, you’d have a far easier time riding that board. Your center of gravity comes into play too. Having a board that’s just right will ensure you’re able to concentrate on enjoying yourself from the very beginning.

SUP Volume

The volume is very easy to understand, and even easier to calculate. You take the thickness, width and length and find the volume shared by them all. The volume capacity of a paddle board is crucial because it’s connected directly to your, the user’s, weight. Along with the level of comfort you’ll have using it and the results you expect to achieve from using that board.

Materials the SUP is Made From

You can never be sure exactly what you’ll find below the surface in the water when you’re on your stand-up paddle board. However, there is one thing you can trust in – there will always be things under there that could so easily pop, damage or just scrape the inflatable elements of your board. Therefore, it’s vital you pay close attention to what a SUP is made from and the grade of those materials.

As with any product in any industry, if you choose a cheaper product, you can expect that it will be made from cheaper materials. The same can be said of many paddle boards on the market. The type of materials and their grades also has a bearing on where you’ll be able to ride your paddle board in the end, so if you’ve got a specific use in mind or particular bodies of water you want to explore and enjoy, figure out whether the material is going to be suitable or not.

With cheaper paddle boards that have much thinner materials, you’re better using them on oceans and bodies of water where you’re less likely to bang into jagged rocks that could slice through its body. Whereas more expensive and military grade materials used in paddle boards mean they can be used on rivers and lakes where there are more unforgiving and aggressive elements in the landscape.

Weather Conditions Where You Will Be Using the SUP

This is very much a personal thing. If you’re all about the crazy, live hard lifestyle, and wanna paddle through river rapids and rainy weather, do it with the correct amount of caution. Or at least try to. Remember, you’ll need reinforced bungee cables a deck surface with greater amount of grip and gear with greater durability. However, if you’re more interested in the calm waves and a lazy day at the beach or at the lake, you don’t need to rock up with Bear Grylls-style resources and accessories.

Paddle Selection

You will need the option to choose from a selection of different lengths when it comes to finding a paddle that works. IT depends on the size of the paddle board you are using, your body weight and height. The best thing you can do is invest in a paddle that can be adjusted to different lengths. Many of the stand-up paddle boards we’ve featured in our guide come with adjustable paddles.

This gives you the chance to through trial and error, find your own sweet spot when it comes to paddle length. You also need to think of your physical condition, because you don’t want a paddle that’s way too short so that it causes issues with your lower lumbar, whereas you want to avoid using a  paddle that’s way too long as you could start to feel a lot of pressure and tension in the shoulders.

Leash and Tie Down Components and Attachments

This is another aspect of stand-up paddle boarding that is completely down to your own personal preference. Not everyone use a leash, while others always do. The good thing is, though, regardless of what you choose, you will find that most SUPs, including the paddle boards in our guide, offer tie down or leash type accessory in their package deals.

Carry Handle

You will find that when it comes to built-in carry handles, not all stand up paddle boards, especially the inflatable variety, are equal. Some don’t have the benefit of carry handles that can perform that role. In those situations, if you still have your heart set on that board, you need to avail yourself of a carry strap or carry sling to help lug it around.

The carry handle normally found on the side of your inflatable stand up paddle board is the component you can use to easily move your board from one are to another. However, it really depends on how much your board weighs, because it’s often not the best way to get things done, certainly not the quickest or safest.

Deck Pad

The deck pads perform several duties, heroically without any question or need for reward, they are just happy in their subservient, ass and feet on them constantly, existence. Whether it’s distributing your weight in a balanced and even manner across the whole of the paddle board or ensuring you have adequate and safe amount of traction and grip on the board or simply providing your feet with a soft and comfortable place to stand while you enjoy your madcap sporting activity.

This sport sees you move through the water at high speeds, depending on how fast you can go. However, for much of the time, although your upper body and board are moving quickly, your feet are left standing, maintaining grip with the board, for extended periods of time.

Therefore, the cushioning aspect is not because you think of yourself as oh so precious and a princess, it’s because it helps to avoid rather painful and sore feet and fatigue. Deck pads can be versatile.

However, that versatility doesn’t come easily and not all deck pads, while they may look alike, are like one another. Therefore, even for such a small component, you need to pay close attention to the kind of deck pad that comes with your iSUP. You need to decide if it’s one you can make use of or if you need to look elsewhere. Of course, you could always buy the board and then modify or upgrade the deck pad. It’s up to you. Your feet, your problem dude!

What Board Types Are Available?

Although we’ve covered inflatable stand up paddle boards, if you take to the sport like duck to water. Yes, we’re sticking with that! Then you may want to explore the other kinds of paddle boards out there and the other types of paddle boarding you can do with them. To make things easier for you, we’ve kindly collected the most common below for you to read through:

Inflatable SUPs

Okay, this is a given, seeing as we’ve just spent almost 6000 words discussing these beauties. Although they are much better when it comes to storage and transportation compared to hardbody versions, they are less great when it comes to avoiding damage and deterioration. That’s why it matters the grading of the material the inflatable paddle board you choose is made from. Inflatable SUPs are also inexpensive compared to other boards, and ideal for just getting out there and having a go and not worrying about much else.

Universal SUP

As you might imagine, brainbox, universal SUPs are designed to be used for any of the other purposes the other types of paddles are used for. They are low in price, but you really need to have your A game in check to handle one of these bad boys. Not for beginners or wimps and drama llamas!

Racing SUP

If you’ve been following the ‘guess what the word before SUP means it will be used for’ game, you’ll probably have figured this one out. Tortoises need not apply. These are built to be streamline and aerodynamic, and hydrodynamic too. The manufacturers are interested in two things and two things alone when creating these beasts – go faster and stripes. Only kidding, but speed and efficiency are their main concerns.

Fishing SUP

Yeah, you’ve guessed it, this is the kind of SUP you’d use for ballet dancing. Seriously though, if you’re looking to get out on the water and fish in a paddle board, you’re the kinda dude we’d wanna meet. These are not known for their aerodynamic design, but they’re amazing for storage capabilities and you’ll never be short on space for tackle box, bait and many have attachments for holding your rod, helping you to untangle your line and many other useful features.

Surf SUP

Obviously, when you’re on a stand-up paddle board, you see a wave coming towards you and you want to paddle right into that wave like some kinda Patrick Swayze. These are essentially beefed up and widened out surfboards, as their design and construction is based along that of a surfboard.

Yoga SUP

Okay, so if you’ve ever been flicking through Instagram and looking and all those people living their best lives, you may have seen some guys and gals doing some crazy-ass yoga on paddle boards. That is basically what a Yoga SUP is – a stand-up paddle board you use to perform your yoga on. Obviously, these boards need to be as balanced as you are, as you’ll be performing a multitude of positions and poses on them and will want to avoid falling off. They are also usable as touring SUPs though, so when you’re finished meditating you can go on a lovely little trip up stream.

Touring SUP

See how seamlessly we moved onto this one? Impressed? How would you like a stand-up paddle board you can use to go on a small trip? They have a nice sweet spot between being comfortable for extended and long use and efficient in terms of tracking and movement. If you find a universal SUP a little daunting, touring SUPs make for great beginner ones.

Obviously, unless you’re intending on investing in one of the extremely cool inflatable standup paddle boards, we’ve just went to all that bother discussing for you and your benefit.

The Bennett Winch S.C. Holdall Is ‘No Time To Die’ approved

The Bennett Winch S.C. Holdall takes you from country to suit-and-tie events in no time. It guarantees a crisp, wrinkle-free suit or tuxedo on the go so you never have to look for the ironing board when strapped for time.

This suit carrier is James Bond approved having made a cameo in “No Time To Die” and for all good reasons because it keeps you looking sharp sans the unsightly creases and folds in your suit. The carrier comes in a unique 2-piece design developed in collaboration with Permanent Style.

The Bennett Winch S.C. Holdall prevents hard, tight folds by letting a jacket and trouser wrapped around the spacious central cylindrical bag, which is secured afterward with magnets and straps. The suit carrier can function on its own or used around the holdall. Either component can be used separately.

Designed for travel, the exterior of the suit carrier uses 24oz British dyed, waterproof cotton canvas. Meanwhile, the holdall is from lightweight British dyed and proofed 180z canvas twill. It features solid brass hardware welded in London, YKK golden brass zippers, and premium vegetable-tanned Italian leather.

The Bennett Winch S.C. Holdall also features storage compartments including an external pocket for a passport, keys, or wallet. It also comes with a removable waterproof shoe bag and slimline coat hanger. For convenience, you can either carry it as a handbag or a  sling bag using its detachable shoulder strap made with military-grade webbing. It also has a storage capacity of 32 liters and is airline-compliant at a weight of just 2.2 kg.

Get It Here

Images courtesy of Bennett Winch