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McLaren 600LT is the latest track-ready McLaren

McLaren has finally revealed its latest hardcore, track-ready sports car. It’s the 2019 McLaren 600LT, with the LT standing for “Longtail,” a designation that started with the McLaren F1 GTR racecar. According to the company, this is only the fourth car in the company’s history to have the name. And like the previous LT models, it features more power, less weight, and a bunch of special performance parts to separate it from its more common brethren.

On the power side, McLaren upgraded the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8’s cooling system, and fitted a new exhaust system. That exhaust exits out the top, as shown in teaser images leading to the reveal, and it reduces the amount of back pressure in the system. The upgrades help the engine to make 592 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque. That’s an increase of 30 horsepower and 14 pound-feet of torque over the 570S.

That may not sound like a huge amount, but remember this car weighs much less than the 570S. In fact, McLaren says the 600LT weighs 211.6 pounds less, which is quite a bit. The weight loss comes from a number of areas. The car features lots of carbon fiber body work, which has also been redesigned to add more downforce. It also lengthens the car by 2.9 inches, earning it the LT name. The new exhaust is lighter, too, in part because it’s vastly shorter. McLaren says it’s shorter even than the exhaust on the Senna track car. The suspension features forged aluminum components and lighter brakes from the current Super Series (720S) line. It also gets the seats from the McLaren P1. For even more weight loss, buyers can pick a carbon roof, vented front fenders, and the seats from the McLaren Senna as options from McLaren Special Operations. And while we’re on the topic of the 600LT’s upgrades, it also has a quicker steering rack and stiffer engine mounts.

McLaren will begin production of the 600LT this October, and the car will only be built for one year. The company didn’t specify a specific number of units, so it will probably build as many as it can or as ordered during the year, and once it’s over, there won’t be any more. Pricing hasn’t been set for the United States, but the company did note that the purchase price will also include a day at the track with professional instruction on how to drive the car.

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Mclaren 570S-based track car spied at the Nurburgring

We’re just a few days away from the reveal of Mclaren’s latest car, a track vehicle of some sort, but new spy shots give us a sneak peek at the new car. It’s unquestionably based on the McLaren 570S and its Sports Series variants. It also looks like a pretty hardcore machine.

We can tell this is the car McLaren has been teasing the last few weeks because it has the same top-mounted exhaust, and the same taillights and extreme diffuser. There are a number of details we weren’t able to see in the teaser images, though. A big one is the big rear wing on the back. It’s matched by deep side splitters with tall fins for channeling air. And of course there’s a deeper front splitter to finish things off. It also appears that the intake scoops on the sides are a bit larger than on the normal 570 models.

McLaren hasn’t revealed any specifics about this new vehicle. All the company has said is that this will be a serious, no compromises track car. It’s a safe bet that it features a number of suspension upgrades to go along with the aerodynamic changes. It’s possible that it has more power, too, just as the 675LT had more power (and a revised name) compared with the 650S. We won’t have long to wait for the details, since McLaren will show the car on June 28, and it will be driven at Goodwood on July 12.

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New McLaren coming, looks like a high-performance 570S

McLaren has a new model coming out soon, and to announce it, the automaker released the above teaser image and the below teaser trailer. Though there isn’t much detail in the announcement, we can tell a fair amount from what the company did release.

[embedded content]

First of all, the car in the image looks like a variant of the current Sports Series McLarens, which include variations on the 570S. This is based on the taillight design. It’s probably a high-performance version, too. The image shows this model has a far more aggressive diffuser, a new air outlet on the edges of the bumper behind the rear tires, and no visible exhaust tips. We do know that this car has some sort of internal combustion engine, though, since the trailer features a high-pitched, urgent exhaust note.

Further evidence of the high-performance nature of this McLaren comes in the phrasing used on the promotional website. It uses phrases such as “raw and uncompromised,” “total focus,” “pure adrenaline,” and “the edge is calling.” This is definitely some sort of extra fast, probably track-oriented McLaren 570. Maybe it will be called McLaren 570 GTR. Only time will tell, and how much time is also a mystery, since McLaren simply said the car is “coming soon.”

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