Lego launched a replica of the Lamborghini Countach years ago as part of its Speed Champions collection, but the model is more of a toy than a collector’s item. The brand has since announced a second Countach, and this time it’s a huge model with scissor doors and a V12 engine.

Designed for adult builders, the kit consists of 1,506 parts that come together to make a Countach that’s approximately 13 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall. Lego included a stunning amount of detail: the scissor doors — one of the Countach’s defining styling cues, which Lamborghini still uses on its modern-day flagship models — swing up to reveal a red interior with two seats, a wide instrument cluster with Lamborghini-branded gauges, and climate control buttons on the center console. Lego even remembered the matching door panels.

The proportions are Countach-like and about as accurate as you can hope for when working with bricks. The NACA ducts on both sides, the air intakes located right behind the doors, and the massive rear spoiler are all present. The rear wheels are wider than the front ones, like on the real car, and the front ones turn with the steering wheel. There’s a replica of the 5.0-liter V12 stuffed in the engine bay as well.

Lego’s replica of the Lamborghini Countach will go on sale in stores around the world on July 4. It’s priced at $180 excluding tax. For context, the smaller and less detailed Countach costs around $25, while putting the real thing in your garage can easily cost over $500,000.