District Vision, the Brainchild of British Olympic diver Tom Daly and Max Vallot the sports eyewear company established to provide runners and athletes of all levels and disciplines with protective gear, has recently released a new pair.

The Junya Racer is a shield lens that has a sturdy 8 base frame that wraps it as close to your head as possible ensuring you have the full-range coverage you need. The customized temples built with strong titanium cores keep the shield securely strapped to your face and head while maintaining a comfortable fit.

There is a choice of three different colours for the hand-crafted lenses – rose, yellow and G15 and as a standard for this type of product, are scratch and shatter resistant. In addition to those practical features, they have also been treated with an oleophobic to protect them against water and oil.

Did we mention that they look extremely hip and stylish? Which is unsurprising considering that Tom Daly has established himself as something of a style icon.

So, if you are looking to up your protective eyewear game when participating in your favorite sport or working out, cycling, running or whatever your passion is – this Junya Racer eye shield from Direct Vision might be just what you are looking for.

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