San Diego, California-based Mr. Lentz is a one-man operation that handcrafts beautiful leather wallets built to last through heavy use. I was lucky enough to receive one of his creations (in awesome Western Brown) and I can already tell this wallet is going to be a trusted friend for many years.

Minimally built yet offering the functionality of a traditional bifold, Mr. Lentz’ Wallet is made of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, sourced from a top US tannery. Instead of stitches that can break in time, the slim, elegant piece features solid brass rivets which are assembled together with several hundred pounds of force, creating a super-durable and tight fit. As for what you can carry, I’ve managed to easily fit 8 cards in my brand new wallet, plus receipts notes, and plenty of bills.

Each wallet includes a tin of all-natural leather conditioner to keep it in top condition. The wallets can be fitted with various chain options, and Mr. Lentz will also stamp your name or initials for a small fee.

After a week of (ab)use, my conclusion is pretty clear: If you’re looking for a cowboy-quality leather wallet that’s designed specifically to resist an extreme amount of wear, this is it. I can’t give an honest review of how the leather will Patina or how long this bad boy will actually last, but I’ll keep you updated every 10 years or so…

Buy From Mr. Lentz $63

Photos Courtesy of Mr. Lentz