Luxurious and longer lasting

Ditch Tradition and Get Her an Everlasting Rose




If you’re a good partner, you should get your significant other flowers at least once a month — just as a nice gesture. If you’re lucky, those corner deli flowers might last a week. Toss in premium bouquets for birthdays and anniversaries, and you’re spending a few hundred dollars on flowers that ultimately don’t last that long every year.

Which is where Rosephoria’s Everlasting Rose comes in. It’s a much more practical option: each rose is eco-friendly because it cuts down on waste, lasts up to a year and are a cost-effective alternative to buckets of flowers (the Everlasting rose costs $150 for a 9-inch stem and $190 for an 11-inch). Plus, they look enchanting under the included luxury crystal glass dome. If you fancy yourself a practical (lazy) romantic, consider buying one luxury flower that will be there for days to come.

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