It seems that last weekend was not a good weekend for Robert Herjavec. The Shark Tank star was allegedly driving around Beverley Hills early on Saturday morning when it appears that he lost control of the hypercar. The photo below was posted by the Beverley Hills Police department who attended the scene.

According to witnesses, Herjavec was driving the LaFerrari when the accident happened. The hypercar was being driven in excess of the speed limit when it hit a tree at the side of the road. It has been reported that the driver’s passenger was ejected from the car as she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Contradicting the above account, Beverley Hills police department confirmed on their instagram account that there were no injuries. Surely if someone was ejected through from the window of a LaFerrari during a high speed crash, they would have suffered at least some injury?

The damage to the front end of the hypercar looks fairly extensive. The front left wheel looks to have been ripped from its arch. The entire front bumper is also destroyed. Key to the assessment of whether the car is a complete loss will be finding out whether the carbon tub has remained intact.

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