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Benchmade 380 Aller

Often when an EDC is called compact, that means it’s so tiny it’s barely functional. Not the Benchmade 380 Aller. It’s compact but also highly functional, and that should perhaps come as no surprise. Seeing as this is Benchmade, it’s no wonder the 380 Aller is another refined, robust, and excellent addition to your EDC roster.

The Benchmade Aller 380 carries six essential functions, packed with a knife, a screwdriver and pry tool, bit driver, and bottle opener. When closed, it’s just 3.3-inch small. Apply pressure to its exposed tang, however, and out pokes a 1.6-inch CPM S30V wharncliffe blade.

This premium steel balances toughness, wear, and corrosion resistance in a package barely larger than your palm. The result is a staggeringly versatile EDC that comes in handy when the going gets tough.

The compact length and non-locking design might turn off some EDC heads who prefer something with more brute. But this also means it follows knife laws in many parts of the world. It’s also a perfect companion if you’re always traveling, especially in rough terrains. The Benchmade 380 Aller’s blade and tools extend from textured G-10 handles. That makes for a familiar resilient grip, plus a reversible pocket clip and lanyard hole.

If you’re a newcomer in the EDC world and are looking to expand your toolset, this is a great beginner’s option. Even if you’re far from your neophyte days, this is still a great one to have on-hand. The Benchmade 380 Aller, so versatile, is designed for daily use. It might just be your ticket out of a sticky situation.


Kershaw Natrix Carbon Fiber Knife

The Kershaw Natrix Carbon Fiber knife is an upgrade to the classic Natrix flipper and based on award-winning Zero Tolerance 0777. It boasts a stylish gray titanium carbon-nitride coated 8Cr13MoV blade.

This skinner boasts blue-gray G10 handles with classy carbon fiber inlay that makes the knife lightweight yet tough and strong. Its built-in flipper and Kershaw’s KVT ball-bearing opening allows you to open the tool even with just one hand. When not in use, its Sub-Frame lock keeps the blade secure and also helps keep the knife lightweight.

This pocket knife features a drop point blade for strength and durability. It is a hunter’s choice when they want to skin their catch. A lowered tip means it is unlikely to nick the inner organs.

A lowered point also means less chance of the blade to snap or break. It gives you maximum control of the blade and provides ease and comfort on the grip. With a drop point blade, you can be sure of work precision every time.

The Kershaw Natrix Carbon Fiber knife comes with a custom-designed deep carry pocket clip so you can easily hide it. The clip also provides quick access to your blade whenever you need it.

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Photos Courtesy Of Kershaw

Korcraft: World’s Smallest Folding Utility Knife

Wallet, keys, phone, knife? Knife not knives! Korcraft, the makers of a new pocket knife like to note that the best one you own is always the pocket knife you are keeping in your pocket. Not the multipurpose ones stashed in that draw at home accompanying screws, spare jacket buttons, possibly dead batteries, Christmas cracker jokes and old keys you have no idea what they open. Their new product, the Everyday Blade, is much more portable.

These pint-sized pocket knives can hold up to 12 common blades, so you can switch to the one you will need the most on your next outing and adventure. It has a nice opening mechanism that allows you to pop the blade out with one hand – rock climbers rejoice!

Korcraft claim the blade is made from propriety material which weighs less than steel but is more robust than aluminum. It is suitable for lefties as well as righties and the blades are effortlessly replaced. The design is very compact and has a streamline shape to prevent nicking and catching on clothes. Overall, this Everyday Blade is one for the adventurous guys among us to get their hands on.

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Chris Reeve Nyala Knife

The Chris Reeve Nyala knife boasts cutting-edge features perfect for tactical use or for personal collection.  The stonewashed blade is made from CPM S35VN stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting toughness and resistance to wear.

Making this modern version of Reeve’s classic skinner a beauty is the 3D-machined brown canvas Micarta handle designed with grooves for a steady, slip-resistant grip. Six circular grooves run from the center to the black cord hole and three linear patterns adorn the pin near the guard to the center pin. This design is reminiscent of the spiral horns and vertical-striped bodies of the South African antelope called Nyala, hence the knife’s name.

The serrations or jimping on the spine and the full tang provide good knife control and ease when holding it in various grip styles.

Carrying this all-American quality blade is not a problem because of its compact size. Chris Reeve’s Nyala knife weighs 5.96 ounces. Its blade’s length is at 3.75 inches and is 0.18 inches thick. This handy all-purpose knife comes with a water-resistant leather sheath that has a belt loop and retails for $250.

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Photos courtesy of Chris Reeve Knives

TOPS Knives Operator 7 Knife

Modern knife makers often take their inspiration from Scandinavia, where the tradition is for a very minimalist and compact blade. Top Knives have taken a different direction with the stunning Operation 7 knife. Far from being small or light, this quality piece of gear boasts a thick 1075 steel blade that has high resistance thanks to the special differentiated heat treatment.

Holding it is a dream due to the durable black textured G10 grip with a tax colored canvas micarta. Although this is the kind that would be normally classed as a short knife, it’s more substantial with its 12.5 inches by 7.25 inches and solid 18.9 ounces blade.

When you are done with it, whether you have been hacking at the flesh of your latest kill or have to make an emergency shelter, the Operator 7 is kept in an elegant Black Kydexand sheath. Top Knives evidently believe in their customers getting what they want, and with the ever-reliable Operator 7, you get a selection of striking customizations to choose from including an awesome Rocky Mountain tread, militaristic camo look and even a sharp and deadly serrated blade.

If you are looking for a weighty and robust knife for outdoor pursuits or your go-bag, this stunning Operator 7 knife from Top Knives is a worthwhile investment.

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Tops Knives Tundra Trekker

The legendary Ghurka were known for their tenacity and combat prowess. Each one of these intimidating warriors was known to carry a khukri knife, a weapon that earned the same respect as the soldiers that wielded them. That’s why Tops Knives once again tapped the skills of renowned knifemaker, Leo Espinoza, to come up with a design that embodies elements of what makes the Nepalese blade so darn effective.

You can immediately see how the designer transposed the overall shape of the khukri to the Tundra Trekker. In order to set it apart from the traditional weapon it was based on, its curvature was altered slightly into a gentler inward slope. Additionally, the saw teeth that runs along its spine ensures that the blade has its own personality.

This makes it a versatile tool to have with you on the field and can handle almost anything you throw at it. The 9-inch long blade is forged from 1095 RC 56-58 carbon steel and coated with a tough Tactical Stone powder finish. The textured Micarta grip is lightweight and sturdy enough to keep the knife firmly in your grasp.

Tops Knives made sure that the Tundra Trekker can handle tasks such as clearing brush and chopping wood with ease—it is likewise adaptable enough to carve tent pegs or traps.  The blade comes with an open-backed sheath made of Kydex as well as a leather dangler. The price is listed at $185 and customization options will cost extra.

Tops Knives Tundra Trekker

Photos courtesy of Tops Knives

Opinel N°08 Black Oak Pocket Knife

When people talk about France, the country might be immediately associated with romance and excellent cuisine. Nevertheless, a manufacturer that has been around since 1890 begs to differ. Opinel, a French company that is known for their quality pocket knives introduces the N°08 Black Oak. At a glance, it continues the traditional design that makes the brand recognizable with its folding blades paired to a wooden handle.

To make sure that the blade stays securely in place, the pocket knife uses a Virobloc twistlock (a safety mechanism that was invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955) that holds it in place when the business end is folded in or when it’s drawn out.

As a mark of quality, you can be sure that the N°08 only settles only for the best with its Swedish-made stainless steel components. To be specific, the metal selected during the forging process is Sandvik 12C27, which touts excellent corrosion-resistance courtesy of the added chromium and maintains its sharp cutting edge thanks to the additional carbon.

Both the blade and the locking apparatus are given a matte black surface treatment. This noticeably gives it an elegant appearance alongside its handle, which, given its namesake, is made from oak wood taken from French forests.

The blade carries a Yatagan design and measures 8.5 cm, while the handle is coated with a colorless varnish that allows it to brandish the intricate patterns featured by the type of wood. We agree that everything comes together to make the Opinel N°08 Black Oak a worthwhile pocket knife to have in your collection.

Opinel N°08 Black Oak

Photo courtesy of Opinel

Benchmade 486 Saibu Pocket Knife

“A showcase piece worthy of even the most discerning pocket,” the 486 Saibu Pocket Knife by Benchmade is as tough as it is good looking.

Weighing in at less than 3 ounces, this tiny but tough EDC piece sports a 2.9″ drop-point blade made of durable, satin-finished 20CV steel. The knife is carefully detailed with Cocobolo wood on its thumb studs and handle “windows,” not only making for a handsome look but also adding extra grip to it.

Complete with a bamboo-styled metal backspacer, AXIS lock mechanism, and a reversible clip, the 486 Saibu can also be laser-engraved for personal customization.

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TOPS Knives Little Bugger

Designed by badass Matt Graham who is an endurance athlete, martial artist and specialist in “primitive skills” (you probably know him from reality show Dual Survival), TOPS Knives’ Little Bugger is a solid fixed-blade that’ll handle most camp shenanigans with aplomb.

The sharp, full-tang piece is made of 3/32” 1095 steel with thin tan canvas Micarta handles & black liners. Weighing in at about 2.4oz and measuring 5.75″, the knife sports a Wharncliffe-style blade that’s 2.38″ long and tumble-finished for that rugged look we all love.

Razor-sharp, easy to handle and offering a secure grip, the Little Bugger is a trustworthy companion that’ll come in handy at tough tasks such as processing firewood and building a shelter. What’s more, the sturdy knife comes with a lightweight and minimal sheath that can easily be worn on a belt or on a pack.

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Photos Courtesy Of TOPS Knives

Kershaw Pub Pocket Knife

Made by Portland’s respectable knife maker Kershaw, the Pub Pocket Knife is an affordable multifunction EDC tool that punches well above its weight.

Boasting a discreet design, this slip-joint manual knife is small and compact (measures less than 3 inches long), making it great for traveling and carrying in urban and outdoors settings.

As well as a scalpel-sharp 8Cr13MoV stonewash Sheepsfoot-style blade (1.6 inches) with black handle, the knife also offers a slotted screwdriver tip, pry bar, and bottle opener, while a large lanyard hole lets you attach this bad boy to pretty much anything, keeping it readily available to handle most of your daily tasks.

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Spyderco Roc G-10 Folding Knife

If you want something beyond plain Jane for your EDC knife, Spyderco’s Roc G-10 will surely fit the bill. Combining an unusual cleaver-style blade with a gracefully curved handle and a sturdy LinerLock mechanism, this functional cutting tool is perfect for when you need to slice, dice and chop.

Designed by custom knifemaker Serge Panchenko, the knife has an exceedingly sharp VG-10 stainless steel blade (3.07″ long) that’s saber ground for strength and has a utilitarian bead-blasted finish. It features a lightweight open-spine handle construction with textured black G-10 scales, and a reversible deep-pocket wire clip that keeps this unique tool always at the ready.

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WK Camp Knife

If you’re ready to upgrade from your modest Opinel to a more serious outdoor/apocalypse-ready blade, here’s a suggestion–the WK Camp Knife.

Looking more like an intimidating machete than a knife, this piece measures a whopping 14.7 inches, with a 9.5-in long blade made of 80CRV2–a tough as nails workhorse of a steel. A blade thickness of 0.25-in and full tang construction ensure this knife is practically indestructible, while the black oxide, no-glare finish keeps it corrosion-free.

Available with your choice of a handle in black rubber, micarta, or maple, the badass WK camp knife comes accompanied by an un-lined Kydex sheath with belt loops.

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Tekto Gear Amber Automatic Knife

California’s Tekto Gear are makers of solid blades that are both simple to use and easy to carry. And also beautifully crafted–just have a look at their newly-released Amber Automatic Knife!

Boasting a corrosion-resistant chrome steel blade paired with a red & black marbled wood handle, this lean pocket knife has a total length of 8.9″ and weighs in at 0.58 lb (263g). A striking yet discrete piece of EDC that will develop a unique patina over time.

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Chase Pocket Knife

California’s Quiet Carry is a small independent company creating sleek and ultra-functional everyday carry products that are built with the best quality materials. Their latest release is the Chase – a rugged, utilitarian pocket knife designed into civilized package “that is just at home in the woods as it is at the office.”

Inspired by the classic fixed blade knife, the Chase has a delicate balance and ergonomics and boasts a recessed blade for a slim carry and more discreet look. The drop point blade is made of corrosion-resistant, PVD-coated N690co stainless steel, and features a generous belly for versatility and deep jimping on the spine for enhanced traction. At 2.95” long and 1” wide at its widest point, this blade offers the strength of a bigger knife while staying within legal carry limits.

Outfitted with a durable textured epoxy resin laminate handle with a deep carry pocket clip, the Chase is complete with phosphor bronze washers and a stainless steel liner lock mechanism for smooth, reliable handling.

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Katsu Carbon/Titanium Folding Knife

If you’re looking for a quality Japan-made EDC blade, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than the Katsu Folding Knife.

Boasting a razor-sharp, 3.9-inch VG-10 steel stonewashed blade and an anti-rust titanium & carbon fiber handle for a comfortable grip, the tough knife has a Japanese-style thumb opening lever & ball bearing system which allows for smooth, one-hand operation. It measures 9 inches open and 5 closed, has a titanium pocket clip on the side, and comes with a leather sheath and hessian sack.

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Wootz EDC Pocket Tool

Featuring the most important functions you need in an every day carry piece, and weighing in at just 1.9 ounces (55 grams), the Wootz EDC Pocket Tool is a perfect mix of functionality, utility and versatility in one stylish package without any bulk.

Constructed of tough high-carbon 440C stainless steel, the tool includes a razor-sharp & rust-proof folding blade, bottle opener, a hole for split rings, and a side clip that can be attached to a belt or pocket, or used as a money clip. The light tool can be smoothly operated with one hand, and handles the most common camp functions, including whittling wood, cutting, fastening screws, and of course, opening beers. Available in 6 styles, with micarta, carbon fiber or hardwood handles, in gray, black or titanium coating.

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