Art of the Play’s curated catalog of design-centric playing cards, puzzles and games are perfect for those who appreciate high-end, tactile goods. Each game, puzzle and deck is so exquisitely-crafted and wonderfully unique they’re sure to blow minds and inspire curiosity. So rather than letting your dad play poker on those ancient, warped and beer-soaked playing cards he picked up from a gas station years ago, consider giving him the upgrade he didn’t realize he so desperately needed this Father’s Day.

This deck, in particular, is the ideal choice for the dad who’s spent countless hours watching old Bruce Lee flicks. They’re printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company on Art of the Play’s trademarked crushed stock and come in a satin-finished tuck box sealed with the Jeet Kune Do emblem. More than just one of the world’s foremost martial artists, Lee was a philosopher, and from his many thoughts and views on the world, 52 quotes have been compiled and printed on each card. So yes, they’re an upgrade for poker night, but they’re also adorned with profound wisdom.