McLaren has a new model coming out soon, and to announce it, the automaker released the above teaser image and the below teaser trailer. Though there isn’t much detail in the announcement, we can tell a fair amount from what the company did release.

[embedded content]

First of all, the car in the image looks like a variant of the current Sports Series McLarens, which include variations on the 570S. This is based on the taillight design. It’s probably a high-performance version, too. The image shows this model has a far more aggressive diffuser, a new air outlet on the edges of the bumper behind the rear tires, and no visible exhaust tips. We do know that this car has some sort of internal combustion engine, though, since the trailer features a high-pitched, urgent exhaust note.

Further evidence of the high-performance nature of this McLaren comes in the phrasing used on the promotional website. It uses phrases such as “raw and uncompromised,” “total focus,” “pure adrenaline,” and “the edge is calling.” This is definitely some sort of extra fast, probably track-oriented McLaren 570. Maybe it will be called McLaren 570 GTR. Only time will tell, and how much time is also a mystery, since McLaren simply said the car is “coming soon.”

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