Even if you aren’t a pilot, Citizen’s flight-ready Promaster Skyhawk is ideal for the avid traveler. It combines a rugged case, feature-packed movement, and atomic-timekeeping to create a package that’s durable, functional and mind-blowingly accurate. The watchmaker’s latest release is an improvement on that winning formula with the addition of Citizen’s proprietary, scratch-resistant Super Titanium.

The New Skyhawk A-T comes in at a bold and striking 47mm in diameter, but it wears comfortably thanks to the lightweight and hypoallergenic titanium design. The solar-charged quartz movement inside — which never needs a battery change — accommodates an incredible array of features in addition to the time: a full perpetual calendar, dual-time display, a countdown timer and an alarm to name just a few. The analog-digital dial is then flanked by a slide-rule bezel, perfect for making calculations if you’re a pilot or simply starting conversation if you aren’t.

As a limited edition, only 5,000 pieces will be made. Given that, not to mention the titanium construction and the multitude of functionality the Skyhawk has, the current price-tag just over $700 makes it quite the deal.