These Sport Insoles Increase Performance From the Ground Up




There is a lot of gear out there designed to elevate your athletic performance. Insoles are rarely thought of as a boon to athletic performance, but that’s because not all insoles are like VKTRY Gear’s insoles.

Proven to increase explosiveness by over 9 percent on average, increase vertical by an average of 1.6 inches and decrease 40-yard dash time by .12 seconds, VKTRY Performance Insoles are made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber in a patented curved shape to return the energy an athlete generates. This comes back in the form of increased power, speed and agility. They also provide added support, stability and shock absorption to protect against lower body injuries. There’s a reason why 44 NFL, NBA and MLB teams and over 100 NCAA teams wear VKTRY Performance Insoles: they can offer an explosive edge.

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