Toronto, Canada

Toronto is also one of the coolest and futuristic cities with its advanced AI financial technology. It is the center of the financial sector of Canada and the second-largest in North America.

Its multicultural environment is its strength that fosters a spirit of innovation. In a 2017 survey, 54 percent of applicants hired in AI companies are international applicants who mostly came from India, China, and Brazil.

Also, it facilitates business start-ups to grow and thrive. The city is home to the highest number of AI start-ups and still growing, with an 88 percent increase this year.

Furthermore, banks in Canada have a long history of commitment to technological innovation. These institutions are taking advantage of the enormous opportunities of AI technologies to improve their financial system.

Toronto’s skyline, meanwhile, represents the city of the future. It tells stories of different historical periods, from its skyscrapers built in the 19th century to the baffling post-modern design of the Gehry Project. The 20th-century CN Tower Edge Walk is a bucket-list item for many travelers.

Toronto has an extremely vibrant nightlife, too. Because of its cultural diversity, it offers a vast choice of delicacies from all over the world.

The city has ultimately become one of the most dynamic places to live, where more than 50 percent of its residents were born outside Canada. They mostly came from India, China, Philippines, Pakistan, UK, Italy, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Iran, Portugal, Guyana, USA, Poland, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Indeed, the city stays true to its official motto, “Diversity Our Strength,” by having more than 250 ethnicities and 170 represented languages in Toronto Region.