Fin isn’t like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Instead of asking questions about the weather or songs or telling it to control your smart home, Fin can carry out specific and way more sophisticated tasks for you, like scheduling appointments, researching things online, booking vacations and purchasing gifts. It can even help you coordinate multiple tasks at once to help you plan get together or build a website.

The secret is that Fin is part virtual assistant and part human assistant. Each request gets sent out answered by a combination of AI bots and human operators. Most of your requests will be get completed by Fin immediately, but those that are more complex — like, “Hey Fin, tell me the differences between these three wines that I took photos of” — take a little longer. You can check on each of these requests to see their progress in the app. Afterward, the app will give you a detailed statement of exactly what it did to find your answers. And the more you use the app, it’ll get smarter and faster to use. It remembers your payment information, online passwords, frequently used addresses and stuff like that.

Fin was founded by Andrew Kortina, the co-founder of Venmo, and Sam Lessin, the former VP product at FB and Partner at Slow Ventures; and, after years of refining its technology, it’s now ripe for ready for anybody to use. Fin is a pay-as-you-go or subscription service. Monthly subscriptions start at $20 (up to $2,500), but if you use the below code, it waives our normal $20 monthly minimum so the service is entirely pay as you go. Try it out. It’s like having your own personal assistant, like Kim Kardashian or Chris Hemsworth (I assume), but way way cheaper.