This is The Only Smart Device That Every Meat-Loving Chef Needs




Knowing the temperature of your steak, burger, chicken or any other piece of meat is vital to cooking it to perfection. Which is why a meat thermometer is an essential tool for all chefs, whether they’re at home or in a five-star restaurant. This wireless probe thermometer, MEATER ($69), is a first of its kind because it lets you know the temperature of your steak even if you’re not in the kitchen or at the grill.

The single rod thermometer inserts into the meat of your choice like most other meat thermometers. But what sets MEATER apart is its companion app, which sends your smartphone updates on the progress of your meat. By measuring the steak’s internal temperature in real time, as well as the external ambient temperature in the oven or grill, MEATER sends you push notifications about estimated cook times and alerts so you can still play host and not overcook the meal. And cooking the ideal piece of meat is something all chefs aim to achieve.