hen we were at school only the cool kids truly conquered the art of skateboarding, but getting up to high speeds was more or less impossible for anyone. You may have looked at the Hover Boards in Back to the Future II enviously, we know we did. However, there’s something that’s even better known as electric skateboards.

With larger versions known as longboards, electric skateboards take cool and crank it up a notch. Forget about getting stuck in traffic on the way to work – what better way to arrive than on an electric skateboard?

In the past, electric motors were clunky and awkward, offering very little power or charge. They’d even take up a large amount of space. Fast-forward to today and you’ll find things are very different. Motors have been streamlined and now sit snugly on a board without creating an ugly lump.

The power issue has been sorted too – jump on a board and discover for yourself just how fast they can really go! You’ll get a good charge on an electric board too, it’s not going to run out after a couple of blocks. You might not go from the East to the West coast, but you’ll get a good distance on these things.

Inside we’re all still that gawky schoolkid who just wants to spend time hanging with his skateboard and looking cool. However, electric skateboards give you a chance to try the cool life once more. With just a flick of a wheel on your remote you’ll be on your way and with cruise control, all you need to do is stay onboard.

Using electric skateboards are so easy that within a few blocks you’ll be feeling like Tony Hawk in Pro Skater!

What are the main things to consider when buying electric skateboards or longboards?

If you’re want to get started and have seen a board you like, don’t take the plunge before you’ve done your homework. Not all electric skateboards are alike and there are some that are less than perfect.

The first thing to look at is the max weight capacity of the board, particularly if you’re a larger guy. Some boards have relatively low limits, so if you’re much bigger you won’t get the performance you hoped for. Bigger motors can help so that’s another top tip.

This can prevent the board from burning out under the stress of a smaller motor that might be working at its limit constantly.

What you’re going to use the board to do will be important. For example, are you planning on shredding it around the park or cruising to work each day? Look at the range you need. This is how far the board can travel before it needs to be charged again.

The length of time taken to charge could be a factor if you’re hoping to juice up in the middle of the day. Some boards will be ready to hit the streets in less than two hours while others take much longer.

Some boards cope with hills without flinching while others will end up being carried while you trudge up the incline. Depending on where you live this may or may not be an issue. If you live in hilly San Fran or Seattle, you might want to check out the hill capacity of the board.

Don’t forget to look at the weight of electric skateboards too. If you do end up carrying it you won’t want it to be too heavy.

What is the average speed of electric skateboards and longboards?

Sadly, there’s no simple or straightforward answer to this one. The truth is that there are just so many variables with electric skateboards that it’s unfair to compare many models on speed. It’s just like regular skateboards, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some state the comfortable speed they can go while others may not.

For example, a lightweight model won’t have the capacity to accommodate a meaty motor. This means it won’t be able to reach the top speeds of the bigger models. Conversely, larger and heavier boards will have more weight to drag around that ultimately will impact how fast they can go.

Some boards are built for long ranges, others are designed for tricks. That means asking about an average speed doesn’t really tell you much at all.

However, it is possible to describe the types of speeds you might find on various boards, to give you an idea whether the model you’re looking at measures up. Electric skateboards and longboards designed for beginners will be slower, with a top speed typically of 9-11mph.

As the power increases, the spec improves. The top speed will then rise to 15-25mph. You won’t really find any mainstream electric skateboards in the United States with a top speed above this.

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there are a few features that define a longboard and these can determine speed. A larger and more aerodynamic body and bigger wheels help the wheels to rotate quicker, providing those all-important top speeds.

What are the safety considerations when buying electric skateboards or longboards?

In the old days, you probably grabbed your skateboard and headed out without a second thought. However, with electric skateboards, you need to take a little more care. It’s easy to view an e-board in the same way as a traditional skateboard but the power and speed involved mean it’s a very different beast.

Step onto an electronic board for the first time and you’ll realize what we mean – just a click of the remote and the board starts to surge under your feet. It takes a while to practice your technique and if you have an accident at speed, trust us, it’s going to hurt.

That’s why if you ever head out with an electric skateboard you’ll need to use protection. No, not that kind! We’re talking about a helmet, along with wrist, elbow, and knee protection too. There are a few different types and not everyone likes them all so it’s a good idea to head down to your local shop and try some styles out.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable while being protected. Don’t risk becoming seriously injured for the sake of not strapping on your helmet.

Now that you’re all tooled up with the latest facts and info about electric skateboards, it’s time to meet the contenders!

1) Boosted 2nd Gen Black Dual+ Electric Skateboard

The Boosted brand is one of the biggest names on the skateboarding scene and with the 2nd Gen Dual+ they’ve released a board that’s hard to beat. The first version of this board was a market leader in many ways, introducing hordes of newbies to the delights of boarding electric-style.

However, the guys down at Boosted weren’t happy to rest on their laurels. They have been hard at work creating a new, improved version. Enter the 2nd Gen.

At a glance, the 2nd Gen looks pretty much like the first board with its black bamboo base and orange wheels. However, if you scratch below the surface, you’ll see even more impressive features. The Dual+ has the capacity to get up even steep inclines of up to 25%.

This is thanks to the two 1000-watt motors that lurk underneath.

The Bluetooth remote means you’ll always feel in control while the 80mm wheels provide accurate carving left and right. You’ll only get 7 miles out of a single charge but Boosted is working on an upgrade that should be available anytime soon.

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2) Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX Electric Skateboard

Strap on your helmets and get ready to tackle whatever comes your way with the Evolve Bamboo GTX. Designed to be suitable for all terrains, it’s sturdy and comes complete with 97mm wheels for a smoother ride. This is another skateboard which can take on hills of up to 25% but also offers a 3000-watt motor.

It packs a much more powerful punch than many other electric skateboards, clearly. There’s a top speed of 26mph, allowing you to really feel the speed these boards have.

These electric skateboards are a forgiving ride with a flexible base designed to absorb more challenging ground. In turn, this makes it easier on the rider too. There are a phenomenal 31 miles per charge offered, giving you plenty of juice to get wherever you need to go.

Adrenaline junkies will find there’s a fast mode that is ideal for getting around in rush-hour traffic. On top of this, a GT-mode comes into play for when you want to feel a flood of raw power. This is perfect for those steep inclines.

You don’t need to whizz around though as there’s an Eco mode for the days when you just want to take things easy.

The remote control fits easily into the hand so you won’t feel awkward while you’re riding. Including an LCD screen, the remote allows you to easily control the board. It even provides useful stats such as battery level, range, speed, and mode selected.

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3) Action Blink S-R Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking through electric skateboards that are capable of getting you around town locally, this is model is perfect. The Acton brand won’t make you spend a small fortune, as this model comes in at a reasonable price. It doesn’t have the power of some of the others.

However, for the price one pays for it, the performance of these electric skateboards is seriously impressive.

The Blink S-R is a lightweight board coming in at just 11lbs, which helps offset the smaller 500w motor. It still manages to reach speeds of 15mph and skips up inclines of 15% without batting an eyelid.

The riding comfort is one of the biggest plus points and it’s made from a combination of aluminum, maple, and bamboo. Targeted at students and those who want to get around locally, this board has plenty of plus points. The LED lights that run along the front, tail, and sidelights are a great safety feature for when you’re riding in the dark.

They even look awesome too, which is always important, right? There’s only a 7-mile distance per charge but with less than an hour to get fully charge up, it’s not too much of an issue.

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4) Swagtron Swagboard Electric Longboard

The Swagboard from Swagtron is one of the best electric skateboards on the market today. You can use it to cruise through the traffic to work or shred some cool moves at the park. It can truly do anything you want and then some. A full charge takes three hours to get you powered up. Meanwhile, the generously-sized board offers excellent grip when you’re on the move.

Lightweight yet tough, this board comes with an excellent remote that’s rechargeable and controls that are light and responsive. The remote allows you to brake and accelerate incredibly well and even has a cruise option available. This gives the board free-reign to do its thing while you enjoy the ride.

Despite all its promises, the Swagtron doesn’t have the best range as it only delivers 10 miles per charge. The top speed won’t excite speed-merchants either. Despite your best efforts, you won’t get it to top 11mph. That’s more than fast enough to do what it’s ultimately designed for, short-term travel.

However, when you can find other boards that reach speeds in excess of double this, it might not hit the mark for some. Despite this, it does provide a smooth and even rides as the polyurethane wheels aren’t just long-lasting, they’re also great at absorbing shocks as well.

The great budget price makes this longboard a real winner, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

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5) Atom Electric B10X Electric Longboard

The B10X electric skateboards have some serious bite and will drag you off-road for some fun and games. If you’re looking for an electric longboard that can handle all types of terrain, this offering from Atom Electric could be your boy. A set of meaty 100mm wheels doesn’t just look the business, they perform superbly too.

Throwing aside twigs, pebbles, and other obstacles in your way without a care, it’s an ideal board to go exploring with. However, you’ll only get 7 miles out of every charge but it’s backed by a throaty 1000w motor. That said, it’s 7 miles that you’ll remember!

If you’re hopping on for the first time, you can take things easy with the slow mode. However, when you’re ready to move up a level, you can switch to fast for a more thrilling experience. Unlike some other boards, there are just the two modes to switch between.

Despite this, you’ll be so busy having fun you won’t really notice the omission.

The board rides low, making you feel even more like Michael J, Fox on a Hoverboard than ever before. Meanwhile, the light-changing display along the battery looks pretty sweet too.

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6) Evolve Skateboards Bamboo One Electric Board

This board proves you don’t need to blow your budget to be able to execute some sweet moves and tight turns while cruising. The Bamboo One is great for carving and has a special system that has been designed to offer great flexibility while you’re on the move.

A medium flex gives you plenty of options and a base that’s 12” wide plus a short nose provides the necessary stability for an action-packed performance.

Where these electric skateboards really impress, however, is with their sheer power. They come with a potent 2000w motor onboard to drive you along. It is hardly surprising then that you could enjoy speeds of up to 22mph. You could even go up to 26mph if you switch to the larger set of wheels.

There’s no trade-off for the high speeds, however, as you’ll get a mighty 21 miles per charge. That leaves you oodles of time to cruise around town, taking hills of up to 20% in your stride.

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7) Boosted Mini-X Electric Skateboard

Don’t be fooled by the name, for sure. These electric skateboards are smaller than some of their peers but it boasts a performance that exceeds many others. Electric skateboards aren’t just for hitting the parks, they’re now offering a very real alternative to commuter transport.

The Mini-X has the perfect dimensions to do just that. At less than 30”, it’s smaller than other longboards from Boosted. It will also fit snugly into overhead storage or under your desk at work. Put simply, if you want to avoid the traffic and get to work in the coolest possible way, the Mini-X is the bad boy you need.

There are lots of reasons why the Mini-X is the practical choice. It takes less than two hours to charge fully, it’s relatively lightweight, and it has a reliable Lithium-ion battery. However, the reasons you’ll want to grab this board from Boosted is the 1000w motor. Combined with the smaller size, it simply roars into action.

You’ll have the benefit of a top speed of 20mph, which is extremely fast for any board. Thanks to the more compact dimensions, you’ll never have felt more stable. You’ll be able to whizz around for up to 14 miles too, so there’s plenty of juice available for you to play with.

The design of the board is worth a mention as well. It has taken many of its principles from snowboarding, funny enough. A tough core wrapped in fiberglass provides a ride that’s flexible without being too soft. It comes in being smooth and refined, making for a great ride.

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8) Liftboard Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

The Liftboard brand is one of the names that is setting out to transform the way the United States views transport. Their series of revolutionary electric skateboards have proven that they can possibly do just that. Chief among those boards is The Dual Motor.

It offers incredible power and the versatility to cope with commuting, country trails, or just hanging around town. A 7 ply maple board provides a sturdy base. Meanwhile, the trucks are made from high-quality powder-coated steel and can be adjusted to your preferred height.

Both single and dual motors are offered by LIftboard, but The Dual Motor has a lot more grunt making it suitable for taking on hilly terrain. The two motors provide a combined power of 1800w with a belt-driven mechanism that increases low-end torque. It also provides the ability to skip up hills without pausing for breath, quite useful for those in a rush.

The top speed is only 18mph but when you’re onboard, that’s still going to feel pretty darn fast. You’ll get an impressive 18 miles to every charge! The wheels are 80mm and graded as 78A, which is pretty great for a board like this. This means they’re hard and long-lasting while offering premium grip on the road.

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9) Lou 2.0 Electric Skateboard

For the ultimate combination of lightweight design and optimum performance, enter the Lou 2.0. A shortboard that’s versatile in every way, the Lou is great when used for commuting, practicing tricks, or just cruising around town. At just over 9lbs the Lou is one of the lightest electric boards around.

This is great for if/when you need to pick it up and carry it, meaning you won’t be lugging around a huge weight.

In this board, you’ll have the advantage of hub motors rather than the belt drives used in older designs. For those unaware, this has the advantage of delivering the power directly to the wheels. Thus, it makes it feel far more like an authentic skateboard ride than other boards may provide.

The downside of this compact board is that it’s smaller in size. Of course, that means less room for a better motor. This also sadly results in getting only get 9 miles per charge.

At Men’s Gear, we don’t recommend you ride your board in a serious downpour unless you enjoy face-planting in a puddle. However, the Lou is waterproof and dust-proof so getting caught in a shower won’t do any harm.

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10) Meepo Campus 2 Electric Skateboard

The Campus 2 electric skateboards are aimed at beginners so you won’t find a board that’s loaded up with supercharged extras or extreme speed. What you do get is a solid and dependable electric skateboard. One that provides riders the ability to handle low to medium speeds.

This allows people to know how to handle higher speeds later on.

The clue is perhaps in the name as it’s a board that’s perfect to ride around campus, or at the park. Aimed at younger and/or newer riders, it’s lightweight and convenient to carry around.

The Campus 2 board has a relatively good range at 13 miles, and can even climb hills up to 14%. That said, you’ll need two hours to charge it up before you can go out to play again. The maximum capacity for this board is on the low side at just 150lbs which is something for larger-framed riders to be aware of.

There’s plenty of alternatives that can carry at least 100lbs more. That said, if you’re a newbie, don’t let this put you off having a go on another board.

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11) Blitzart Tornado 38” Dual Hub-Motor Skateboard

We’ve included quite a few compact or shortboards on our list but the Tornado is a different beast altogether. You’ll create a storm on the streets with this baby because at 38” long it makes a statement. Bigger doesn’t mean slower on this occasion as the dual hub motors provide speeds of up to 23mph.

Switching from the belt system to a hub motor means the wheels receive the power directly. It’s a far more enjoyable and authentic skateboarding experience for the rider. There’s a thicker base, giving it more firmness, with 8-ply rather than the usual 7-ply. All sandwiching within 6 layers of maple wood and bamboo on the top and bottom.

Appearance is a big thing for Blitzart and they offer the choice of four different colors for the wheels together with other accessories you can customize. The lines are fluid with a pleasing concave shape that not only looks the part but also helps your feet to stay in the proper position too.

As well as the two riding speeds, there’s also a hold function as well. This helps to make it easier to get on and off the board without crumpling up in a heap. Their ergonomic remote comes with a handy wrist strap. That said, no worries about dropping it while you’re hurtling through the street.

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12) Boosted Stealth Electric Longboard

With the Stealth, iconic skateboarding brand Boosted take their collection to the next level. This is very well the fastest board that they’ve produced. Offering a top speed of 24mph, it’s an excellent choice for those who crave the thrill of extreme riding.

Coming in at a reasonable range of 14 miles, you can have fun for quite a while before you need to recharge.

Once you’ve managed to learn the handling, simply open up the Hyper mode. You’ll unlock an extra bit of speed. Other than the Hyper mode, there are four other modes that give riders an excellent choice. Those modes are called Eco, Beginner, Pro, and Expert.

The fiberglass, foam, and poplar core composition dampens down unwanted vibrations. This offers a smooth ride even over rougher terrain. The Stealth can whizz up hills of 25% without a problem and there’s a real grip about the wheels.

Regenerative braking helps to boost the battery to squeeze out a bit more on the distance end of things. Meanwhile, Pro and Expert modes seem to produce the best overall fuel economy.

These Stealth electric skateboards are a thing of beauty with many features to admire. It is worth mentioning that, compared to many other longboards, it’s a lot more expensive. You’ll have to decide whether the extra bucks are worth paying for the features you’ll get in return. To us, it’s certainly worth what it asks.

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13) Inboard M1™ Electric Skateboard

For a futuristic-looking board, the M1™ from Inboard is a top pick. Though it’s not quite as great as those amazing hoverboards from Back to the Future II, it is a close second. There’s a hi-tech vibe about the M1™ due to the lack of visible motors.

Integrated LED lights kind of add to the appeal as well as offering a safety element when riding after sundown. The core is made from flexible wood and surrounded with fiberglass. This mimics the design of some of the premium snowboards. All of this creates a truly superior ride.

Be warned, however, that this is a board truly made for grownups.

A powerful 1600w motor provides a top speed of 22mph. You’ll barely notice the hills as you glide effortlessly around the city. However, make sure you don’t venture too far because there’s only a disappointing 7 miles range per charge. The compatible Vision Mobile app provides information and insights.

This offers a way for the board to be future-proofed via regular firmware updates. Boarding planes with electric skateboards have, up until now, been a bit of a gray area. However, the M1™ has been approved for flying! This means you can board with complete confidence.

Take your board oversees and extend your riding experience to the max!

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14) Hover-1 Cruze Electric Skateboard

Many want to buy one of those electric skateboards on the market. However, many people want something completely different. If that’s you, we feel you’ve found what you’re looking for in the Cruze from Hover-1. Unlike the other electric skateboards on our list, you won’t need to ride while gripping onto a remote.

All the controls are managed via a clever foot sensor. This frees up your hands, making it comfortable to ride while still leaving you in control.

The concept was dreamed up by a teenager who couldn’t figure out the awkward hand remote. The teen didn’t like the jerky acceleration that’s often a feature of remote control boards. Hover-1 decided to make the change, all found in the Cruze.

You simply move the Cruze up through the three separate levels by stepping on a sensor. This sits at the back of the board for proper aide. Two beeps will sound to confirm the move has been executed successfully. There’s no need to try and squint at a tiny screen while the board is in motion.

You can choose cruise control, which keeps the board at the same speed. However, if you’re feeling confident, you can try the more challenging Braking Mode. In this mode, you press the sensor in the same way as a car accelerator. This makes the board simply speed up or slow down.

It’s not all sunshine with the Cruze. Sadly, it’s only able to reach a range of 9 miles and a top speed of just over 11mph. However, unlike many of the other electric skateboards, when you’re out of juice you can simply ride it like a regular skateboard, old-school style.

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Screeching to a stop!

Just like a newbie on an electric skateboard, it’s time to bring our countdown screeching to a stop. Sadly, we’ve finished our whistle-stop tour. However,  we think we highlighted the very best electric skateboards around. It is often difficult to truly find the best of any product. That said, we may have missed one that you enjoy.

If that is the case, we’d love to know the one you love.

We’ll be honest, before this, we never really thought about electric skateboards as a serious concept. However, technology has really shifted the boundaries. This made us take notice a while back and now we want you to join the future with us.

These boards are now a very viable form of transport, particularly over short distances.

Today’s top tech for new travel is the electric skateboard. It’s uncertain how long its amazing reign will be. Who knows what tomorrow will bring… maybe we’ll finally get that Hoverboard we’ve been dreaming of since 1985.