Modern knife makers often take their inspiration from Scandinavia, where the tradition is for a very minimalist and compact blade. Top Knives have taken a different direction with the stunning Operation 7 knife. Far from being small or light, this quality piece of gear boasts a thick 1075 steel blade that has high resistance thanks to the special differentiated heat treatment.

Holding it is a dream due to the durable black textured G10 grip with a tax colored canvas micarta. Although this is the kind that would be normally classed as a short knife, it’s more substantial with its 12.5 inches by 7.25 inches and solid 18.9 ounces blade.

When you are done with it, whether you have been hacking at the flesh of your latest kill or have to make an emergency shelter, the Operator 7 is kept in an elegant Black Kydexand sheath. Top Knives evidently believe in their customers getting what they want, and with the ever-reliable Operator 7, you get a selection of striking customizations to choose from including an awesome Rocky Mountain tread, militaristic camo look and even a sharp and deadly serrated blade.

If you are looking for a weighty and robust knife for outdoor pursuits or your go-bag, this stunning Operator 7 knife from Top Knives is a worthwhile investment.

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