We’re just a few days away from the reveal of Mclaren’s latest car, a track vehicle of some sort, but new spy shots give us a sneak peek at the new car. It’s unquestionably based on the McLaren 570S and its Sports Series variants. It also looks like a pretty hardcore machine.

We can tell this is the car McLaren has been teasing the last few weeks because it has the same top-mounted exhaust, and the same taillights and extreme diffuser. There are a number of details we weren’t able to see in the teaser images, though. A big one is the big rear wing on the back. It’s matched by deep side splitters with tall fins for channeling air. And of course there’s a deeper front splitter to finish things off. It also appears that the intake scoops on the sides are a bit larger than on the normal 570 models.

McLaren hasn’t revealed any specifics about this new vehicle. All the company has said is that this will be a serious, no compromises track car. It’s a safe bet that it features a number of suspension upgrades to go along with the aerodynamic changes. It’s possible that it has more power, too, just as the 675LT had more power (and a revised name) compared with the 650S. We won’t have long to wait for the details, since McLaren will show the car on June 28, and it will be driven at Goodwood on July 12.

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