here aren’t many better feelings than cruising down the side of a mountain on a Harley-Davidson as you take in some picturesque views or flying down a moonlit highway on an impressive Ducati. Whether you’re a Route 66 adventure seeker, a grey nomad, or just getting to the office and back in style. It simply does not matter, for every good male biker needs a solid pair of motorcycle gloves for men.

They can rely on them to keep safe and look as cool as their bike.

The only problem is there are many different types of motorcycle gloves to choose from. We want you to enjoy more time on your motorcycle and less time at the shops. This is why we’ve gone out of our way to find the best motorcycle gloves for men on the market today.

Our Men’s Gear motorheads and motorcycle enthusiasts got together and sourced the best gloves. We then locked ourselves in our tool shed and only came out after deciding which gloves make the cut and which need to stay on the shelves. They made their choices by ensuring there’s a pair for every biker among our readership.

Why should I buy specialist Motorcycle Gloves For Men?

The benefits of wearing motorcycling gloves for men are plentiful. Even if you’re a tough biker with bulging muscles and an arm full of tattoos, you’re going to want some degree of protection in case of falls and crashes. Accidents can happen all the time, even if you’re careful.

A surface in poor condition or a gust of wind can send you tumbling. If you do fall, most gloves are designed with materials to prevent severe injuries and scrapes. This is probably the biggest benefit in wearing them.

They also protect your whole body. Sounds strange? Well, remember as a kid when you fell over a lot. You’ll remember you broke the fall with your hands usually.

Naturally, if you keep your hands protected, you’ll help keep the rest of you protected too.

The best motorcycling gloves for men also prevent numbness. It’s crucial that you can feel the vibrations of the bike when riding because as it aids you in controlling it. Hands get extremely numb when riding your motorcycle for longer periods, these gloves significantly reduce this. That means added control for safety.

The best designs ensure better grip when you need it most. This is especially important when riding through heavy rain when handles become slippery. The methods of improving grip can differ and there are some really innovative ones out there today.

However, a lot of time they center around adding friction to the palm of the glove or at the fingertips.

We’re putting down our clipboard and taking our health and safety lanyard off for just a moment here. Another major benefit is that many of these gloves are made with leather. This is great for insulating your hands. Let’s be honest, they look really freaking cool as well!

Are motorcycle gloves touchscreen compatible?

If you’re enjoying a weekend ride through breathtaking scenery or tackling the confusing lanes downtown, you can easily get lost. You’ll pull over in a safe place, wrestle with your gloves to get them off, then pull out a GPS. You may even hit up Google Maps to get you back on track. Or maybe, you hear an important call or text and need to answer or reply to it quickly.

Either way, the rigmarole of this little side road dance is a bit inconvenient. Thankfully, motorcycle glove designers have come up with a solution to make us get a smile. We might even see those gold teeth of the most intimidating looking biker. Okay, not all of the best motorcycling gloves for men on the market will do this.

Many of these motorcycle gloves for men have touchscreen compatibility. This means you don’t have to take off your gloves to start operating devices, like your smartphone or GPS. Manufacturers usually make this possible at the tip of the index finger.

While you won’t be able to type and hit buttons with your thumbs in the usual manner, you’ll still be able to operate your phone without having to take off your gloves.

In fact, they only make it possible at the index finger so you still need both hands to use your device. This is put in play to prevent stupid people from trying to text or call while riding. You, the Men’s Gear readers, are smarter than this, of course. Don’t worry, more than half of our list of quality motorcycling gloves for men have this convenient feature.

What Features should I look for when buying Motorcycling Gloves for men?

One of the first things to consider is your budget. On our list, the price of these gloves can differ considerably. We have included a broad spectrum of motorcycle gloves for men that are cheap. However, some are a little pricier to make sure we cater to every motorcycle enthusiast and their expectations.

Consider the season you’ll be riding in. We added several summer gloves with exceptional breathability and winter gloves too. However, these are very different.

Some of the summer models we added come available in a winter edition. Check out the pros section to see if there’s a winter style on offer.

Some of these motorcycling gloves for men have been designed for off-road dirt biking. Meanwhile, the majority are made for everyday main road use. This is really a choice between materials but an important one nonetheless.

A major benefit in wearing motorcycle gloves for men is the protection provided. Safety features matter for these gloves. In each product description, we’ve gone into every nook and cranny to explain how they keep you safe. Be sure to expect different levels of protection from different brands and designs.

There’s also comfort and convenience to weigh into your decision. Manufacturers make gloves comfortable in several ways. That includes the addition of foam padding and even a pre-set curved finger design to reduce finger fatigue.

If your budget is limited, you may have to sacrifice some of these features for safety – but not always. Another important question to ask yourself is touchscreen compatibility. Lastly, if you’re a guy with bigger or smaller than average hands then you may be limited to what gloves are going to fit you. Though we added gloves with various sizes available.

1) Alpinestars Celer Men’s Leather Street Racing Motorcycle Gloves

We start with these great full-grain leather motorcycle gloves for men by Alpinestars. These have a lot of fantastic motorcycling equipment out there. These motorcycle gloves for men are one of many we’ll be featuring, with this particular model available in two different color styles.

You can get them in complete black or you can add a little more color with a white, black, and red pair.

They’re a fantastic fitting pair of gloves with contours to match the shape of your fingers. They have been manufactured using reinforced leather finger seams, to give some extra durability. The finger and palm section have been designed to allow airflow.

That means your hands don’t get overly sweaty in the warmer weather. There’s also an effortless Velcro fastening and pre-curved finger design to reduce fatigue.

The index finger of these motorcycle gloves for men is touchscreen compatible. Although, it is better to use this when you’ve pulled over rather than on the road.

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2) Alpinestars Spartan Men’s Street Motorcycle Gloves

This may be the same brand but they’re certainly considerably different. Alpinestars makes tremendous motorcycle gloves for men, and we cannot overlook that. These gloves are made with spandex, artificial leather, air mesh, and even some foam padding to provide exceptional comfort.

Sadly, you can only grab a pair of these in black, but that doesn’t stop them being as equally awesome.

They’re abrasion-resistant through the inclusion of an artificial leather design on the palm and the thumb. They are complemented with knuckle reinforcement to provide protection in the event of an accident. That foam padding is found on the landing zone and will give you considerable comfort as you take the country bends or zoom down the highway.

These motorcycle gloves for men are a lightweight option perfect for the warmer months. If you’re looking for great men’s motorcycling gloves for the summer, we’d suggest adding a pair of these to your basket.

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3) Alpinestars SP-8 V2 Men’s Street Motorcycle Gloves

We swear we have more gloves than Alpinestars models. We simply cannot ignore that they’re churning out a lot of quality motorcycle gloves for men. The best thing about showing you all their gloves is that they’re all a bit different.

These ones are also made of full-grain leather to offer outstanding abrasion resistance and unbeatable durability. To help you keep in complete control at top speeds they’ve even added a PU and microfiber grip insert into the thumb and palm.

The palm also has reinforcement in the form of premium suede. With these gloves, your knuckles will be afforded the same level of protection. The reason is due to the polymer protection across this area.

The safety features of these motorcycle gloves for men are continuous, so we recommend checking them out yourself. Other features include Velcro closure, elastic wrist for a personal fit, foam padding, embossed logos. It even has touchscreen compatibility with the tip of the index finger.

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4) Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Men’s Motorcycle Gloves 

Last one we promise. The Alpinestars gloves we’ve shown so far have varied in price. However, these are mostly in the middle of that price bracket. They are made of a combination of materials, including leather and mesh.

The mesh on the back of the hand makes them much more breathable. However, this also means they’re not really suitable for winter riding.

Some of the most notable features here are foam padding and knuckle protection. The embossed Alpinestars branding makes them extra stylish. In fact, they’re so cool you’ll still look good wearing them without a motorcycle. Last but not least, these motorcycle gloves for men also have touchscreen compatibility with the index finger.

Go ahead and operate your GPS device without having to take them off.

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5) Madbike Stealth And Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

A cheaper option with phenomenal features and outstanding regard for safety, Madbike knows what they are doing. When they make motorcycle gloves for men, they take a lot into consideration. Maybe they’re called ‘mad’ for giving such quality away for so little?

Available in four different sizes in a predominantly black style, these have a lot to offer.

They’re another summer biking glove due to the breathability of the materials involved. The safety and protective features include a reflective part to help you be seen by drivers in early morning commutes and late evening rides. There’s also an anti-skid palm so you always feel in control and knuckle armor to put a Roman soldier to shame.

The index finger of the glove can be used to operate your phone or other gadgets. However, as it’s just the index finger, you’ll have to get used to using one finger. There’s only one question left, right guys? What size do you need?

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6) ILM Leather Air Flow Motorcycle Gloves 

If you want safety, you want these Leather Air Flow Motorcycle Gloves by ILM. They go beyond what we’ve already come across in terms of a protective design. There is a wrap-around external shell to protect your palm, fingers, metacarpals, and the side of your hand.

This shell looks badass too. It’s almost like something from Alien Vs. Predator.

This shell isn’t just useful in the event of a collision. It’s also shock-absorbent so every ride becomes more comfortable. If you do long journeys on your motorcycle, then this may be the answer your hands have been crying out for. It doesn’t end here either.

They’ve been reinforced in all the crucial areas to keep you safe. This includes double layers of leather and foam padding to prevent tarmac scuffs and skin abrasions.

It’s not just about safety for these gloves. Despite the leather, these motorcycle gloves for men are incredibly breathable. They have air channels at the top of the glove as well as perforated areas in the leather construction. This is used to maximize the flow of air. If all that’s not enough, they can be used with a touchscreen device.

They even come with a three-month warranty. Grab a pair in one of two colors or even in a winter version that extends over your wrists with even more protection. What’s not to like?

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7) Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves

If you’re a giant of a man and have been struggling to find a quality pair of motorcycling gloves that fit, we might have found your dream gloves. These motorcycle gloves for men from Joe Rocket come in two color options and six different sizes ranging up to a triple-large.

Their features are as impressive as their ability to cater to bikers of all hand sizes. The chassis of the glove is made from utility grade poly that is highly durable. Like all the best motorcycle gloves for men, they also come with a protective element across the knuckles.

This protective element is made up of polymers and stands out aesthetically.

To tick the comfort box, the glove palms have been padded with leather. They also rock that curved-finger design that we discussed earlier. This makes riding less strenuous on your finger joints. To top off these perks, the index finger of each glove has conductive material at the tip.

This allows touchscreen operation while wearing. There is a lot of glove for the price!

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8) Seibertron Dirtpaw Mountain Bike And Dirt Bike Gloves

Seibertron makes motorcycle gloves for men that are perfect for dirt biking. If you’re more of an off-road biker than a motorway speedster, then these pair of exceptional. They have proven to be somewhat versatile gloves and could be the right ones for you.

Heck, you could even do the gardening in them if you like.

When it comes to protection there isn’t as much on offer as what we’ve already come across and that’s probably due to their off-road use. In fact, the back of the hand is protected by the brand’s logo. The logo has actually been injected with rubber to provide a protective barrier.

The same method of protection is on each of the knuckles, albeit with graphics rather than their logo this time.

What they may lack in comparative protection, they certainly make up for in comfort. They come with exceptional padding and have a Lycra finger gusset. Speaking of the fingers, each one has silicon gripping to make riding easier too. If you’re not happy for any reason with them within 30 days, just call to get your money back.

Can’t get any fairer than that!

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9) ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle And Paintballing Gloves

It’s men against boys when it comes to comparing the safety of these Steel Knuckle Motorcycle and Paintballing Gloves by ILM.  We’ll get straight to the meat of it and discuss the fact that these gloves really do have steel parts to cover the knuckles and finger joint areas.

Is there any more of a masculine way of wearing a protective accessory than with steel?

Accompanying these steel barriers is anti-collision protection. They are obviously some tremendous gloves for those looking for safety. Plus, think of how threatening you’d be with these things. After all, you have steel on your knuckles.

When you turn your hand over, their anti-slip design will please you for sure. This will allow you to keep in firm control regardless of the conditions. This is useful as these motorcycle gloves for men can also be purchased in a winter version.

That means even the cold and wet days are taken care of.

These motorcycle gloves for men come available with a wallet-friendly price tag in over five sleek colors. We’d get the black and red one. What about you?

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10) Full finger Goat Skin Motorcycle Gloves

Nearing the end of our list of motorcycle gloves for men, this last pair is a little unique. Mostly in their choice of material, as they’re predominantly made with goatskin leather. You can actually pick up a pair of these Goat Skin Motorcycle Gloves by Superbike with different designs.

They have a lot of the features we’ve already had the pleasure of discussing. That includes a palm design to increase friction and make gripping easier, foam padding, and touchscreen compatibility. It even includes knuckle protection in case of falls and accidents.

An impressive addition is a buckle to lock each glove together when not being worn. This is a handy – pun slightly intended – feature to help you avoid misplacing or losing them. Forgetful guys huddle up.

It’s worth remembering that these gloves actually come available in many sizes and vastly different styles. Some are half-fingered or perforated. Meanwhile, others aren’t perforated or even come with a steel-armored knuckle area.

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The Finishing Line (or four!)

In this list, we’ve shown you what we believe are the best motorcycle gloves for men. We’ve taken a look at some exceptional gloves from top brands such as Alpinestars and ILM.

The gloves on our list offer great levels of protection on the road, as well as gloves offering outstanding comfort. We hope you found something you like.

Thanks for sticking along for the ride.