In the expansive world of watchmaking, Habring² is something of a hidden gem. The independent Austrian brand is run and operated by the husband and wife team of Richard and Maria Habring, who produce watches with elegant designs and special complications at fairly reasonable prices. The brand’s new timepiece, the Doppel-Felix, is certainly a testament to that.

The most remarkable thing about the Doppel-Felix is its movement: an in-house rattrapante chronograph. The rattrapante (or split-second) chronograph is unique because it has two seconds hands that can simultaneously measure two different times at once. Due to the complexity involved in creating them, they’re exceedingly rare and generally very expensive. Richard Habring, though, is a bit of a master in this rare chronograph function, having developed a way to add a rattrapante module to a Valjoux chronograph movement back when he worked for IWC.

In addition to that movement, the Doppel-Felix stands out for its beautiful retro design. The rose gold numerals look almost art-deco, and the dial comes in a beautiful brushed silver (with a pointer date configuration) or black. All this horological magnificence starts at around $9,600 (€7750). That’s not exactly cheap, but considering everything you get, it’s far from a bad deal.

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