From Porsche to a 12-Speed

Priority’s Newest Bike is All-Terrain, Yet Still Low-Maintenance

Here at Gear Patrol, we’re big fans of Priority’s low maintenance, high reward bikes. I tested out the Classic NeverFlat for a couple of weeks and now have been riding the company’s Classic Plus Gotham Edition for about a month. Priority continues to push the envelope on bikes that are a joy to ride and easy to maintain. Today, Priority launches the Priority 600; a car-inspired bike meant to ride on roads, gravel and dirt without breaking a sweat.

The 12-Speed Pinion Gearbox was designed by two former Porsche transmission engineers to offer loads of power and adventure to every single rider. It sits between the pedals so you won’t feel a weird weight imbalance and it only needs to be oiled every 6000 miles — plenty enough for any commuter.

Paired with the same great gates carbon belt drive and all-weather composite fenders, this bike is geared up and ready to go for all the excursions you can think up. The bikes start shipping on June 18th and if you use code VELOFIX600, you’ll get a free Velofix white glove delivery.

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