Another full-scale Lego Ferrari has been built to awe visitors at the toy company’s theme parks. A low-resolution Ferrari Monza SP1 has been built out of plastic bricks at Legoland Billund Resort, located in the same Danish town as Lego headquarters.

Like other full-size Lego cars before it, the Monza SP1 is built around a steel frame to hold the considerable weight of the blocks. The model tips the scales at 2,954 pounds, almost as much as the actual car, which weighs in at 3,306 pounds.

The Lego version comprises 383,610 pieces and took a team of Lego designers 1,414 hours to complete. Only a few items on the model aren’t made of Lego bricks: the wheels and Pirelli tires, a carbon-fiber steering wheel, and assorted badging. 

This is the second 1:1 scale Lego Ferrari to be installed at a Legoland. A year ago, Legoland California became the first when a life-size Ferrari F40 became part of its Lego Ferrari Build and Race attraction. The Monza SP1 headlines a similar attraction in Denmark, allowing kids to build their own (much smaller) Lego Ferraris.

They can then race the cars on a track at the attraction, or digitally scan their creations and race them virtually on a simulation of Ferrari’s own Fiorano, Italy test course.

The Monza is just the latest life-size car to be constructed out of Legos. There have been many other official and unofficial builds, including a Ferrari F1 car, Lamborghini Sian, Bugatti Chiron, McLaren Senna, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevy Silverado, VW Microbus, Toyota Camry, and even fictional vehicles like the Batmobile. Hopefully the Monza will be one that holds up