Get Ready for the “Super Ferrari”

Recently an invitation to the debut of the new Ferrari supercar went out. That invitation was then posted to Ferrari chat and showed some interesting info about the upcoming car. First, it showed that the car will come on May 31 in Maranello. The second thing it showed was that the car will come with 986 hp, which is the power stated once converted from the French power metric represented by CV. 

According to Motor Authority, the car will have a regular production cycle, meaning it won’t be a limited edition model like has been the case for other flagship supercar models from the company. The publication also speculates on the type of powertrain the car will get. 

The rumor is that it will be a hybrid powerplant. Ferrari could use a V6 or V8 engine in the hybrid powertrain. Both engines have been rumored to be under development. If the model is to be a true range-topping model, then it will likely use a V8. 

The hybrid model will most likely be able to drive on electric power alone for a notable distance. According to Motor Authority, recent spy footage showed a car traveling silently down the road so you can expect some kind of battery-only range. 

The invitation gives some other details like the itinerary and some other language. You can view the full image of the invitation below. 

Ferrari Invitation

Ferrari Invitation