Growing up, I always wanted a fire pit. I suggested it to my parents on numerous occasions, as I did with a pool and a trampoline, but they always vetoed it. Why? Not because it’s a safety issue. We were all Boy Scouts, my father included, after all. No, they didn’t want a fire pit because it would be a blight on their yard — they claimed it would be ugly! Also, it would get in the way of all our backyard soccer games and frisbee catches. It would be a magnet for stubbed and bruised ankles, they claimed.

Looking back, my parents might have been right. Maybe. But what if we got a portable fire pit instead? One that could be used and enjoyed, to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories over, and then packed up and stored in the garage — that’d be a game changer, right?

Enter the Campfire Defender Pop-Up Pit ($90) by Fireside Outdoor. It collapses and folds up very similar to camping chair, and then it sets up just as easily. It’s lightweight (less than 8 pounds), so carrying from prime spot to prime spot won’t be a chore. And it’s made of a proprietary stainless steel alloy so it can withstand being heated and then rapidly cooled over and over again. Lastly, because the design of it allows for more airflow. the fire actually burns brighter with less smoke than a traditional on-ground fireplace.

The Campfire Defender Pop-Up Pit is available now for $90, but you can get an extra 15-percent of your order by entering the code USA15 at checkout.