This 120-foot oceanic beauty, Tecnomar’s latest, is an aluminum-made yacht that blends performance, style, and incredible engineering, to create one of the most striking marvels modern naval architecture has ever seen. Meet the Tecnomar Evo 120.

You might have heard of Tecnomar before. They’re an Italian custom yacht builder that finds a “balance between the elegance of the best Italian nautical tradition, use of technologies, and highly innovative materials.” As such, the Evo 120 is a complete evocation of those principles, with its beautiful complex hull featuring intricate compound curves and niches made from aluminium.

Looks are only half the battle. Thankfully, this yacht doesn’t pull its punches in terms of performance. The main engine of the Evo 120 Ice can output up to 2x 1939kw and soars at a top speed of 26 knots — considered the limit for comfortable refined cruising.

Inside, you’ll find two smaller sliding doors on either side of a central external wet bar. The bathing platform coaxes guests into a glamorous space with twin curved low riser staircases leading to the aft cockpit. The platform’s sides come in a gorgeous teak to match the deck.

Up top, the sun deck boasts an infinity pool in addition to port and starboard covered relaxation areas. The main saloon itself has picture windows, with fantastic views that make up for the lack of a functioning balcony. There’ll be plenty of other things to look at, though. Like the four backlit Carrara marble panels that Tecnomar handpicked to keep up with Roman tradition.

The Evo 120 has already been sold to clients in Asia, and is expected to set sail pretty soon. Tecnomar says max guest accomodation is between nine to 11 people, in addition to a maximum of five crew members.


Photos courtesy of Tecnomar