If you’re an adventurous guy, today’s mini post is going to have you wanting to know more. The Overland Exposition West 2018 ended without a shortage of incredible gear to browse through. Probably one of the most awesome unveils was an “Overkill Adventure Trailer”. The name will prop the ears of even van-lifers and nomads dedicated to their old trusty vans.

This model, the S.O.5.10, has been manufactured by the type of people that would use it – outdoor enthusiasts and explorers. This wasn’t a quick stop off to the drawing board on the way to the manufacturing centre. This is the product of many years of thorough experimentation and testing. Boy did it pay off! They have created the perfect off-roading travel buddy.

It is extremely rugged. It has a beard, tattoos and is waving an axe around menacingly. Well not exactly, but it’s a tough companion you want on your side in any extreme or relaxing adventure. Its steel skeleton is insulated and boasts a laminate interior to die for.

It is made even stronger with the addition of raptor coating applied to its frame, fenders, bar work and underfloor. It provides a fantastic kitchen preparation space as well as a folding faucet, sink, propane hardlines, queen bed, LED lighting. What more could the nomadic life need?

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