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The 3 Best Benefits Of Owning A Slim Wallet

Wallets are essential items that have come along way to make our lives easier. From keeping your valuables such as IDs to organizing your credit cards all the way to safeguarding your cash, the slim wallet is increasingly becoming part and parcel of our lives in a convenient way.

This is especially true of those from Kinzd slim wallet brands. They have really changed our tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing these little items in the world of fashion today.

Given that your appearance matters the most, the need to have a wallet that will give you confidence and make you stand out from the crowd has necessitated a drastic shift from bulky to trendy and stylish slim wallets. The question is, what are the three most important benefits of carrying a slim wallet?

1. No More Back Pains

Back Pain

In as much as bulky wallets have been the talk of the town since the time immemorial, their place has been taken for obvious reasons. Imagine the discomfort of sitting on your heavy wallet or having to deal with holding it in your hands.

This especially sucks while in the midst of an important meeting with business associates. It even sucks to have to deal with when hanging with your friends.

Every fashion-conscious person is fully aware of looking cool in a minimalist front pocket wallet too. The reason for this is not just fashion related. Bulky wallets can lead to health-related problems such as sciatica. This is a condition brought about by exerting pressure on your back.

This can result in serious back-pains that could be detrimental to your overall well-being. If you really care about your health, then it is time you considered carrying a slim wallet. You can find an impressive one in the Carrywallet. These are compact slim wallets that are minimalistic while also being fashion friendly.

Even better, they’re also inexpensive and can handle everything you need from a wallet. All of this can be done minus the bulk of a normal wallet.

2. Long Life to Your Valuable Items

Money in Wallet

Gone are the days when stuffing your wallets with all kinds of items were regarded as fashionable. Apart from looking old-school, keeping too much load in your wallet can destroy your valuable items like credit cards and IDs. It does this often by mashing them together, which can break many cards. Thus, making them obsolete.

Replacing those items is clearly frustrating while also being time-consuming. No one would ever want to find themselves in such an awkward situation. Well, at least a sane person wouldn’t.

Therefore, you can save yourself from such problems by using a slim wallet. This will help keep your credit or debit cards safe and durable. In other words, using a slim wallet can save valuable items from possible damage. On top of this, it can help them from getting stolen.

3. Easy Accessibility to Your Items

The CarryWallet

The sight of an overstuffed and unorganized bulky wallet loaded with all types of bills, cards, receipts, and cash can make you look confused. You’d even look out of place, especially in a public setup. You could even feel embarrassed when it comes to retrieving cash from your stuffed wallet to settle some bills at the full glare of other people.

Worse of the worst, it could even take you a little bit longer trying access important items from a disorganized bulky wallet. To avoid causing drama in the public or save your precious time, you should look for a minimalist wallet. You want one that will allow you to keep just a few most important items in it.

The main reason for doing so is the need to have easy access to your credit cards, IDs, and even cash. Thus, this saves you time and effort at the same time.

Pioneer Flyfold Wallet

When it comes to finding the perfect wallet, we look for durability and comfort. The strong ones are usually made from leather and metal, with both being bulky and heavy. The Pioneer Flyfold Wallet, on the other hand, uses Future Form technology to create a lightweight and durable product that still looks new even after several uses.

This wallet is made from premium fabric with fibers 10 times stronger than steel per weight, which makes it thinner and stronger than leather and more comfortable to carry around.  Ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene blends with fine nylon ripstop to create a dense and tactile finish that repels water and dirt.

These materials make this EDC an ideal carrier for bills and cards because it is waterproof, machine-washable, and sweatproof. It makes this wallet suitable for everyday use and for everyone, even athletes.

Likewise, Pioneer used reinforced stitching method to ensure that the wallet does not burst or break down with prolonged use. Heat-welded construction replaced seams, while the same bar-tacks used in climbing gears replaced rivets in high-stress areas.

Design-wise, the Pioneer Flyfold Wallet has a minimalistic yet elegant appearance fit for any occasion. It features the familiar bi-fold design that can accommodate cards and bills. It has two internal RFID-secure card slots that can hold five cards each (10 in total) and with enough space to fan the cards out for easy access. This wallet can also accommodate full-size bills up to 80mm tall without folding.

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Photos Courtesy of Pioneer

Volterman Smart Wallet

Built-in Powerbank. Distance Alarm. Global GPS Tracking. Worldwide WiFi Hotspot. Anti-Thief Camera. Volterman packs all that stuff inside a classic leather wallet.

Available as a bifold, travel folder or cardholder, the smart wallet includes a slim, lightweight battery with a capacity between 2,000 to 5,000 mAh, depending on the model. This means you can fully charge–both wirelessly and via cable–an iPhone 7 at least once, while a second phone can get juiced up at the same time.

A Bluetooth alarm notifies you every time you leave your wallet behind, a Wi-Fi Hotspot ensures you have internet cover wherever you travel (the internet cost with Volterman is up to 3 times cheaper than regular roaming charges), while a Global GPS system lets you track your wallet in real-time.

Aditionally, once your wallet is in lost mode, a tiny, built-in, hidden camera takes pictures of anyone who opens it and sends you the pics. Check out the cheesy video above to see the Volterman wallet in action.

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Hands-On: Mr. Lentz Leather Wallet

San Diego, California-based Mr. Lentz is a one-man operation that handcrafts beautiful leather wallets built to last through heavy use. I was lucky enough to receive one of his creations (in awesome Western Brown) and I can already tell this wallet is going to be a trusted friend for many years.

Minimally built yet offering the functionality of a traditional bifold, Mr. Lentz’ Wallet is made of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, sourced from a top US tannery. Instead of stitches that can break in time, the slim, elegant piece features solid brass rivets which are assembled together with several hundred pounds of force, creating a super-durable and tight fit. As for what you can carry, I’ve managed to easily fit 8 cards in my brand new wallet, plus receipts notes, and plenty of bills.

Each wallet includes a tin of all-natural leather conditioner to keep it in top condition. The wallets can be fitted with various chain options, and Mr. Lentz will also stamp your name or initials for a small fee.

After a week of (ab)use, my conclusion is pretty clear: If you’re looking for a cowboy-quality leather wallet that’s designed specifically to resist an extreme amount of wear, this is it. I can’t give an honest review of how the leather will Patina or how long this bad boy will actually last, but I’ll keep you updated every 10 years or so…

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Photos Courtesy of Mr. Lentz

Deluxe Bacon Wallet

Bacon needs no introduction! It’s like the Michael Jordan of food–unrivaled by anything. Besides its heavenly smell and taste, you could also argue bacon is a bliss to the eye. So, if you’re one of us die-hard smokey meat fans, you’ll totally understand why the Bacon Wallet is a reality. You may also feel a sudden urge to own one–and that’s OK, no one’s judging.

Looking very much like the cured pork belly we all know and love, this money wallet is made of recycled paper, so it won’t last forever (maybe more like a year or so). One thing is sure though–the tasty looking billfold wallet will bring a smile to the face of anyone you gift it to. Otherwise, people who bought it say it’s pretty well built and it will hold just fine 6 cards, receipts, and of course, your cold hard cash.

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The Micro Wallet

After achieving massive success with their origami-inspired, eco-friendly and ultra-durable artsy wallets, the folks at Paperwallet are back at it with their slimmest and strongest design yet–The Micro Wallet.

Made of Tyvek, a recycled plastic that feels like paper, the wallet is strong, water-resistant, expandable and can be recycled indefinitely. This advanced material features RFID seamlessly integrated into the fold which makes it unrippable and highly resistant to wear & tear, all while keeping your cards’ information safe from theft.

The Micro Wallet is the size of a credit card and will expand to fit the needs of the user. It fits up to 8 credit cards and plenty of cash and is available in different cool designs created by artists from all over the world.

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