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This App Tells You What You Can Build Out of a Pile of LEGO Bricks

Despite the fact we’ve all “grown up” since our introduction to LEGO, the magic of building something from nothing but tiny plastic bricks remains as appealing today as it was during childhood. These days, we’re…

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The Latest R2-D2 LEGO Set Is the Most Advanced Yet

We’ve spent more of our adult lives building LEGO Star Wars sets than we’d care to talk about, but as long as the iconic and popular brick builder keeps churning out sets like this latest…

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LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Kit

When it comes to building models of your favorite National Aeronautics and Space Administration vehicles, you won’t find better than the options from everyone’s favorite brick-builder, LEGO. Joining the likes of the LEGO NASA Space…

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LEGO Creator Porsche 911

As much as we adore the LEGO versions of the ultra-modern Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Sian hypercars, our heartstrings get plucked by the new LEGO Creator Porsche 911, which captures the 1980s air-cooled 930 911…

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LEGO Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is one of the seven man-made wonders of the world, and this 9,036-piece LEGO version of it might just be the eighth. A faithful bricked re-creation of the famous 80,000-person capacity oval…

Nissan teams with Lego for 2020 GT-R Nismo

If you can’t afford to get your hands on a Nissan GT-R Nismo but have always wanted to own one, here’s your chance. The automaker is partnering for the first time with Lego Group to debut a Lego version of the GT-R Nismo supercar, set to debut in stores globally in January.

It’s the first-ever partnership between Lego and a Japanese carmaker, and it’s one of the first offerings in the 2020 Speed Champions-themed sets, which currently feature everything from a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to a McLaren Senna. The 2020 Speed Champion models will also grow 25% larger than previous-year versions.

Helpfully, Nissan provided some specs comparing the 2020 GT-R Nismo, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and its Lego version. Chiefly, the former took more than 10 years of development time and is assembled from more than 90,000 parts, while its plastic-block version took roughly a year to develop and comes in 298 parts. It takes a normal builder about an hour to put it together, while an expert Lego builder can have a finished supercar in about 20 minutes.

Lego said the GT-R Nismo was at the top of its wish list for racing and drift car recreations, and it spent a lot of time devising different building techniques, especially to recreate the car’s iconic taillights. It leaves us wondering which highly buzzed-about Japanese sports car might be next. Toyota Supra, mayhaps?

Nissan unveiled the 2020 version of the GT-R Nismo earlier this year at the New York Auto Show, showing a car that wears a lot of carbon fiber, new front fender vents and a 20% improvement in acceleration response, among other changes.

LEGO x Top Gear App-Controlled R/C Rally Car

Batmobiles, Bugattis, and Beetles have all been part of the LEGO car world to our everlasting delight, but they’ve added their first app-controlled vehicle, and it’s a Top Gear-branded rally car. On top of its…

Lamborghini previews Huracán Super Trofeo EVO and Urus ST-X Lego sets

At the Super Trofeo World Finals at the Jerez de la Frontera Circuit in Spain, where world-class athletes put their driving skills to the test in the big kid toys, Lamborghini unveiled two brand-new toys for everybody that are set to launch in 2020. The Huracán Super Trofeo EVO and Urus ST-X are paired for the next Lego Speed Champions set.

The Huracán Super Trofeo EVO is already one of Lamborghini’s most popular racing models and competes in the single-make Super Trofeo series. The Urus ST-X is set to compete in track and off-roading competitions starting in October 2020 at the Misano World Final in an all-new race. Now both of these cars will be available for purchase in Lego form. 

Fortunately, 2020 marks the start of a new chapter for Lego Speed Champions with the evolution to the more accurate ‘8 Studs Wide’ design, and we felt that we could now do the popular brand justice,” Lego Speed Champions design manager specialist Chris Stamp said. “Especially the wide body of the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO. And with the awesome Urus ST-X we also introduce our first Super SUV into the theme, which fans will hopefully be just as thrilled with as we are.”

The Huracán model includes realistic parallels such as the shark fin, air scoop, front diffuser and large wing. It features a black scheme with slick accents and advertising sponsors. The set is 659 pieces in total and also includes starting “lights” and two figurines. Though pricing is yet to be released, the set will be available starting January 1, 2020. Seems like a missed Christmas opportunity, no?

This LEGO Ideas Set Includes Three Different Dinosaur Fossils

As much as we love the freedom and creativity imparted upon us with a giant pile of plastic LEGO bricks and no final goal in site, we also appreciate everything that goes into the creation…

LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender series is one of the most beloved vehicles in the market. Owners often enjoy going on off-road adventures aboard this reliable 4×4. Impressive performance and capabilities allow it to become a household name among SUVs. Other than restoring and customizing these British beasts, fans can now build one albeit on a smaller scale. The LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender is another exciting addition to the brand’s lineup of automotive recreations.

Like most Technic sets, this automobile replica will feature working parts that emulate the real thing. These include a suspension system, 4-speed sequential gearbox, steering wheel, a winch and more. It appears that LEGO will pattern it on the 2020 Land Rover Defender with an Olive Green colorway. Upon completion, it will measure about 16.5-inch in length. Expect to have hours of fun building this fantastic 2,573-piece Model so that you can proudly display it together with the actual SUV parking on your driveway.

Those with a passion for brick-building already know how enjoyable the regular LEGO playsets are. Furthermore, those who desire a challenge can always go for the massive sets out there. For example, the Star Wars: Millennium Falcon comes with a staggering 7,451 brick count. Other pop culture-inspired offerings include the Stranger Things: Upside Down deluxe playset and the Jurassic Park: T-Rex Rampage playset. Lastly, Astronomy buffs will get a kick out the NASA Apollo Lunar Lander creator set. The LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender will supposedly drop sometime in October and retail for about $203.

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LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Creator Set

Fresh from the announcement of its Netflix series tie-in, LEGO is introducing another exciting set of bricks. Last month, the company revealed the Stranger Things: Upside Down Deluxe playset that challenges you with 2,287 pieces. Now, it’s back with another awesome item that’s truly out of this world. Releasing under its Creator label, the LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander shoots for the moon. As hinted by the name, this space exploration package is a must-have for collectors who want a fun toy replica on display.

This new set is releasing on July 20, 2019, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. NASA is lending its resources to help LEGO craft this 1,087-piece Creator set, which makes it as authentic as it gets. This is not the first time that the Eagle lunar lander made an appearance. Its first release was in partnership with Discovery Channel back in 2003. However, the upcoming offering is a lot bigger, uses more bricks, and features a lot of intricate details thanks to NASA’s collaboration. Likewise, In 2017, the Saturn V rocket set came with a miniature version of the historical craft in scale with the massive rocket.

For comparison, the Discovery Channel variant is not only smaller, but it uses different colors for some of the parts. Meanwhile, the 2019 remake now features golden pieces instead of the older bricks, which were tan. Moreover, a special base that mimics the surface of the moon also makes an appearance. The LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander includes two astronaut minifigures complete with NASA graphics and golden helmets.

Grab the Saturn V set now while waiting

Images courtesy of LEGO

The LEGO Stranger Things: Upside Down Deluxe Playset Is 2,287 Pieces Of Pure Awesome

It’s been a while since a new set piqued our interest. Except maybe for some high-profile LEGO Technic models and the Star Wars: Millennium Falcon. Well, it seems like we don’t have to wait long because of the upcoming LEGO Stranger Things: Upside Down Deluxe Playset is just pure awesome. First of all, let us point out that our excitement does not stem from the fact that it’s a cool homage to the popular Netflix series. What makes this particular product so remarkable is the unique presentation it delivers upon completion.

Just as the name suggests, the finished product gives us a glimpse of the other side. To be specific, you just need to flip it over to showcase the terrifying scene of the alternate dimension where the baddies reside. Fans can spot familiar details such as the fairy lights in the living room with a light-up feature, and more. It even includes the police cruiser driven by Chief Hopper in the film. Furthermore, it won’t be complete without our favorite cast of characters.

They’re throwing in LEGO Minifigures of Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will, Lucas, Jim Hopper, and Joyce. Additionally, the Demogorgon is ready to strike fear and even comes with an open-mouth attachment. Meanwhile, the Minifigures can wield accessories such as a toaster waffle, CB radios, flashlights, a bike, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The LEGO Stranger Things: Upside Down Deluxe Playset is a challenging build with 2,287 pieces total. Now is the perfect time to get it before the next season comes out in the next few months.

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LEGO Technic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn

Seriously, what’s with LEGOs all of a sudden? Bugatti made a LEGO version of the Chiron a while back, and more recently, the McLaren Senna went through the same brick-enthused makeover. And now this Technic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, which, guess what, is also yet another LEGO incarnation.

Not that we’re complaining, of course. In fact, it takes enormous craftsmanship to be able to pull that off, first and foremost, and we commend Bugatti and McLaren for doing so. But this one isn’t exactly a life-size LEGO replica. Quite the opposite, in fact.

If you follow drift racing legend Ken Block, you know the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn is one of his most iconic rides. We’ll never get to ride that, of course. But thanks to master LEGO builder Lachlan Cameron, we can have the next best thing — a drivable Technic version.

Unfortunately, it’s just the size of an RC car. Still, it’s a plastic building block project definitely worthy of your time. Cameron’s project is a spot-on recreation of Block’s ride. The best part is Cameron has detailed how to build it, so all you folks at home can cobble one up, as well. It even comes packing an electric drivetrain.

You can add buwizz batteries to make it go even faster. Cameron says it’s precisely because of buwizz that this Hoonicorn rips. There are four modes you can tinker with here, from Slow to Ludicrous. That icing on top really rounds it all out, turning it into a tiny but legitimate eight-speed machine.


Photos courtesy of lachlan Cameron

LEGO McLaren Senna

Almost half a million LEGO bricks make up this life-sized McLaren Senna replica, and it’s astounding to look at. Just like the LEGO Bugatti Chiron we featured here earlier.

Not all of it is LEGO, though. There’s a true Senna driver seat inside and a steering wheel, to boot. Though you obviously can’t ride around in it, there’s a starter button on top of your head, located the same as it is on a real McLaren Senna. Press it, then tap the Senna accelerator to get a samples V8 engine rev-up. The wheels and tires, too, are real. But the brake discs and calipers are, you guessed it, LEGO.

If you want the specifics, buckle up, because it’s about to be crazy. A whopping 467,854 bricks were used to construct this masterpiece. And it took model makers 2,725 hours to build. Double that if we’re also adding the time it took to design and develop the car. Plus making the steel reinforcement frame. This one took longer to build than a regular McLaren Senna, which spends just 300 hours at the assembly line.

While the fact that it’s made of LEGO makes it seem fragile, virtually each section can actually handle up to 50kg of load. That means it’s going to stay upright even if a little kid tries to climb up the roof.

Out of the nearly 500,000 parts, Lubor Zelinka, the designer, says he crafted 20,000 specially designed pieces for this project. The car is set to go on tour this summer. You’ll be able to see it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


Photos courtesy of McLaren and LEGO

Lego built a full-size McLaren Senna, and it’s glorious

Lego is not slowing down with its forays into the automotive scene. Today we bring you news of a full-size McLaren Senna model, built as a collaboration between Lego and McLaren. This brick supercar is built using 467,854 individual pieces, which if anybody is counting, is about 200,000 pieces more than Lego used to create the life-size 720S from awhile back. It’s still not as complex as the over 1 million-brick Bugatti Chiron project, though.

Construction took 2,725 hours from start to finish, while the design and development took just over 2,000 hours. The car itself is built to an exact 1:1 specification in size, and includes a ton of bits from the actual Senna. Borrowed parts include a seat, steering wheel, pedals and infotainment system. Those in the driver’s seat are able to operate the lights and play around with the big center infotainment screen. When you push the “start button,” an engine simulation plays over the speakers to try and convince you that the twin-turbo V8 is actually behind you.

Real McLaren badges right off its cars are fitted anywhere you’d normally see one. Then the wheels and Pirelli tires from the Senna are mounted to the chassis. Getting in and out through the Lego dihedral doors is apparently a bit difficult, but they’re removable to allow easy access to the seats. In total, the Lego Senna weighs a hefty 3,348 pounds, which McLaren says is 1,102 pounds more than the real Senna weighs. Keep in mind that this one doesn’t even have an engine. It also took nine times longer to produce than a road-going McLaren Senna takes (which is 300 hours if you were wondering).

The details and structures to make this thing stick together are impressive, especially that huge wing hanging out the back. McLaren fitted some properly insane aero to the production Senna, and replicating the shapes and angles with Legos couldn’t have been easy. Sadly, this one doesn’t appear to have any real ability to drive at low speeds like the Chiron does with its electric motor. McLaren plans to show it off at car shows and events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed this summer.

Bugatti Chiron Made Of LEGOs

Here’s something you don’t see everyday — a Bugatti Chiron. But here’s something even rarer than that — a LEGO Bugatti Chiron, and yes, you can drive it like a regular car.

The toy brick company built a life-sized working replica of a Bugatti Chiron (standard price $2.6 million). The LEGO Bugatti Chiron, while functional, boasts some pretty ridiculous specs. Like its LEGO-made motor, which generates only 5.3 horsepower. Or its top speed of 12mph (theoretical top speed is at 18mph). Or even its total weight, which maxes at 3,000 pounds compared to the standard Chiron’s kerb weight of 4,000 pounds.

The car took more or less six months to complete. However, unlike the real Chiron, which only has 1,800 pieces, the LEGO Chiron is comprised of 1 million Lego Technic pieces. We’re talking 2,304 Power Function motors, 4,032 gear wheels, and 2,016 axles.

In case you’re wondering, yes, everything is made of LEGO. From the speedometer to the active rear spoiler to the doors to the headlights to the taillights to the steering wheel. Amazingly, they all work. LEGO and Bugatti did not use a single drop of glue to connect all the parts; it’s all just a matter of incredibly detailed construction.

The LEGO Chiron is a super complex DIY project, and it showcases the versatility of LEGO’s Technic series of building blocks and motors. There’s a steel tube-frame chassis for the base support, cradling the body and serving as mounting points for the motors, wheels, and the functional steering system.

And ff you’d like a smaller version of this car, LEGO is selling one on its online store.

Miniature Bugatti Chiron

Photos courtesy of LEGO Group

LEGO Built a Life-Size Bugatti Chiron That Actually Drives

We’re here with bad news. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never build the most impressive LEGO vehicle. Why? Because LEGO just claimed that title with this life-size Bugatti Chiron. What’s crazier? It actually…

Lego builds life-size, driving Bugatti Chiron out of Technic pieces

Lego recently introduced a Technic model of the 2018 Bugatti Chiron supercar. It’s impressive on its own with a functioning gearbox and a little 16-cylinder facsimile of the real thing. But Lego decided it wanted to go even farther in creating a Technic Bugatti. It wanted to build a life-size one that actually worked and drove using just Lego parts. And it did.

The final product is on display up above. It is a full-size replica of the 1,500-horsepower supercar from Bugatti, and about the only parts that aren’t made from Lego pieces are the wheels, tires and the front badge. It consists of over 1 million pieces in total, weighs in at about 3,300 pounds and took over 13,000 work hours to finish. For reference, this model weighs about 1,100 pounds less than the real car. Most impressive is that even the functional parts of the car are constructed from Lego Technic components. It’s powered by 2,304 Lego Power Function motors that together produce about 5 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque. Lego says it can go up to 12 mph.

It goes beyond just Lego motors, though. All of the lights, the speedometer and even the rising rear wing use actual Lego Technic parts. Even the brakes, yes, the brakes, are made of plastic Technic bits and are fully functional. Lego also says that significant structural and load-bearing parts of this model are fully made from Technic parts without any reinforcements or gluing of parts.

This is quite possibly the most impressive Lego creation of all time. It would be quite cool if Lego decided to sell such a kit, though it will likely never happen. The issue would probably be size more than anything. A ton and a half of plastic isn’t the easiest thing to transport or sell. The price of the kit might not be as bad as you would expect, though. Lego has very consistent pricing, and looking at the scale model kit of the Chiron, Lego appears to charge roughly 10 cents a piece. That would put the price of this model at a bit over $100,000. That’s not cheap, but it is just a tenth the cost of a real Chiron, and in some ways it’s cooler.

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