We believe that all it takes is just one look and you’ll instantly be drawn to this unrivaled seaworthy beauty—the Otam 85 GTS. Its design was conceived by the celebrated French architect, Joseph Dirand, who drew inspiration from the striking magnificence of supercars. The influence was so apparent in his earlier sketches, so much so that it reportedly incorporated gullwing doors. However, the final draft was adjusted according to the wishes of an interested buyer.

Dirand made the necessary changes to slightly tone down the automobile motif but still maintain an exotic opulence that most yachts of its class should have anyway. Yet, this meant that the gullwing doors had to go—too bad, we personally felt it could have added to the 85 GTS’ allure. Nevertheless, you can see that the end product is still a breathtaking combination of style, luxury, and modern technology.

Yachts are made to be flaunted and enjoyed by its owner. Therefore, this particular model carries all of the bells and whistles that should impress anyone who climbs aboard the vessel. Ample lounging spaces are available from the bow to its stern as well as a swim platform. The helm likewise houses a bar and galley, which seems ideal given that the roof and windows keep the elements away.

Otam reveals that within the ship’s hull sits two full-beam master suites alongside a dinette/living room space. We also admire the lavish laminated wood panels that are perfectly distributed all around.

The Yacht is certainly no slouch when it comes to power—given the dual 2,600 hp MTU engines paired with Arneson surface drives. The 85 GTS can reach cruising speeds of 38 knots with a top speed listed at 45 knots.

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