Chairs are one of the most essential pieces of home decor. However, because they rarely go beyond convention in terms of design, they’re often ignored and brushed off. Worse, people rarely consider them as something that can be a conversation starter.

So comes furniture designer Kirill Fedorenko, who wants to prove that experimental chairs may fit into households. Bizarre furniture don’t just belong in showrooms. They can blend perfectly within your home, and the Air Lounge Chair is one example of that. The Air Lounge chair sheds away the unnecessary and superfluous. Instead, it opts for a barebones, minimalist take on a piece of furniture we’ve known our whole lives.

Fedorenko constructed the chair from plywood components. These act as the skeleton for the integrated elasticated rope, which then acts as the seat. The undulating braid of the rope means that it will be able to support any type of person, stretching downward to offset the weight and provide a laid-back experience.

Despite the overall minimalist approach, the chair does boast some ounce of flair, still — the rounded edges slope toward a sharp end pointing upward, providing it a slightly more brutal aesthetic; and the rope stitching is visible on the side frames, greatly complementing the plywood framing.

That combination of plywood and rope makes the Air Lounge Chair not only straightforward, but also elegantly stripped-down to its bare essentials. Fedorenko brilliantly deconstructed the components that make up a chair, took just the necessary elements, and made something functional and memorable in equal measure. This one is not to be missed. You can check out his Behance page for more information, and while there, you can view his other projects as well.


Photos courtesy of Kirill Fedorenko