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This week we’re discussing the future of smart home tech, and a tech standard called Matter that will allegedly unite all our disparate smart home devices under one virtual roof. Then, luxury textile and clothing maker Loro Piana and many other similar brands are leaning into a new trend: tracking the production of wool goods all the way back to the sheep whose haircut provided the raw materials. Lastly, John Mayer and Casio teamed up on another G-Shock watch collaboration. It’s already sold out, but we’ll talk about our thoughts on the design, and thoughts on collabs like this. And we finish up with a quick lightning round of our favorite new gear from the past week.

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04:50 – Matter and the promise of a unified Smart Home

22:10 – Loro Piana customers can track its wool origins

34:49 – John Mayer x Hodinkee x Casio G-Shock = a very desirable, approachable collab

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