Budnitz Bicycles isn’t a brand associated with affordability, but its latest commuter bike, the Alpha, crosses into that threshold. Unlike most of Budnitz’s made-to-order bikes, which are typically built on a titanium frame and start around $5,500, the Alpha’s foundation is aluminum. That’s the primary factor that brings its price down to just $1,490 (there are options to add accessories such as water bottle cages and bike lights into the build that can bring the price up, but not significantly).

While an aluminum frame does make the Alpha a bit heavier than the rest of the Budnitz collection, it still comes with a complete bike spec that includes a belt-drive-powered, eight-speed internally-geared hub, disc brakes and Budnitz’ objectively beautiful arcing geometry and attention to detail. Additional features include internally-routed cables and a carbon fork. For a commuter bike, $1,500 may still seem like a lot, but given Budnitz’s reputation along with the quality of the build, the Alpha represents excellent value for anyone looking for a more refined ride around town.

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