Originally commissioned for the G4 Challenge, the successor to the Camel Trophy, this 2004 Land Rover Discovery is only one of 200 G4 Editions. That said, this Discovery G4 Edition isn’t exactly a collector’s dream — if you couldn’t tell, this special edition Discovery extensively modified. But to hell with number-matching parts, this Discovery is as close to perfect as you can get.

First owned by Land Rover itself and used for the G4 Challenge, then sold to its first private owner in 2005, it wasn’t until this Discovery landed its second and current owner, in 2013, that it acquired all its glorious upgrades.

Underneath, the Discovery is clad with RTE Fabrication rock sliders, gas tank skid plate, RTE front skid plate and a lift kit with Fox shocks. The owner bolted on upgraded axles, gears and a locking differential on as well. Up front, there’s a Bill Burke edition Superwinch, and up top, you have a Safety Devices roof rack with Farmtech floor, and ARB awning and Q2 Rigid LED lights. If that wasn’t enough, the owner saw fit to add a Scanguage, Garmin GPS, and CB radio in the cabin and an ARB refrigerator and a 20-lb Power Tank with mount and hoses in the back.

Pulling it all is a 4.6-liter V8 with 110,000 miles on the clock, which, along with the Tangiers orange paint job, is believed to be original. So, if you’re looking for a factory-fresh, all-original 1-of-200 G4 Edition Discovery to add to your collection, look elsewhere. All the modifications on this example, however, were added in the true spirit of the G4 Challenge and Camel Trophy. (Plus, the Tangiers orange paint puts this in the running for the title of Gear Patrol’s unofficial mascot.)

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