This Pant Is as Versatile as It Is Stylish

What if there was a pant that is as comfortable as it is durable? And what if we told you it offered four-way stretch, a streamlined fit and a dollop of abrasion resistance? Such a pant exists — the lululemon Bowline Utilitech 30″ pant. Whether you’re headed out to the farmers market, working from home or exploring your backyard, the Bowline Utilitech 30″ can handle it all. It makes use of a brand new material from lululemon called Utiliech. It was developed specifically to be abrasion-resistant, keep the comfort of four-way stretch and still feel natural to the touch. On the comfort front, the Bowline Utilitech 30″ makes use of lululemon’s ABC tech and a streamlined fit, which allows for a broad range of motion and plenty of room for varied body sizes. If you’re looking for a go-to pant to refresh your wardrobe this fall, look no further.

Buy Now: $128

Patagonia Wants to “Save Our Home Planet.” Here’s How

Patagonia knows its new mission to save planet Earth is impossible to accomplish alone. So the outdoor company is sharing every secret it has.

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Neck Gaiters Can Be Just as Effective as Masks, New Research Says

A University of Georgia study indicates that layers and material matter more than the shape of protective face coverings.

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The New Surface Laptop Go Would Make an Excellent “Extra” Laptop

If a Chromebook’s not your style, this $550 Windows laptop might be just for you.

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Searching for a Better Chef’s Knife? Just Get This

Tojiro’s gyutuo lets you slice and dice with ease — plus, it’s less than $100.

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Ready.Set.Van’s Camper Van Reveals the Honest Delights of #Vanlife

Camper van living seems like the perfect way to escape the madness these days. Ready.Set.Van’s rig proves that idea correct.

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Ford’s New Patent Reveals a Genius Plan for the Electric F-150

This x That: Some of the Coolest Modern Watch Collabs

When two unrelated brands combine their respective visions, interesting watches result.

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Can a Street-Legal Version of the Fastest Shoes Ever Work for Regular-Old Runners?

Now testing: Nike’s Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%, the everyday-wear heir to the speediest shoe in history.

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10 of the Best Denim Jackets You Can Buy

The Best Desks to Deck Out Your Home Office for Every Budget

Finally, Filson Is Making Its Own Jeans

The Best Thing About That Shitshow of a Debate Was Chris Wallace’s Chair

One winner emerged from Tuesday’s debate, and it certainly wasn’t civil discourse.

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The UE Fits Solve One of the Biggest Problems with Wireless Earbuds

Ultimate Ears claims that the UE Fits are the first-ever true wireless earbuds with instant custom fit.

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Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel Has a Worthy New Competitor

The rugged duffel duffel category is vast, but Black Diamond’s new Stonehauler makes a strong case for its place at the top of the pile.

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How to Buy a Mechanical Keyboard

The device you surely use for so much of your working day should be more than just a tool. It should be a source of pleasure.

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Segway Is Building a Cool E-Moped, And You Can Grab It Cheap on Indiegogo

The 10 Things You Should Get from the New Uniqlo U Collection

Enter to Win the Perfect Vintage Land Cruiser, and You’ll Help Children in Need

Donate to the GO Campaign and you could win one of Jonathan Ward’s incredible Land Cruiser restorations.

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