No Oily Spray Required

This Little Gadget Creates a Force Field Against Mosquitos




Anybody who has used mosquito spray — which I assume is everybody — knows that there are obvious downsides. It’s oily. It smells bad. And it doesn’t always work. There are other alternatives to spray, of course, such as torches or candles, but those aren’t always effective either and are more sedentary. A better solution, and one that’s also portable (making it just as ideal for backpacking and picnicking as it is for the backyard), is Thermacell’s Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent ($50). It’s a rechargeable gadget that’s smaller than most Bluetooth speakers, and it’s super simple to use. Press a single button and it creates a 110-square foot protection zone force field against mosquitos. It doesn’t smell. You don’t have to lather yourself in an ointment. And it lasts up to 40 hours on a single refill. Bing. Bang. Boom.