Ferrari Unveils Ambitious Plans In A New Model Assault – Special Editions, Hybrids, Hypercar and SUV

We don’t normally talk about news but this is too tasty. Ferrari had is Capital Markets Day where they basically sell investors on their future plans. It is unique for Ferrari since the company has only been public for a short time. While some readers may be investors, we really care about the cool new cars the company is working on.

The best Ferrari ever is the one that has yet to be builtEnzo Ferrari

Ferrari’s 5 Year Plan Is a Model Onslaught

The headline news is that under a new five-year strategy under a new boss Ferrari will launch 15 new models by 2022. Those kinds of model numbers sound like McLaren, maybe Ferrari is learning from its newest production car competitor. As long as the cars are awesome, we’re excited.

Ferrari broker out its model range into a clearer four pillar set up. The Sport range are the cars we know as today as the 488, 812 Superfast. The Sport range will confirm Ferrari as a leader in performance and future models will feature hybridization as well as a track-oriented human machine interface. In particular, the automaker said we can expect a “two tier mid rear engine product range” and a “full hybrid range by 2021.” Ferrari went on to say the 488 successor will be focused on being fun to drive and hinted the Sport range could be expanded in the future.

The Gran Turismo range includes the GT4Lusso and Portofino. The lineup of GTs will grow in the future and there are already plans for plug-in hybrid variants. Sticking with the GT theme, Ferrari hinted at the return of an elegant model which has a “unique design inspired by the classic and refined Ferrari Gran Turismo of 1950s and 1960s.” Yes please Ferrari, make it happen.

Next up is our favorite Special Series range, with cars like the 488 Pista (historically included 458 Speciale, F430 Scuderia). Special Series vehicles will also be sold in limited numbers. Not surprisingly these models are all about driving emotions.

They will now be joined by an Icona range which will apparently include highly customized vehicles like the Monza SP1 and SP2. The name has been chosen to reference the firms famous racing cars of the 1950’s. The SP1 has only one seat while the SP2 allows for one passenger. The company has had great success with limited edition and custom Ferraris over the years so it is no surprise they are investing more here.

Announcing the Ferrari Monza

Ferrari announced a new limited-edition open-top racing-style supercar. Called the Monza it will come in single-seater and two-seater versions as part of the new range called Icona. Ferrari will build fewer than 500 of the two models combined and all have already been sold.

The Monza is intended as a successor to the classic Barchetta, a racing car made by the firm in the 1940s and 1950s. Ferrari claims they are fitted with the most powerful engine ever built by the Italian car maker. It will have an 810-horsepower V-12 engine.The Monza’s bodyshell is built entirely from carbon fibre and neither model comes with a roof or windscreen. Ferrari said a “virtual wind shield” is placed behind the instrumentation panel to push air flow above the driver who is sat in a Formula 1 style cockpit. The car will take just 2.9 seconds to reach 60 mph. Think more than a $1m for this tasty treat and you’re close.

The luxury sports car maker took the wraps off the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 at the firm’s famous Maranello factory in Italy on Tuesday.

A New Supercar to Replace LaFerrari

Ferrari’s replacement for LaFerrari hypercar is three to five years from launch, according to chief technology officer Michael Leiters. A new hypercar, or replacement for the LaFerrari, is not in the brand’s mid-term plan but the company did confirm work is under way on the technology that will feature in its successor.

Set to be ‘born from fresh innovations’, the LaFerrari’s limited-edition replacement is set to be revealed before 2022.

Selling Mostly Hybrids

Ferrari expects that Hybrid powertrains will make up the majority of its sales at the end of 2022. Clearly the company is investing in a world where the majority of its well healed buyers will want low emissions performance cars.

“By 2022, nearly 60 percent of the models we produce will be built around hybrid powertrains,” new CEO Louis Camilleri said. Ferrari is focused on hybrid petrol-electric powertrains and expects its new SUV will feature this hybrid set up.

The company will increasingly make hybrid cars “as the years unfold to meet specific regulatory requirements but also to satisfy customer desires for significantly improved emissions while retaining the driving emotions that render Ferraris simply unique,” said Camilleri (new CEO).

Ferrari SUV On Its Way

In the worst secret ever Ferrari is launching its first SUV, called the Purosangue. It is going to arrive at the end of the five-year strategic plan period, around 2022.

Announcing the SUV, former Philip Morris boss Camilleri said he hated the idea (didn’t we all): “It just does not sit well with our brand and all that it represents,” he admitted, but guaranteed investors that the new design will “redefine expectations”. Describing it as “elegant, powerful, versatile, comfortable, spacious… worthy of the Ferrari badge,”. Lets hope so.

The Purosange will sit in Ferrari’s GT range and be based on a new front-mid engine architecture compatible with plug-in hybrid technology. The GT line-up is designed to ‘expand the Ferrari family’ and cover ‘growing market segments’.

New V6 Engine Range

On the topic of new models, Ferrari confirmed plans of a V6 engine family. There are also plans for a “Turbo Hybrid” family of engines which will produce 394+ hp (294 kW / 400 PS) per liter and have zero turbo lag. Under the guidance of new CEO Louis Carey Camilleri, 60 per cent of the Italian firm’s products will feature hybrid technology within the next four years. Key to that will be the development of a new V6 hybrid powertrain, which Ferrari has confirmed is under development.

Ferrari bosses would not be drawn on speculation that the V6 engine is for a new generation of Dino, but did say that the engine will be used as a lower performance entry point for models such as the Portofino.

Higher Prices

Chief marketing officer Enrico Galliera said new Ferrari models would come with a “significant” increase in the average price. Boo to that we say. May need to focus on my affordable used Ferraris list then.

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