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Nike Boston Red Sox “City Connect” Uniforms

It’s hard to imagine a Boston Red Sox uniform without, well, the color red. But Nike is going all out in terms of originality with its “City Connect” special-edition uniforms for Major League Baseball. Boston’s,…

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Slip on your Puma PROADAPT DELTA golf shoes and swing like a pro in comfort

If hitting the links are on your schedule anytime soon, it might be a good idea to upgrade your gear. Aside from the regular equipment that you bring along to play, you could also check with your apparel. If you are due for a new pair of golf shoes, why not try the Ignite PROADAPT DELTA from Puma. Add that extra boost to your swings without compromising your comfort.

In contrast to other sports, most folks can play the game at a leisurely pace. While some choose to ride on golf carts to move about, others prefer to walk to each hole. Those who choose the latter should also consider their choice of footwear.

While there is nothing wrong with wearing your favorite sneakers, Puma’s PROADAPT DELTA could help shave off a few swings. When you’re reputation among your circle is at stake, you’re going to need every advantage you can get. As noted by the manufacturer, its latest innovation is the ADAPT Foam midsole.

The German sportswear company says it is “developed with the golfer in mind and designed to perform with comfort and stability.” Thus, the PROADAPT DELTA boasts the comfort and performance of Puma’s running shoes, but with the added technology for a specific sport.

Its tour-proven full-length TPU outsoles and Dual-Durometer Tornado cleats combine for superior traction. This means you can put more power into your swings and smack that golf ball like there’s no tomorrow. You have a full-grain Atlantis leather upper with a molded comfort collar and Adaptive Fit System.

Puma claims the golf shoes are waterproof for up to a year. Owners can also order replacement cleats when it wears down from regular use. You can get the PROADAPT DELTA in four colorways: Puma Black/Quiet Shade, Puma White/Gray Violet, Puma White/Puma White, and Puma White/Navy Blazer.

Buy – $200

Images courtesy of Puma

The Zippo Surefire Multi-tool Creates A Spark In Almost Any Weather Condition

A good multi-tool always comes in handy for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re out camping, trekking, or even fishing, it’s always a good idea to have reliable utility gear. But pair that with a fire starter and you’ve got yourself the Zippo Surefire Multi-tool.

This keychain multi-tool has everything you need to set up a campfire with its built-in flint wheel ignition and provided fire paracord. The wheel and flint create a spark in almost any weather condition. When you have something combustible on hand to use with the spark then you should be set.

However, the Zippo Surefire Multi-tool has got you covered regardless. The wax-coated paracord, which measures 15 inches long, provides a frayed strand that you can start a fire with. If the need arises for more flame or heat, then you can make use of the added cutting tools.

This utility gear gives you a double-cut saw blade and a 420 high-carbon steel cutting tool to make wood fuel. The foldable tinder grater even helps with preparing wood shavings. When the fire is up, then it’s time to relax and pop a bottle of drink with the added bottle opener. This tool also has a flathead screwdriver and bail.

The Zippo Surefire Multi-tool can store up to two extra flints and starts up to 15 fires at one-inch long flint or 12 fires at 3cms each.  For portability, it has a built-in attachment point for a paracord or carabiner. It is just the right size to fit comfortably in the hands at 1.14 inches long and 3.60 inches wide and lightweight at 3.61 ounces.

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Grovemade Desk Tray

The better part of a decade ago, we first came across Grovemade’s beautifully crafted goods that are all handmade in their Portland workshop. We’ve been big fans of everything the brand has done since whether…

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GAMMA: The Graphene Jacket You Can Wear in Any Climate

In a matter of days, a few scientists and engineers from Hong Kong have exploded across the internet for their insanely successful Kickstarter project, GAMMA.

Their company, Wear Graphene, invented GAMMA, the first-ever all-climate jacket infused with supreme graphene. Graphene is a Nobel-Prize-winning nanoparticle known for being the hardest, thinnest, and most flexible material on Earth.

In just one week on Kickstarter, GAMMA has raked in over 300k from backers around the globe, making it the breakout success of the year on the platform.

What makes GAMMA so special?

There are three things that make this jacket stand out from any other: the power of supreme graphene, internal heating elements, and a sharp look.

We’ll break down what this jacket can do below. Or, you can go to the GAMMA Kickstarter campaign now to see the jacket in action and order yours over 40% off.

Graphene: The Future of Clothing (And a Lot More)

Graphene is a 21st-century material. It wasn’t discovered until 2004. Since then, those in the know have expected it to revolutionize most industries (once we figure out how to use it).

The strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material known to man, graphene has the power to give super abilities to all of our stuff, including:

  • Superhero strength
  • Resistance-free conductivity
  • Antimicrobial cleanliness
  • Hypoallergenic protection
  • Insect repellant
  • Waterproof and windproof climate control
  • UV-proof skin protection
  • Thermoregulating temperature control

And it brings ALL of this to GAMMA jacket. Wear Graphene is one of the first labs/brands to successfully infuse graphene into textiles. It has infused all of the fibers in GAMMA with Graphene, making it the first all-climate activewear.

GAMMA is practically indestructible. Graphene makes it immune to tears, rips, and fraying. It’s even puncture-proof and cannot be damaged by sharp knives.

This makes it perfect for taking on the toughest hikes and climbs. It will also protect you from scrapes and cuts despite its crazy light weight (it weighs about as much as a hoodie).

Because it’s waterproof, windproof, and UV-proof, GAMMA will keep you cool and protected from the elements no matter how harsh the weather. Unlike most windbreakers, GAMMA’s graphene won’t let any chill get through the barrier.

GAMMA’s all-climate comfort is rounded out by graphene’s ability to transfer heat evenly across its entire lattice structure. GAMMA’s high-performance insulation will keep you warmer from your torso to your fingertips. And in warm weather, it will expel excess heat to keep you cool. Graphene reacts to your body like a second skin for unparalleled insulation without puffiness or sweaty discomfort.

Graphene is moisture-wicking, so it will keep your skin dry even if you use it to jog or engage in intense activity. And because it’s also antimicrobial, it will never develop odors from sweat or bacteria. You can wear it for your morning run, come back home for a shower, and then wear the same jacket to work.

Graphene is so versatile that it makes GAMMA the only jacket you’ll need all year round, no matter where you live or travel. Whether you want to run to the store for some butter or trek to the peak of a mountain, GAMMA will keep you safe, insulated, and comfortable.

Internal Heating for Extreme Cold

Graphene is an incredible insulator. But, without a heat source, it can’t keep you warm. This is where the few other graphene clothes fall short. When the temperature gets cold enough, your body heat just isn’t enough.

That’s why GAMMA comes with built-in heating elements that generate extra heat when you need it. To use them, just put a power bank in one of the jacket pockets. Then, you can select the temperature of your jacket at the push of a button.

GAMMA’s three heating elements can heat up to 50˚C/120˚F in seconds. Then, graphene will get to work dispersing that heat evenly throughout the jacket.

With the heating elements on, GAMMA can keep you toasty even in sub-freezing temperatures. GAMMA can protect you from temperatures as cold as -30˚C/-20˚F, making it an ideal jacket for winter camping, skiing, and living in places that are prone to snowstorms.

And remember, you won’t have to bundle up. GAMMA can do all this despite weighing about one pound.

Style that Fits Any Occasion

One of the reasons that Wear Graphene’s GAMMA has become so popular is that it looks cool as hell. It’s got a sporty soft shell jacket look that makes you seem like you just came from the slopes or the trail. It’s also tapered to slim your waist while bulking you up the chest.

GAMMA isn’t just for sports, either. It’s meant to be the only jacket you need, and it looks great on nearly any occasion. You can use it as a slip-on jacket, a winter coat, a windbreaker, a rain jacket, and more. You can wear it to work and the bar too. Its jet-black color and sharp trim are professional and refined.

Style doesn’t mean much without function. GAMMA comes with 10 pockets, two of which are hidden to protect travel documents or cash when you’re on the go. It comes with straps to secure your hood, waist, and wrists in the case of extreme weather. And, it has built-in fingerless gloves to keep those palms protected and warm. How cool is that?

Add Graphene to Your Wardrobe with GAMMA

Whether you fancy yourself a fashion guru or like to wear the same thing every day, GAMMA is going to work for you.

We can pretty much guarantee that you have ZERO graphene clothing in your closet right now.

That must be rectified. This everlasting super material is just better for you. And, GAMMA makes you look better too.

You can wear GAMMA every day for every occasion without having to question yourself in front of the mirror. How easy is that? Or, break it out when it’s time to impress your hiking buddies or your tennis partner.

It lasts forever, so we’re sure you’ll figure out plenty of ways to use it.

The only mistake you could make is to NOT order one while it’s over 40% off. Place your pre-order now on Kickstarter before early-bird perks run out to ensure you’re one of the first to don supreme graphene and look great doing it.

Learn more about supreme graphene and get your GAMMA jacket now at

Imezing WOWSTICK: A compact, ergonomic and powerful rechargeable drill

Unless you prefer to do things the traditional way, power tools are one of the best inventions of all times. Depending on your home garage setup, you can choose between pneumatic (compressed air) or electric models. A power drill is one type of tool that should be in every craftsman’s kit. Given that your average electric drill is big and loud, Imezing is crowdfunding its WOWSTICK.

Funny name aside, what looks like a large metal pen roughly about the size of a regular marker is actually a compact drill. Imezing probably wanted to make it appear like one since it does include a cap with a metal clip. For durability, The WOWSTICK boasts a premium matte unibody aluminum shell that houses its components.

It’s obvious this handy tool will not replace your power drill anytime soon, but it is perfect for DIY crafting. People who regularly work on hobbies and even professional tasks will find it surprisingly ergonomic. Since the motor sits closer to the chuck, it gives the 1.62-ounce WOWSTICK a lower center of gravity.

Moreover, the matte finish of its surface not gives its stylish aesthetic, but also provides a better grip. It should likewise improve accuracy while it’s in use. Imezing is CNC machining every component thereby giving it a clean minimal design.

The WOWSTICK includes eight high-carbon steel drill bits: 0.8 mm, 1.0  mm, 1.2mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8  mm, 2.0mm, and 2.2 mm. It is powerful enough to tackle many types of materials. Imezing lists wood, clay, resin, plastic, copper sheets, aluminum sheets, and more. Its 280 mAh battery fully charges in 40 minutes via a USB-C port and can last up to 2 hours of continuous duty.

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Images courtesy of Imezing

IKEA’s FÄLTMAL Is A Wearable ‘Quillow’ Aka Quilt and Pillow

Swedish company IKEA is getting into the fashion industry with the introduction of the FÄLTMAL. This is a “quillow” or a quilt that transforms into a modest pillow.

It looks nothing fancy when in pillow form but does its job if you need a place for your head to lay down on. It even has a mesh pocket and orange sippers that provide both function and decoration.

However, it stands out when in quilt form: literally. Unfold it open and IKEA’s FÄLTMAL turns into a wearable quilt that covers your body from neck to feet. It measures a massive 75 inches long and 47 inches wide so it can fit most body sizes. It comes with built-in arms similar to a Snuggie so you can wear it for ultimate comfort in chilly temperatures and you can be your lazy self when at home. I dare you to use it in one of your walks in the park or in public and see how many envious reactions you get.

Despite it being rather attention-grabbing, it functions as designed. It even doubles as a full-length sleeping bag and allows for greater maneuverability. It has a button fastening on the back to ensure it doesn’t slip off with your every move. Plus, it is lightweight at just 23 ounces. The mesh pocket becomes handy storage for small on-the-go items.

IKEA’s FÄLTMAL is made from recycled polyester insulation and a nylon exterior that are both machine washable. It is however not intended to be ironed, dry cleaned, bleached, or use in rain or wet weather.

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Images courtesy of IKEA

James Brand The Wayland Pocket Knife

When it comes to pocket knives, there are few options with as rich as history as the Barlow Knife. Originally invented more than 300 years ago in England and then perfected in America, the Barlow…

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UNDONE x Popeye & Friends collector’s boxset edition

A while back, we told you about a stylish and exciting label founded by Michael Young called UNDONE. In fact, the pieces we have featured in the past usually push the boundaries of what’s fashionable and functional. Another aspect of the label that keeps us hooked is their never-ending pursuit for awesome tie-ins on top of their comprehensive personalization options. Their latest venture revisits one of the most beloved classic cartoon franchises with the Popeye & Friends Collector’s Boxset Edition.

Some of you might recall that a little while back UNDONE gave us the Popeye Limited Edition “The Sailorman” timepiece. Meanwhile, there was also the Popeye Limited Edition El Capitan which was a great alternative for those who preferred the feel of metal with its stainless-steel bracelet. Of course, all 300 examples of each variant quickly sold out (likely snapped up by eager fans of the Spinach-fueled sailor).

A Welcome Return

Given its popularity, the watchmaker was surely considering another run to give those who missed out a chance. However, instead of a reissue – which some brands do – UNDONE opted for something vintage animation enthusiasts would go crazy over. The Popeye & Friends Collector’s Boxset Edition not only directs the spotlight on its namesake but also completes the long-running love triangle.

How you ask? Well, UNDONE is finally adding another two highly-collectible models to represent Popeye’s main squeeze and bitter rival. Longtime aficionados of the syndicated series will love the inclusion of Olive Oyl and Brutus in the set. The Popeye & Friends Collector’s Boxset Edition comes in an exclusive box adorned with the show’s protagonist.

Pop the cover off and inside you’ll find a high-quality print of each of the three artworks of Popeye, Olive, and Brutus set in an aluminum frame. The fun continues as UNDONE puts three transparent spinach cans with each respective watch unique to the Popeye & Friends Collector’s Boxset Edition inside. If you’re wondering, the units are hidden within the colored confetti.

Popeye & Friends collector’s boxset edition


Although the Boxset Edition of the “Destro” Popeye shares a lot of similarities with the regular version, one has to look closely to see that the bezel matches the case. instead of the printed indices with lume set on a dark navy blue background, it has raised bronze markings.

It might have sacrificed additional low-light visibility but this means the bezel, along with the case and crown, will develop a patina over time. The weathered look will give the watch more character.

A lighter shade of navy blue is used for the dial which also features Popeye in his iconic ensemble. His hands point out the minutes and hours while a red second hand adds some contrast.

For those who are still new when it comes to watchmaking terms, the “Destro” Popeye is called as such courtesy of the placement of its screw-down crown. Instead of regular configurations that have it on the 3 o’clock side, you’ll find it beside the 9 o’clock marker.

This setup favors left-handed individuals who normally wear watches on their right wrist. Nevertheless, you can still strap it to your left which keeps the crown away from your wrist.

Flip it over to view the movement through the transparent section of its 316L stainless-steel caseback. You’ll also find the Popeye script printed on it along with the watch’s number in the series. The “Destro” Popeye is paired with a navy blue fabric/leather strap with a bronze pin buckle.


  • Case Size – Excluding Crown (mm): 40
  • Case Thickness – Including Crystal (mm): 15
  • Case Material: CuSn8 Bronze
  • Lens Material: LEXAN Polycarbonate
  • Bezel Type: Rotating
  • Movement: Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism
  • Water Resistance (ATM/Meters): 10/100
  • Weight (Grams): 66

Although this outing is the fourth yet unique iteration of a Popeye character watch from UNDONE, it marks the first appearance of Olive Oyl. Everyone’s favorite spinach-eating sailor needs some company and the 34 Olive Boxset Edition is just the thing fans need.

While it is marketed as a ladies watch, nobody will likely tell you not to wear it. As long as the leather strap fits your wrist, go for it! A quick comparison with the regular 34 Olive shows us that there are striking differences between the two.

The 316L stainless steel case flaunts a rose gold PVD coating that extends all the way to the exhibition caseback. Much like the “Destro” Popeye Boxset Edition, the Olive Oyl script and serial number are likewise there.

Next is the crown, which, unlike the standard version, has a blue sapphire inlay. The lustre of the mother of pearl dial allows the printed image of Olive to shine. It’s clear that she’s madly in love with Popeye as dictated by the hearts around her.

To match the ladylike theme of the 34 Olive Boxset Edition are the Breguet numerals for the hour markers.Then there’s the black leather strap with matching rose gold pin buckle.


  • Case Size – Excluding Crown (mm): 34
  • Case Thickness – Including Crystal (mm): 11
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Lens Material: Hardened Domed K1 Crystal
  • Bezel Type: Fixed
  • Movement: Japanese VH61 Quartz with Sweep Second Hand, Date, and 24hr Display
  • Water Resistance (ATM/Meters): 3/30
  • Weight (Grams): N/A

Completing the trio in the collection is Popeye’s toughest enemy. Thus, it’s only fitting that UNDONE is crafting his timepiece with tougher materials. It arrives in a chunky 316L stainless steel case with a blue PVD coating that adds another layer of durability.

Next up is the metal bezel in black with a black zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) ceramic bezel insert. Owners will have a hard time (pun intended) scratching this from normal usage alone. Channeling the two-tone presentation of Brutus’ rival, the caseback is in black as well.

Meanwhile, the sapphire crystals on both sides should keep visibility in tip-top shape. Now, what makes the Aqua Brutus Boxset Edition stand out from the default trim is the red Cerakote crown. Once more, UNDONE is emphasizing this divers watch’s rugged nature.

It features a half-transparent dial with Brutus and his menacing scowl smack in the middle. This makes the date ring and other mechanical assets within visible. Still, a dedicated date window at the 3 o’clock mark will help you keep track of the day.

The Aqua Brutus Boxset Edition ships with a robust rubber strap with a black pin buckle. Along with the “Destro” Popeye Boxset Edition, it runs on a reliable Japanese TMI NH35A automatic calibre.


  • Case Size – Excluding Crown (mm): 43
  • Case Thickness – Including Crystal (mm): 16.5
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Lens Material: Sapphire Crystal
  • Bezel Type: Rotating
  • Movement: Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism
  • Water Resistance (ATM/Meters): 20/200
  • Weight (Grams): 118

To Wrap Up

Having watched several of the syndicated series when we were kids takes us on a nostalgia trip. All of the items within the Popeye & Friends collector’s boxset edition are serialized from 1 to 50. Most of which will likely be spoken for soon if you don’t grab one now. If for some reason you miss out, UNDONE is still offering the standard editions of each of the three watches, which we will be featuring in detail soon.

Purchase it now form UNDONE

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All Black Leather Boxing Speed Ball

Boxing is one of those ancient Olympic sports that, whether it’s because of it’s representation in film, history, title fights or the presence of local gyms, has always appealed to us because of the combination…

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The Q-BEAM BLUE MAX MIDNIGHT Is A Tough Tactical Light With a 30Ft Drop Resistance

Tactical flashlights are useful everyday carry items because they offer a host of features not found in regular handheld torches. Take for instance the Q-Beam Blue Max Midnight flashlight, which can definitely survive the outdoors with its weather-resistant construction.

This hefty battery-powered flashlight uses a 5-watt Cree XPE LED and provides enough illumination with 590 lumens. Made from highly-durable aluminum, it can withstand a drop of up to 30 feet and waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet. It even boasts an impact-resistance of 30 meters. Adding to its robust construction is its drop-resistant rubber cap.

The Q-Beam Blue Max Midnight flashlight runs on three D alkaline batteries and works with a tail cap switch. It offers three light modes including strobe and high and low beam and provides illumination for an amazing 18 hours and a max beam distance of 420 meters. That’s more than enough to shine a dark path in the distance. Despite the lengthy runtime, the LED bulbs do not overheat so

This EDC flashlight is also on the compact side measuring at just 13 inches in length. When it comes to tactical flashlights, they must also be comfortable in the hands and this one fits the bill. Despite the lengthy runtime, the LED bulbs do not overheat. This ensures you don’t get burned.

The Q-Beam Blue Max Midnight flashlight is also heavy enough to take a few solid hits and hit someone with. As a self-defense tool, the strobe lights are a great option although it also has a tactical bezel. Likewise, 590 lumens of light is already bright enough to blind an attacker.

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The Roofnest Sparrow XL Is For A Family Of Outdoor Enthusiast

Living in comfort off-grid is now possible with the vast selection of tents in the market these days. There are those that offer luxury living while others cater to the nomad who prefers simple yet functional like the Roofnest Sparrow XL.

This is a large camping tent that can house a family or more than four people with its 40-inch headroom and expansive interior space at 84″ L x 58″ W. It can also support a whopping 650-pound weight. It even comes with useful storage spaces and proper ventilation to provide a comfortable stay.

The Roofnest Sparrow XL features built-in gear storage for all your camping gear and gadgets (with a waterproof storage bag). It has three large doors and windows with bug mesh and canvas cover and ladder mounts on three sides. The large interior space itself serves as storage for all your bedding and other gear during transport.

Speaking of transport, this may not exactly be on the lighter side at 155 pounds and not compact at 86″ L x 61″. Yet, its features outweigh its size. It has an outer shell reinforced with fiberglass molded into an aerodynamic design which helps decrease road noise and improve gas mileage. Both the inside of the shell and the lower shell have an insulated layer coating and quilted fabric to reduce outside noise and for a “soft” feel.

Moreover, the Roofnest Sparrow XL comes with a telescoping collapsible ladder for access and a built-in customized foam mattress. It also has a solar mounting area and best of all, tough on outdoor weather. It features a waterproof wall made from a polyurethane-coated polyester and cotton blend.

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Images courtesy of Roofnest 

Sony’s next-generation PSVR for the PS5 will use these new VR controllers

Microsoft’s release of the new Xbox Wireless Headset earlier this week generated a lot of controversy. Upon pairing the headphones to the Xbox Series X, Italian gamers were met with a message saying something about a VR headset. A spokesperson later confirmed that it was a just localization error. Meanwhile, Sony is doubling down and revealing the new PS5 VR controllers.

In the past, Xbox boss Phil Spencer assures gamers that virtual reality is not in the pipeline for Microsoft’s next-gen system. Gamers on Sony’s ecosystem, however, have been enjoying the PSVR for the PS4 which also works on the PS5.

In February 2021, a post of the PlayStation Blog officially confirms the development of the PSVR 2 as gaming pundits keep calling it for now. PlayStation executive Hideaki Nishino was previously hinting about borrowing some features form the PS5’s DualSense gamepad.

The latest update from Sony finally takes the covers off the new VR controllers. Looking at the design it bears a slight resemblance to those of the Oculus Rift. Still, there are enough visual differences to quickly tell it apart. Unlike the dual-tone (white/black) theme of the PS5 and its accessories, this one is all black with a matte finish.

Sony confirms that the new PS5’s VR controllers are more immersive than ever. It will have adaptive triggers and innovative haptic feedback technology. These two are the biggest selling points of the DualSense. The pair features finger touch detection to add natural nuances to the gameplay. We can’t wait to see what the PSVR 2 finally looks like soon.

Discover more

Images courtesy of Sony

WESN Samla Friction Folder Pocket Knife

When it comes to pocket knives, there are few brands that have continually impressed us like WESN. Over the years, from their Titanium Micro Blade to the Henry, WESN has always delivered when it comes…

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Olight Baton 3 Premium Edition: An awesome EDC bundle for your collection

Among the EDCs that we regularly have in our bags, backpacks, pocket, flashlights are perhaps the most neglected. However, when the lights go out or when you’re in a survival situation that requires illumination, that’s when we find out how essential these tools could be. Olight was courteous enough to send over one of their latest models – the Baton 3 Premium Edition – for us to review.

After featuring several of their products in the past, we have high expectations for this one. As expected, the company did not disappoint. Just like when you order directly from Olight, the item shipped out quickly and was securely packed.

Unboxing the Baton 3 Premium Edition

The package arrives in a white box with the Olight branding on all side except for the top, bottom, and rear. The Baton 3 Premium Edition is available in three colorways: blue/black, red/gold, and black/dark blue. Ours was the latter and it is prominently on the box along with some of its features.

Equally notable is the bi-fold flap clasps to the side with magnets. What immediately greets you is a message from the Olight Team that reads: “Welcome to the Olight family! Enjoy your next level EDC experience with this Baton 3 Premium Edition.”

It’s a simple but meaningful touch that goes a long way with consumers. Thank you Olight! Next up is a sturdy yellow plastic sleeve with “getting started” information as well as some warnings on what not to do with the product within.

Taking it out, immediately greeting us is the Baton 3 Premium Edition within a plastic sleeve. Below is a pull-out tab that exposes a smaller box that holds the charging cable, instruction manual, and cleaning cloth. Olight’s attention to subtle details is certainly impressive.

The metal strain relief ends of the USB-A to USB-C charging cable matches the colorway of our variant and even includes caps to keep dust out. Bravo! These thoughtful nuances make technophiles like us happy.

Overview of the Baton 3 Premium Edition

For those wondering, Olight is also selling a standard version of this handy piece of gear. However, we recommend that one splurges a bit and goes for the deluxe bundle instead. Here are the key specifications provided:

Baton 3:


  • Dimensions *L x W x D* (Inches): 2.48 x 0.83 x 0.83
  • Weight (Ounces): 1.87
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Ingress Protection: Yes (IPX8)
  • Impact Protection (FL1 Standard): Yes (Up to 5 feet)
  • Charging Type: Magnetic
  • Battery Capacity (mAh): 550
  • Maximum Battery Life: 20
  • Maximum Brightness (Lumens): 1,200
  • Maximum Light Intensity (Candela): 6,889
  • Maximum Throw Distance (Feet): 545
  • Lighting Modes: 5
  • Light Source: High-Performance CW LED
  • Lens/Reflector Type: TIR Optic Lens
  • Strobe Function: Yes
  • SOS/Beacon Function: No

Baton 3 Charging Case:


  • Dimensions *L x W x D* (Inches): N/A
  • Weight (Ounces): 4.02
  • Material: Plastic (Soft-Touch Matte Finish)
  • Ingress Protection: N/A
  • Impact Protection: N/A
  • Charging Type: USB-C
  • Battery Capacity (mAh): 3,500
  • Maximum Charges: 3.5
Hands-On with the flashlight

Now that we’ve provided the specifications of the Baton 3 Premium Edition, let’s move on to the good stuff. Olight recommends that you fully charge it first, but there is some residual power left from when it left the factory.

To give you an idea, the charging case may be crafted out of plastic but there is some heft to it which is likely from the battery. It’s just slightly larger than that of the AirPods and AirPods Pro, which makes it very pocketable as most EDCs should be.

The cover flips open to the side much like that of a typical Zippo lighter and is secured in place when closed by a magnet. After lifting it up you’ll see the Baton 3 nestled inside with an insulating piece of plastic as well as an LED indicator on the edge.

If this is your first time taking out the flashlight, you’re probably wondering why it’s not working right? We were also in the same boat because we failed to pay attention to one crucial direction. It was clearly noted on the yellow sleeve upon unboxing that we should unscrew the handle and remove another piece of insulating plastic.

The aluminum alloy construction of this compact EDC tool gives it a durable vibe. The matte finish coupled with the textured grip of the handle makes it less likely to slip out of your hands. For added versatility, a two-way pocket clip and lanyard hole combo come standard.

Using The Baton 3 Premium Edition

With that out of the way, you can now turn on the Baton 3 by pressing the button once. To switch intensity levels, just hold the button down for a few seconds to cycle through the three main presets.

The lowest brightness level – Moonlight Mode — is accessible by holding down the button when the flashlight is turned off. To activate the Strobe function, press the button three times in rapid succession.

Finally, to quickly engage Turbo Mode wherein the unit emits a blinding beam at (6,889 candela/1,200 lumens) that is visible up to 545 feet away, press the button twice. Only enable this setting when absolutely necessary as it will quickly heat up the metal body.

After use, just slip it back into the slot within the charging case to recharge. Likewise, we want to point out that the magnets Olight uses are quite powerful. These keep the flashlight firmly in place.

There was no wiggle at all and it doesn’t even fall out. Trust us, we tried vigorously shaking the Baton 3 Premium Edition upside down with the cover open. It’s definitely stuck in there like a champ until you manually pull it out.

Our Takeaway

It should be obvious that we have don’t really have any complaints against the Baton 3 Premium Edition. Still, others might find it too small for other applications. This might be true, but the manufacturer actually offers a wide range of lighting products that will cater to what you need.

If you’re interested, the timing couldn’t be any better as Olight is holding a special flash sale for St. Patrick’s Day. You can avail of discounts of up to 35% off the regular price of the Baton 3 Premium Edition and other selected items with special bundles.

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The Braun BC21 is a 1976-inspired Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Braun’s DN40 digital alarm clock was arguably the first that looked technologically modern during its release in 1976. It had a sleek and minimalist design and suffice to say, it was a hit. To adapt to modern times, the clock now comes with an upgrade and this is where the Braun BC21 comes in.

With smartphones becoming a quintessential tech staple and LCD alarm clocks slowly fading into nonexistence, Braun turned to the convenience of wireless charging to hit two birds with one stone. In order to revive the importance of bedside clocks, the brand upgraded its classic DN40 with a Qi-enabled charging pad to power up smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices.

The non-slip pad provides 10W of fast charging and has overheating protection. It sits behind the self-adjusting LCD clock display to minimize screen time. Or to quote Braun, keep your phone “out of sight, out of mind.”

Meanwhile, the clock itself retains the fine physical qualities of the DN40. The Braun BC21 boasts an esthetically pleasing slimline design so it takes up little space on your bedside table. A hallmark of Braun’s design, the display is slightly angled back and the buttons on the back used to set the time and alarm set to different shapes so they can be controlled without actually having to look at them.

Aside from the wireless charging, the Braun BC21 also comes with a light sensor that automatically dims or brightens the display depending on the surrounding level of light. It also has a touch-sensitive snooze button on the top and an alarm that gets louder gradually the longer you ignore it. Likewise, the clock is adjustable to a 12 and 24-hour format.

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Images courtesy of Braun