Would you agree that some of the most striking designs are often inspired by nature? Architects, engineers, and artists often turn to the natural beauty we see around us to draw ideas for their works. Occasionally, even animals become the muse, which is what the Whale Trailer Cabin channels here. If you’re overlanding anytime soon, keep a close watch on this one.

Aside from cycling, the ongoing pandemic is seeing a surge of people heading outdoors. Perhaps it’s to distance themselves from high-risk areas like the city. Others, meanwhile, are just eager to hit the road for an adventure. RVs are the ideal platform when you crave the creature comforts of home but on wheels.

Another would be camper trailers which is what this is. Credit for this crazy concept goes to Hu Yong, for an outline that resembles the majestic marine mammal of its namesake. The Whale Trailer Cabin sports a stylish gradient blue coat which gradually transitions into white at the bottom.

It may not look exactly like the animal during transport but wait till everything is deployed. When you are ready to hunker down, sections of the camper trailer open and extend to reveal even more. There are talks of its modular characteristic, yet the images show us the default trim.

The specifics are difficult to pin down for now given it’s still in the concept stages. However, we do know that it will be enough for a family. Cozy interiors, a slide-out kitchen, pop-top roofs, huge windows, and more make any location seem like home. The Whale Trailer Cabin should provide an experience that makes you want to stay a nomad longer.

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Images courtesy of Hu Yong