Spring is finally here. Gear Patrol readers are taking notice by upgrading their outdoor gear, adding cast-iron cookware to their kitchen lineups, freshening up their warm-weather wardrobes and upgrading their coffee choices as well as the coffee makers they use to brew at home.

To round things out, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most popular products we covered in March. Read the full list below.

Bell Motorcycle Helmets

“The vintage-styled, dirt-focused MX-9 is currently 19 percent off. But the biggest savings are on the Bell Star line – you can look forward to saving $300 and still get a top-notch lid.” — Bryan Campbell

Urnex Dezcal Coffee Cleaner

“‘I’ve used [Urnex’s] food-safe cleaners in every shop I’ve ever worked in,” says Erika Vonie, Director of Coffee at Trade. “They don’t leave a residue or impart flavor when used correctly and leave your equipment factory-clean when all is said and done.’” — Will Price

Huckleberry Coffee

Huckleberry Roastery recently took home first place from the U.S. Roaster Championship. “Based in Denver, Colorado, Huckleberry Roasters has grown from a garage roaster to a global micro-farm sourcing powerhouse. Huckleberry offers plenty of single origins, blends and decaf options at varying roast levels — in other words, it doesn’t discriminate against your taste in coffee.” — Will Price

Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet Scraper

“Every person who has ever bought a cast-iron skillet, used it once, then stowed it under the countertop for the rest of time does so for one reason: it’s annoying as hell to maintain. You can’t scrape it up with metal utensils or paper towels, so what do you do? You buy Lodge’s stupid-simple $3 plastic scrapers.” — Will Price

Lodge 12″ Cast-Iron Skillet

“Good news: Lodge’s 12-inch skillet is marked down to just $25 at Amazon. More good news: the 12-inch is the perfect start to a new cast iron collection. As with all Lodge pans, the 12-inch comes pre-seasoned and ready to cook out of the box (we recommend starting with bacon).” — Will Price

Foehn Brise Pant

“We have a lot of nice things to say about Foehn. Whether it be their Brise pant or their hoodie we reviewed as a part of our best down jackets of 2019 rundown, our writers have been impressed with Foehn’s ability to balance style with functionality.” — J.D. DiGiovanni

Everlane Performance Chino

“Designing outside-of-the-gym clothing to perform like athletic apparel is far from a new idea. Instead, what makes these chinos from Everlane remarkable is that they don’t look like running tights masquerading as the kind of pants you’d wear to the office.” — J.D. DiGiovanni

Technivorm Moccamaster

“Launched in 1969, the Moccamaster became the first coffee maker ever approved by the Specialty Coffee Association’s rigorous home brewer program. It’s easy as hell to use and still has a sleek ’60s aesthetic.” — Will Price

Arc’teryx Atom SL Jacket

“Arc’teryx specializes in a high-performing and good-looking city to mountain gear — making it a favorite brand around the GP offices.” — Meg Lappe

Naglev Unico Hiker

“A pair of handmade hiking boots can cost as much as $750, but right now there’s a pair made by a small Italian brand called Naglev available for $173, which is 25 percent off its regular price of $230. Before you discount that as small change, know that the shoe, called the Unico Hiker, is unlike any other hiking shoe available (it’s also on our list of the best hiking boots available).” — Tanner Bowden

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